Coming down out of the freezing sky with its depths of light, like an angel, or a Buddha with wings, it was beautiful, and accurate, striking the snow and whatever was there with a force that left the imprint of the tips of its wings — five feet apart — and the grabbing thrust of its feet, and the indentation of what had been running through the white valleys of the snow — and then it rose, gracefully, and flew back to the frozen marshes to lurk there, like a little lighthouse, in the blue shadows — so I thought: maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us — as soft as feathers — that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes, not without amazement, and let ourselves be carried, as through the translucence of mica, to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow, that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light — in which we are washed and washed out of our bones. Author

Friday, 31 July 2015

Jiggery Makery....What a Surprise

Here I am again with a design team make for the wonderful Jiggery Makery. I just love this design and know it will be perfect for some of the men in my life. I had great fun colouring this design...I coloured it with my promarkers and then overstamped the box with a leafy design. Every time I get to work with one of Adeles designs it makes me wish that I had a figure like all the ladies that she designs. I thought that I would work with this as a christmas design because Adele has been running a Christmas in July promotion all month and after all today is the last day. Why not pop over to the Jiggery Makery site and take a look at all the fabulous designs.There is always something to inspire you.

It seems to have been a long day today, so it's only a short blog ...I just wanted to share this wonderful image with you all. It's nearly time for's potato and cauliflower cheese tonight and curry tomorrow. I'm watching the mentalist tonight. There is definitely something about the lead So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

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Left of Center...Inspired by a Song

Todays creation is a design team make for the wonderful team over at Left of Center Creative Challenges. A new challenge has just begun and it has to be one of my favourites so far...Inspired by a Song.
And we are lucky enough this week to be sponsored by the great team at Delicious Doodles. There are some fantastic images available..why not pop over and take a look

For this weeks challenge, I have made two of which I'm sharing with you today..the other I will share next week. For today, I have used this wonderful image of the weeping angel. As most of you will know, I have used memories of Henry as my inspiration. I was inspired at first by the song..So Far Away by Avenge was played at his funeral. The angel is holding flowers and I have coloured them was Henrys favourite colour and at his funeral there were orange and white flowers and everyone wore something orange in his memory.So as you can see,this is a very personal creation for me.

I began by painting the canvas with my acrylics and created the sky using black, red and orange. I coloured the angel with my promarkers and then cut it out.I then drew the far away..and then cut them out and coloured them with 2 colours of orange.

I loved working on both projects for this challenge. The other canvas, which I'll share with you next week was inspired y the song Moths by Jethro Tull, which also has memories of Henry. Many times we listened to the album..Heavy Horses by Jethro Tull and we both loved the medieval feeling to 'Moths'.

As normally happens, I have a lot of help whilst trying to write this Raven and Milky seem to be determined to sit between me and my computer. Rave loves to sit on my left elbow while I'm working but to her disgust I've hurt it somehow and she is not allowed. I have no idea how I've hurt it but it even hurts to touch it. What it means is that I can't even wheel my wheelchair..which is horrible. I'm taking tablets and hopefully it will go back to normal soon. At the moment the weather seems to be fine but you never know how long it will    

Well the coffee is calling and I shall be back later with another teams design make. I hope you will pop over to the Left of Center Challenge blog and take a look at the creations of the other design team members. There are some fantastic makes. Why not join in the fun..I really enjoyed this weeks challenge. So until later...take care and happy crafting,
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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Snowflakes Promise...The Birdhouse

Todays creations are design team makes for the fabulous team over at A Snowflakes Promise Challenge blog. A new challenge has begun and will run over the next 2 weeks. Why not pop over to the blog and join in the's a perfect way to get ahead with your christmas cards at the same time.

This challenge is sponsored by the wonderful team over at Limited Run Digital Stamps. They produce a great selection of digis and you are guaranteed to find something for any project you have an idea to create. It is well worth taking a look

For the card, I coloured the birdhouses with my promarkers and then cut it out into a circle.I then mounted that onto some green and red tartan type paper. I mounted this onto some green polka dot. I created a border onto which I placed the greeting. I added 3 poinsettias on the right hand side as an embellishment. I finally added two bows.

