Coming down out of the freezing sky with its depths of light, like an angel, or a Buddha with wings, it was beautiful, and accurate, striking the snow and whatever was there with a force that left the imprint of the tips of its wings — five feet apart — and the grabbing thrust of its feet, and the indentation of what had been running through the white valleys of the snow — and then it rose, gracefully, and flew back to the frozen marshes to lurk there, like a little lighthouse, in the blue shadows — so I thought: maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us — as soft as feathers — that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes, not without amazement, and let ourselves be carried, as through the translucence of mica, to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow, that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light — in which we are washed and washed out of our bones. Author

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Driving Home For Christmas

Todays card is from the Gruffies and Happy Hoppers cd rom by Joanna Sheen. I love this image of the gruffies in the car with all the christmas presents piled high on the car roof. I have travelled many a distance with the presents taking up every spare inch of room. Children with presents under their feet, on their knees and a dog tucked in between. But there is always the feeling of expectation and happiness. Something magical in the air. This card has made me think of the Chris Rea song..Driving Home for Christmas...and now I can't get the song out of my I have special friends that come to the village over the festive season and their visiting always adds to making the christmas season so special. It is a time for remembering times gone by and a time for sharing new ideas and dreams.
Next week I am looking forward to putting the christmas decorations up. It may take a while..we had planned to put them up this weekend but son is out getting festive. Today is the special weekend in Betws-y-Coed..the christmas lantern parade, the lights everywhere and all the shops staying open later. It has a great christmas feel and is enjoyed by everyone in the local areas. It is something that only started a few years ago but is now looked forward to by everyone. He has his christmas shopping planned and is looking forward to an ice-cream. It goes through me the thought of an ice-cream when the weather is below freezing but he loves it. I wonder what christmas flavour he will go for tonight. I will let you
So this afternoon I will be crafting with christmas songs playing. No doubt there will be the sound of raised at the cats. They really don't like it when son has left the valley and will no doubt play revolving door with the biggest cat flap in the world. One of the cats called Tankie Tutu, I know will be back and to...she does prefer it when son and I are in the same room. On one occasion son went to a concert in the village hall and she went and sat outside the whole time, walking back up the hill with him when it was over. Bless her
Well the coffee is calling...I hope that you have a really good until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

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Allsorts Challenge - Inspired by a christmas song or carol

Friday, 29 November 2013

Bear in the lilacs

Todays card is from the wonderful new Gruffies and Happy Hoppers cdrom by Joanna Sheen. I don't know why but this card has been so hard to photograph..this is about my 14th. attempt and this is about as good as it gets. The image shows a gruffie holding a lovely big bunch of lilacs. I have embellished with flowers, swirls, pearls, ribbon and a butterfly charm. The gruffie image is decoupaged. I don't think that the printer has switched off since this cd has
I often talk about my blogging journey and I would just like to thank everyone who has been on this journey with me. I would also like to thank everyone that comments and contacts me. The hardest things for me have been learning all the computer stuff...and I admit to be really dumb with it. I seriously think that there is a small group of us out there who really have no understanding of this machine and no matter what, it scares us. I watch my son and from when he had his first computer has had no fear...he will continue to try things until he gets them right. I still tend to lose my nerve...I don't know what I think is going to happen but I will continue to battle on. My blogging has really helped with's about learning how to do something and doing it again and again. When I entered my first ever challenge..I thought that I would have a nervous took 3 days and about a gallon of Now I can enter a challenge and not need a lie down. So if you are out there and thinking of starting a blog..give it a go. I am more than happy to help..I admit to not knowing alot but you will have all the support I can give you.
My son is about to begin his own christmas countdown today. He has a weekend of christmas fairs and christmas parades to go to...and when it's all done he gets to come home and put the decorations up next week. We really are christmas nuts and have many collections that come out every year...santas, owls, tree decorations, snow globes..they all bring back many happy memories and are something really special to our family.
Well the coffee calls...I hope that you all have a great until tomorrow ..take care and happy crafting.

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Rubys Rainbow - Flowers, Pearls and a charm

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mistletoe Kisses

Todays card is from the new Joanna Sheen cdron featuring the wonderful artwork of Ellen 'House Mouse' Jareckie. The cd is packed with images of the Gruffies and the Happy Hoppers. If you love house mouse for it's whimsical fun, then you will have to get this one. For my first card from the cd I chose this image of a Happy Hopper holding the mistletoe aloft for the cute little mice. I have mounted the image and the backing paper onto christmas red card and edged both with a glittered peeloff. I have embellished using some diecut mistletoe and poinsettia
I would like to wish everyone over the pond a Happy Thanksgiving. I have to admit to watching a lot of cooking shows and I love the ones that feature cooking for the holidays..and some of the best have been for Thanksgiving. Many of these recipes have ended up featured on my christmas table. Some of my favourites include a green bean casserole with a crunchy onion topping and creamed corn. If you ever try creamed corn..please don't use a tin of it..use fresh corn or a bag of frozen corn..and find a good recipe. To me it was a revelation. I usually serve the corn with beef or lamb. The other thing that I like about Thanksgiving is taking the time to give thanks for those people in our lives who are special to us and counting our blessings.
The coffee cup is empty and desperately needs to be filled. so I'll be smiling at my son any minute So until tomorrow..have a great day..take care and happy crafting.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Winter Handbag

