Coming down out of the freezing sky with its depths of light, like an angel, or a Buddha with wings, it was beautiful, and accurate, striking the snow and whatever was there with a force that left the imprint of the tips of its wings — five feet apart — and the grabbing thrust of its feet, and the indentation of what had been running through the white valleys of the snow — and then it rose, gracefully, and flew back to the frozen marshes to lurk there, like a little lighthouse, in the blue shadows — so I thought: maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us — as soft as feathers — that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes, not without amazement, and let ourselves be carried, as through the translucence of mica, to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow, that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light — in which we are washed and washed out of our bones. Author

Monday, 30 March 2015

JB-Crafting Supplies.....Pansies for a friend

Todays card is a design team make for the wonderful JB-Crafting Supplies. I am lucky enough to be able to work with this wonderful cdrom 'One Summers Day' brought to us crafters by Joanna Sheen. I have mounted both the image and the backing paper onto some silver holographic. Then I mounted the matching greeting onto some of the same.I have always thought that pansies are such friendly flowers ever since I was a little girl. This picture reminds me of a little posy holder that my grandmother always used to hold smaller flowers. In my memory I can see it filled with snowdrops, pansies, sweet peas or even buttercups...depending on the time of year. She would put it in one of two places....either on her desk or on the kitchen windowsill. She used to laugh that they were the two places that she spent a lot of time.

At the moment we are in Brigadoon again. The mists are covering the mountains, the rain is lashing at the window and the wind is raging. I'm never so happy as when there is weather like this and I don't have to go anywhere. It makes me feel so blessed for my small cottage. The walls are so thick...if only they could It makes me cosy to be inside and let the weather do what it will. The weather man has said that the wind is going to get worse..goodness help the owls. Virgo man has been round and has hoovered the house for me....he's very handy like he was impressed with what I'd been doing in the kitchen...I washed all the cut glass and put it in a cupboard. I'm going through all my china and glass, depending what I want to's always a bit of a nervy moment..washing anything fragile...especially with all the cats wanting to be nosey and to help. Jeffrey, of course, has to investigate everything and when all the cut glass was draining on the draining board...he decided that he had to walk over the top of everything. I couldn't shout at him because I didn't want to scare him, in case he knocked anything. My heart was in my mouth, but he managed to walk the whole length without any damage...thank goodness.

Well the coffee is calling and then it will be time to head downstairs to make dinner. It's going to be lasagna tonight with salad and I'm thinking maybe a stew tomorrow. So at least I have a vague idea of where I'm heading. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting 

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