For my second creation, I decided to make a sign that could be put up prior to christmas. When Henry
was little, I had made one for him and he loved to put it out at the beginning of every December. So for this make I increased the size of the digi and coloured it with my promarkers.I fixed it to a board which I had painted blue and white with my acrylics. I then drew on the lettering.I then added white acrylic to areas to look like snow and added glitter..of I then varnished the whole thing with some water based varnish. I had such a nice time making this and it bought back a lot of happy memories.

Well the coffee is calling and I need to make a plan of all the work that I have to do. All the cats are happy because their food was delivered this the whole house looks like a pet store. I don't think that Jeffrey has taken his eyes off it since it had to pay my phone bill today and had to laugh that it took me so long to do it because the internet connection was so bad. I thought it was funny that I couldn't pay them because their service was so I live in hope that something will be eventually be done. So until tomorrow take care and happy crafting.

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Monday, 27 July 2015

JB Crafting Supplies....A tag with a tale to tell

Todays creation is a design team make for the fabulous JB-Crafting Supplies.
As it says in the title..this is a tag with a tale to tell. Tag art has really taken off in the crafting world and I have to say I love it. Many people would love to try scrap booking but are daunted by the size of the blank pages. If you fancy having a go..why not try telling a story on a tag.My tag is one that I put together in memory of my Grandmother and I began by going through my stash and finding things that reminded of her. I first covered the tag with a sheet of paper from the Craftworkcards..Shabby Vintage paper pads which is available from Julie  at JB Crafting-Supplies. I have two of the is pink shades and the other is blue and there are 12 papers in the pack. The one that I chose to work with is covered with sewing related pictures. As my Grandmother was an avid seamstress, I thought it would be a perfect start. There are many items on the tag which relate to her life..buttons,and lace because her sewing room always had them. I remember reels of lace and her button box. The button box was a treasure trove to me as a little girl and in fact I still have it. I only have to open the lid and am transported back to being a little girl. I put the banner on because my Grandmother was always involved with the carnival and everyone would gather at the farm to make the float. The saying always reminds me of her and her advice to trust in what you were doing and it would always be okay. I have added roses to represent her rose garden which she tended with great love but also a daisy to highlight her love of nature. She taught me to recognise all the wild flowers. I added a gardening glove and fork to tell of her time spent gardening. The two final items are the butterflies and the pearl strand. She loved butterflies and moths and I have her collection of reference books. And finally is the strand of pearls..she always wore a set no matter what she was doing..from digging in her gardens, working with the animals or cooking. They sit on my dressing table as a daily reminder of her love.

I was really pleased with the work that I managed to get done over the weekend. I'm trying to get the work done for the next couple of weeks because I'm hopefully going to sort out the studio and the large cupboard in the parlour. It will be an adventure to say the I have a feeling that the back of the cupboard may hold stuff from when I first moved in...25 years It has always been the glory hole and everything went in there that I didn't know what to do with. I've decided to empty it and hopefully have shelves put in there to hold my plastic boxes that are filled with crafting stash.It would make a little more space in the parlour and would make it easier to get at my As for the studio..I'm going to take everything out that is not art related and it will give me a space to work on large canvases and the printers block which I'm to work on...without the cat help. It would be a good place to work, where I could leave paintings to dry or projects half way through. I'm getting to the point where I'm actually looking forward to the work. We'll all see how I feel midway

Well the coffee is calling and then I'm off to finish some work. The mists are coming down the mountains and all the cats have settled in for the day. Twinkle is on heat and is making enough noise for all the cats. She is calling all night long and most of the morning. The only time she is quiet is in the afternoons and I'm sure everyone in the house is thankful for It is most unusual for a normal moggie to call, normally it's siamese or foreign breeds. I think that she is making up for all the moggies in So until next time...take care and happy crafting
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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Jiggery Makery..presents Kathy

Today's card is a design team make for the fabulous Jiggery Makery. I should have blogged this yesterday but as is getting to be normal here..BT said no. I keep phoning them and all they can say is that I'm at the end of the line and all will be better when we get superfast by the end of the year. All I can say is that I'm not holding my
Let me now get on with the important stuff..the interesting stuff..let me introduce Kathy wearing her special Christmas jumper. I so loved working with this design by Adele over at Jiggery Makery. There are two other versions as well..and one of them is blank, so that you can design your own Christmas jumper. Even though a lot of my friends say that they would never wear a Christmas jumper..I have seen photographs to contradict their admittedly they may have been children..but they had the
For this card I mounted the backing paper onto some dark green card. I coloured Kathy using my promarkers and then cut her out. I decided to give her some black leggings and then decided to give her some polka dot Christmas because I can admit to owning some pretty festive socks myself. And finally I added the sentiment and the greeting. I have some friends that look fabulous no matter what they're wearing...they could even make a binbag look I don't include myself in that matter what I wear, I still look as if I've been dragged through a hedge
Well the coffee is calling and I've some new designs to play with. My first job will be to catch up on all my's a design team job and I love seeing all the creations. I hope you will pop over to Jiggery Makery and take a look at the Christmas in July promotion. I have to admit that I simply love the penguins..Percy and Lilly. Anyway..until next time..take care and happy crafting 
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Friday, 24 July 2015

Left of Center..The Sleeping Dragon

Todays creation is my design team make for the fabulous team over at Left of Center Creative Challenges. 
The wonderful sponsor for this weeks challenge is the ever talented Melissa Stevens at Rosey Hearts.

I just adored working with this image of the sleeping dragon. It has to be one of my all time favourite images. Something that I found unusual about creating this canvas was that I knew straight away that I wanted to use the 'Peace came slowly' quote. I began with painting the background with my H2Os and then coloured the dragon using my promarkers. I then cut out the dragon and the moon and added it to the canvas. I added stars all over and created a fall of moonshine using glitter, jewels and small sequin flowers.And I chose the quote because at the time I was having so much trouble sleeping and it felt that the peace that would come with sleep would be slow coming.

I do hope that you will pop over to the Left of Center Challenge Blog and take a look at all the wonderful creations that the other team members have made. They are breath taking. And why not join in the fun..the theme for this week is to add texture. Some of the other members have created fabulous textured backgrounds on their work..while on mine I have used the moonshine to create texture. So you would have lots of options on what to create.

Well as you can now tell, I'm back from the inquest...not back to normal but back. The inquest was the worst thing that I've ever been through and how alot of it was allowed to become part of the inquest I don't know. No one that actually knew Henry was called so that everyone that spoke didn't know him. Assumptions were made that were a load of rubbish and the coroner allowed it. I'm not letting it lie, especially as some one lied under oath and now I have the proof that he did. I'm waiting for a transcript of the whole farce and will be taking it on. The outcome was that Henry died of natural causes..which was obvious from the beginning but nothing that was said began to allow for Henrys character and the joy that he had for life to shine through. It has turned out that even the report from the post mortem has been changed between Henry passing and the report read out by the coroner. How is this allowed? Well I intend to find out. Henry was my son, the joy in my life and there wasn't a day that he didn't know he was loved and for that report to say what it did is wrong. I have lost any faith I have in the systems in place and as for the judicial system..well it's a crock. As long as I've breath in my body, I intend to fight no one else gets to go through what I have. 

Well the coffee is calling and I've got lots of work to do..thank goodness. I have a number of christmas cards to hang on..the glitter may be coming out. I've got athletics starting I'll be a happy bunny.I have to say I'm having to type with Raven sat on my'm getting neck strain from trying to see round her..but if I move her..she just walks round my chair and gets back..bless her. I will be back later with another design team until then...take care and happy crafting.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Snowflakes Promise...A Brand New Challenge

Todays cards are design team makes for the new team over at A Snowflakes Promise Challenge Blog. I'm so excited by being on this new team, I can hardly contain The challenges run fortnightly and are a great way to get ahead with your own christmas cards...why not enter the challenges and before you know it, you will have a stash of christmas cards all ready to go. We were lucky to have two wonderful sponsors for this challenge..Bugaboo Digi Stamps and Sassy Studio Designs.
My first card above is made with a design from Bugaboo. I just loved this image of the lady in a cocktail glass. I have a number of friends that this would be the perfect card I have coloured the image with my promarkers and have mounted it onto some red mirri. I have also added a corner embellishment.
My second card is a design from the Sassy Studio Designs. I again coloured the image with my promarkers. I mounted the image and the backing paper onto some green card. I just love the colouring and making the decision of what colours to use. I find it so relaxing and I have to say that my images are always better dressed than I ever Mind you they always have the perfect figure to start with..something that I have never had. 
This image is called the candy cane elf and comes from the Sassy Studio Designs. I have to say that I'm so envious of her boots...just look at her friend Sunshine is the only person that I know would be ale to wear heels like this. Whenever I see her shoes, I always have a serious case of shoe
The sun is trying very hard to see if it could possibly shine. It has rained on and off today but at the moment the sun is trying to peep through the clouds.The inquest is on Friday, so I won't be blogging then but I will be back on Saturday.I have my outfit ready and my hair has been dyed, all ready to go. I have dyed my hair in honour of Henry who always said that he wanted me to grow old I have dyed it green but it seems to have gone green into dark blue but I have to say that I love it. After waiting so long to get the inquest over with..time seems to be flashing past. Before I know it,it will be all over and then I don't know what I'll be doing or thinking. Everything has been leading to this moment and I have just concentrated on getting to the inquest. I suppose after the event I will have got to the point where I must make decisions about the rest of my life...a life without Henry. We shall have to see.
Well the coffee is calling and then I need to photograph a load of work..light willing and then I have a lot of colouring to do. At least it will keep me busy.I hope that you will pop over and take a look at The Snowflakes Promise Blog. The other members of the design team have created some wonderful makes..well worth a look. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting. 
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Friday, 10 July 2015

Jiggery Makery...Percy and Lilly

Here I am again with a design team make for the fabulous Jiggery Makery. And I'n so happy because I got to play again with the wonderful Percy and Lilly. There is just something so adorable with this pair of characters and I am so enjoying working with them. They form part of Jiggery Makerys, Christmas in July feature. Why not pop over to the Jiggery Makery facebook page and take a look at all the designs in the set and also all the other wonderful designs that are available. The design team has created some great designs and are a great source of inspiration..useful to know when you're trying to decide on the look of your own christmas cards. I know that Percy and Lilly will be appearing on mine.

To make this card, I began with an 8x8 card which I covered with green mirri and then  with the red backing paper. I coloured Percy and Lilly with my promarkers and added white dots to the hats and the scarves. I added some embellishments and a greeting that says Be Merry. I think that Percy is feeling a little merry after receiving his

It has certainly been hot today. All the cats are outside including Sprout. He is back on four legs again ...thank goodness..and I'm hoping that he doesn't get into another fight. I think that Reg is feeling his age a bit this week. He is finding it a bit hard getting upstairs but with a little encouragement he manages. The years pass so doesn't seem that long since he was being a little terror jumping the gate and going for a

Well the coffee is calling and Sparkle is I'm guaranteed a good brew. I intend to have a coffee and then go and make dinner. It has seemed a long day today but I've managed to get quite a lot of work I'm happy. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.
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Left of Center.....Owls for Henry

Todays creation above is made for the wonderful design team over at the Left of Center Creative Challenges.
We are lucky enough this week to have two sponsors..The Enchanted Design Studio, featuring the wonderful art work of Concetta Kilmer. And Karleigh Sue Digi Stamps. The theme for this week is Tic Tac's really simple..please pop over to the blog for more details.

My first creation features the Spring Fling Owls...which of course I had to do in memory of Henry. And to continue with the theme..they had to be The fine line digi is just one of the beautiful artworks over at The Enchanted Design Studio. I decided to do a little canvas which can go on the wall. I first coloured the whole canvas using white and blue acrylics and let it dry. I then added leaves to either side using my yellow and green acrylics. The actual owls, I coloured with my promarkers and then cut out. I glued them to the canvas using some Pinflair glue gel.

For my second creation, I decided to make a card using the image Raven from the Karleigh Sue range. I had so much fun colouring her and deciding on her clothes.

She made me think of my punk Though I have to admit that I never wore short skirts.I did have a top covered with skulls and my skirts always came to the ground.Thinking about style hasn't changed that hair is green and my skirts still come to the For the card...I coloured Raven with my promarkers and then cut her out and mounted the image onto some holographic silver board. I edged this with some silvered ribbon.I created the border with a feather, some flowers and a black and white ribbon.The chances are that in my punk days, everything that I've added to my border here would have been added to my outfit.

Well the coffee is calling and the sun is shining here in the mountains. I have a pile of work to get on with. I hope that you will pop over to the Left of Center Challenge Blog and take a look at all the beautiful creations that the other members of the design team have created. And why not join in the fun. I will be back later with another until then..take care and happy crafting.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Decoupage Delights...Vintage Roses

Hello everyone, I'm back again.This time is a design team make for the great company Decoupage Delights. For this card, I took the elements that were on a quick card sheet and used them as I wanted to..creating this card. I began with the green mottled paper from my stash and then layered some dark pink in the middle. I created the floral borders with some of the quick card background. I decoupaged the main image with 4 layers, and added that to the centre. I finally added a bow. This card is from Decoupage Delights floral cdrom. So many beautiful images and so many different ways to use them. They have a new cdrom due out any time soon featuring fashion and flowers...I can't wait. They are also having regular offers and freebies on their facebook page...why not pop over and take a look.

Well the sun is still shining and the cats are still outside. I have just finished colouring a new image, so I'm in a good mood...I got to colour in total pawprints on the paper, Milky running off with the vital pen or my glasses and no Raven trying to sit on my elbow the whole

I suppose it's time for another seems that caffeine is to me what petrol is to a I'll see what other work I can get done before it's time to make dinner. It's chicken curry tonight I think. We had chicken and mushroom pie last night and fish pie is imminent this week but I really feel like a curry. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

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Jiggery Makery.....A Happy Percy

Todays card is a design team make for the wonderful Jiggery Makery. It is next in the new christmas in July digis featuring the adorable Percy and Lilly. The digis were drawn by the ever talented Adele over at Jiggery Makery. For this card...where Percy gets his first kiss..I have coloured the happy pair with my promarkers. For a change I coloured them with blue hats. I mounted the image and the backing paper onto some dark blue card. I then surrounded the image with a glittery peeloff. I then added a row of fluffy snow balls on the left side. I love these snowballs as they add so much texture and have a lovely twinkle. To finish off, I added a silver bow. I just love Percy and Lilly, so no doubt they will be appearing on a lot of my christmas cards this year. Sometimes I think oh why do christmas in July and then I think about it seriously and know that I start all my christmas card orders in it's always good to look ahead and to have some plan of what you're going to do.

Well the coffee is calling and Sparkle has just I don't even have to make The sun is shining here in the mountains today and all the cats have left home to go and lie out. Perfectpeace to craft in. I will be back later with another design team until then..take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 6 July 2015

JB- Crafting Supplies...A Giraffe or two

Todays card is a design team make for the wonderful JB-Crafting Supplies. I have been given the beautiful stamp from Stampendous Stamps of the giraffe to work with. Because of the lilac tones in the painting I decided to go with that colourway on my card. The image of the two giraffes is from the Pollyanna Pickering..World of Wildlife cdrom and has to be one of my favourites. The backing paper, border and greeting are all on the cdrom. I stamped the image using a distress inkpad in a lilac tone. The detail on the stamp is amazing. My trouble today was taking the was just so dark here in the mountains. No matter how many lights I switched was still so dark. The mists are coming down the mountains and it's pouring with rain. Julie at JB-Crafting Supplies has an amazing choice of stampendous's well worth a look at her shop. And she is one of the most helpful people that I have ever if there is something you need crafting wise..just pop on over.

As I've already said it's pouring with rain all the cats have decided that the couch is the best plan for today. Sprout has had to go back into the injury pen. I just can't believe it. It took weeks for him to recover from the last fight and it was only a couple of days ago that he was back well enough to go out. Well I let him out and the first night he came back and was fine.But then on the second night he came back in on three legs. He had obviously been in another fight. He has the tomcat complaint..he has damaged his back leg by kicking. Over the years I have seen many tomcats with the same condition. Because when they fight, they grip each other and kick with their back legs and then they weaken the muscles. Often you will see old toms with weak back legs...all from their young days fighting. So Sprout yet again is in the injury pen for a couple of days until he is back onto four legs.

Well the coffee is calling and then I have a couple of cards to finish. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Jiggery Makery...That Special Gift

I know that it's late for me to be blogging but it seems to be the only time that I'm allowed to by the wonderfully reliable BT. I have been trying for the past two hours to get online. But enough of me moaning..let's get down to the important things.

The card is my design team make for the wonderful Jiggery Makery, who are having a special Christmas in July moment. Let me introduce you to these two fabulous characters..Percy and Lilly Penguin.On this card Percy has got his nerve together to give Lilly a special present. To make the card, I first created the little circle background, inking some hills and then adding some blue and then of course (you know I just had some glitter. I coloured Percy and Lilly with my promarkers, cut them out, curved them a little and added them to the background using my pinflair glue gel. I then created the card by first adding some red card and a background paper from my stash. I then added a red panel down the front. To this I added the picture and some snowflakes from my stash. I used my favourite christmas colours..but I will be hard pressed to part with this card. There are more cards to come that feature Percy and Lilly, but if you would like to see more of them now, why not pop over to the Jiggery Makery face book page and take a look. There are some wonderful creations both from Adele and the other members of the design team. It never ceases to amaze me that you can give the same image to a group of people and they all come up with different ideas. That's what I love most about crafting..the possibilities are endless.

It's been a bust day.My friend Dotty came for a visit and it was great. The time went so quickly..we chatted the whole time and she was cuddled by Jeffrey the whole time. Merlin (her dog) is growing so quickly. Dotty has sent me some new pictures of Merlin and has taken one of hopefully...BT willing.. I will share them with you tomorrow. After Dotty had gone, I took Reginald for a play date with Virgo mans dog Jack. I just think Reg couldn't remember how to play...he just lay down and sunned The funny thing was that Jack doesn't really know about cats yet and of course two of my cats had to come with us. Tankie and Milky followed us all the way down and spent their time up the trees. Poor Jack didn't know what had hit him. My cats are like..well it's only another dog..excuse me while I groom myself up this

Well the coffee is definitely calling now and then it will be time for dinner and then back to work. I hope that you are having a great weekend. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

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Gruffies and Guests....Lazy Days

Todays card is a design team make for the wonderful Gruffies and Guests Challenge Blog. The theme for this month is 'Lazy Days' and I thought that this image of the happy hopper lazing in the tub was perfect. The image is from the House Mouse Decoupage cdrom, and I had great fun doing the decoupage. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing for me than sat doing my decoupage while either listening to music or watching the television.Sad as it may sound but to me that is the perfect I mounted the image and the backing paper ( which is from the House Mouse Triple cdrom) onto some dark blue card. I also mounted the greeting onto the same. I then diecut some leaves and coloured them with my promarkers and added some sequin flowers. I do hope that you will try and join in the fun. If you pop over to the blog, you will see all the other wonderful creations that the other members of the design team have created. There are some truly beautiful cards.

We were lucky enough this month to be sponsored by the wonderful teams over at Bugaboo Digi Stamps. They have also offered some digis as the prize for this month. The range that they offer really has to be seen to be believed. I can find an image suitable for anyone over at the Bugaboo site.

Well the coffee is calling and then I have some work to do. As I'm writing this, Raven is determined to sit on my arm and trying to type round her is quite funny. She is quite a weight and will not be moved, no matter how hard I I will be back later with another you can see it's a busy day today. My friend Dotty is hopefully coming to we will e catching up on all the news...and of course finding out how little Merlin is getting on. So until later..take care and happy crafting.
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Friday, 3 July 2015

Crafting Musketeers...The Tabby

For the first time ever, I having to redo a blog post. I had this image ready to blog yesterday and had scheduled it to load..but it didn't and has now disappeared altogether. So some where in the ether is a blog post about this beautiful tabby cat, If you see him, please tell him to come

This card is a design team make for the fabulous team over at the Crafting Musketeers. This months challenge has the theme Anything Goes. We have been lucky enough to have been sponsored by the great team over at Crafty Ribbons.

The prize for this months challenge is some ribbons. The design team were lucky enough to receive some ribbons to work with..and I have to say that they are fantastic quality. I used this blue ribbon with green dots on my card because they fit in so well with the colours on my card.

My card features this lovely image of the tabby and is from Joanna Sheens cdrom...Leslie Anne Ivory Cats. As a cat lover this has been part of my library ever since it was released. It has since been retired but it is still possible to get hold of on certain selling sites. For the card, I have mounted the image and the backing paper onto some blue card. I created two borders with the same and added the ribbons either side. I then just added a bow.

I hope that you will pop over to the blog and join in the fun. The challenge runs until the end of the month and the design team has produced some wonderful inspiration for everyone to enjoy.

Well now I'm definitely off for a coffee now. And as I said before...take care and happy crafting.
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Left of Center..The Purple Witch

Todays piece of work that I made for the wonderful design team over at the Left of Center.
We are lucky enough to have the fabulous Ikes Art sponsor us for this challenge. I just loved working with this piece of art. She has the name of Witch 2, if you wanted to pop over to the shop to see where I began.


I began this piece by painting the canvas in black acrylic and then, as the new challenge is called..'A Splash of Paint' I decided to splash bright coloured acrylics over the black.The image..witch 2...I decided I wanted to colour her outfit purple because of that saying..when I get older I will wear purple..and of course I do have a passion for blue hair...even though mine is green at the As most of you know, I collect sayings and have had this one for a while and thought it was fitting for the witch to be sharing the wisdom. After all most of us have the face that we show the world and let only a few we know see the person that we really are. Since losing Henry, I think that I have built a wall but at the same time feel as if people can like me or lump I used to tell Henry..don't bother hating anyone..they either won't know or don't care. Either way it's only yourself that is hurting...and that ends up being another way for them to win. So hold your head up and carry on your way.

Well the coffee is calling and the sun is shining. All the cats have left the cottage and as far as I can see, they are all sunning social worker came yesterday and she must be being accepted by the cats..Nicademus took to her lap and I don't think he wanted her to leave...he really is a ladies As for Reginald..I think the heat had affected him..when the social worker arrived he stood at the top of the stairs and barked. Now if you knew Reg..guard dog he isn't...I said to her she will have to be firmer to him...or words to that all. usually Reg is more feminine than most ladies I know. After his show of manliness yesterday afternoon..he had to have a long lie down to So I'm off to do some crafting..I hope that you all have a fabulous until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Decoupage Delights....Vintage Postcards

For the second time today...I'm back..with my design team make for the wonderful Decoupage Delights. I just loved this vintage image with the little girl, flowers and butterfly. It is an 8x8 card and is fully decoupaged. I just love the colours and as you all know, I do have a bit of a thing for vintage.

I took the second photo so that you can see the decoupage and the shadows that it creates. of the  Why not pop over to the Decoupage Delights face book page and take a look. There is a great offer on for the pre order of the upcoming cd and flowers. I so excited and looking forward to it.

Well what a day it is in the mountains today. It is so hot that I'm sat in the chair with the electric fan pointed at Every so often we have a rain shower and then it stops and just gets hotter.I don't know where most of the cats are..they've probably gone some where shady. It made me laugh yesterday when I had first put the fan on. Raven ran in the window and threw herself in front of me, directly in the fan draft and sighed...I think she must have been a little

Yesterday I also received confirmation of the's going to be held on the 17th July..a year and a half after the death of my Henry. What amazes me is that they have called no-one that was there that day. I just have to hold it together until then and then when it's over I can decide what road I'm going to take. At the moment every thing seems to be in the air. My head is full of questions that I'm now doubting that they will ever be answered. And the way I look at matter what is said, nothing can change the fact that my Henry is gone and my life is a sadder place without him. I love to craft and it has helped so much, keeping me busy but I just feel as if I'm treading water. Since he died it has been a case of..get through the day...get through the funeral...get everything sorted..and now it's get through the inquest and then...I don't know. I'm hoping that I will be able to sort things out after the inquest but we will have to see.

Well the coffee is calling and I have a pile of work to I need to get my big girl pants on and get on with it. Where ever you are, I hope that the weather is being kind to you. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

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