Todays card doesn't look like one but trust me it I have made the handbag using a board from the Glitter Girls..from Keepsake Crafts. Even though the company is now owned by someone else.this boar is from a time when Kathy and Babs still owned and demonstrated the products. I have made the bag using a lilac pearlescent card and embellished it using diecuts and jewels. The large snowflake clips were made using a peeloff mounted onto the matching card and then cut out. I have also made a matching tag. Inside the bag is lined and decorated by stamping leaves and adding jewels. The bag is for and order.
I have shared my blogging journey with you all and am still loving every moment. Today I was delighted to have been picked to be a spotlight winner over on Rubys Rainbow challenge blog. It was such a surprise because there were some other wonderful cards. The world of challenge blogs has been a wonderful source of inspiration and I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful crafters who share my passion for cardmaking. I have won a badge for my blog which hopefully I will get on my blog as soon as I can work out the computer business. Still no matter what I do, I still find it hard to grasp what I have to do..but it's all a learning curve. When I began I had no idea how to even blog, then I had to learn how to get the photos up and then it was linking. I'm still working on the linking side of it. I can now enter challenges which is great but it still needs my instruction sheet and a large cup of
Well speaking of coffee..the kettle is boiling. I hope that you are having a really good until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

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Crafting from the Heart - Anything goes

Raisin Boat Challenge - Christmas Creations

Pixie's Crafty Workshp Challenge - Anything goes

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Father Christmas

Todays card is from the Father Christmas cdrom by Crafters Companion. The image is from the toppers section of the cd and the backing paper is from one of the design sets.I have mounted both the topper and the backing paper onto some red card. The only other things that I have added are some glittered peeloffs and a glittered greeting. Well I had to get some glitter in This card comes under the banner of a quick card...there are times when we need one that we can make quickly for whatever reason and this would be mine. The topper is large enough to be a good focal point and this was made on an A5 card. The backing paper is one of my favourites on this cd and of course you can have it in any colour you want using the colourizer section. I have also used it on other cards in the red colour and it is equally as delightful.
It is so cold here in the mountains today. We must be around freezing because all the animals want to do is cuddle up on the couch. One of my boys Nicodemus suffers from stiffness in his back legs in the cold weather and has to have medication..he goes out every day but the amount of time he spends out gets less and less, the colder it gets.On the other end of the scale is one of my girls called Raven, she loves the cold weather especially the snow. I have always been convinced that she thinks she is a dog and if you saw her in the would too. She rolls around in it and throws it up in the seems to be a demonstration of pure joy. People have asked me in the past why I like my animals as I do and it hard to explain the joy that they bring into my life. They make me laugh when I don't even think I could smile...they give so much love for so very little. Most of my cats were rescued from terrible conditions and they are so grateful just for being loved. To watch a scared and scarred cat finally believe in you and start to come out of their shell is a wonderful thing. I thank the heavens every day for them and the joy that they bring to my life.
Well the coffee is calling and card orders are still coming in. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Badgers in the bracken

Todays card is using an image that I've had in my stash for so long, I have no memory of where it came from. But I had an order for a christmas card with badgers on it came into play. I have mounted the image onto some holographic card and just embellished it with some swirls and a poinsietta. I of course had to add a bit of sparkle.
More and more I get asked for badgers and foxes on cards. Customers from towns and cities are seeing these creatures more and more and often have funny stories to tell, so they like to feature them on their cards. Many of them also support many of the animal charities. Here in the mountains we are lucky (or not..depending how you think) to see wildlife on a regular basis. I can remember being lucky enough to see an albino badger walking down the was late one night and I have to say it really had an otherworldy appearance. When I first moved here there were wild goats living in the mountains behind the cottages. We used to get the occasional view of them.
I'm still working on inserts..two orders have now gone off with my post lady and a large order is due to go on Friday. I have a long list of orders to work on this week but at least the pressure is off with the christmas cards. I have been working on christmas cards since August and now I'm down to the last dozen. I've managed to make all my own cards as I'm really pleased. As well I've already starting taking orders for next year.
Well the coffee is calling and the inserts are until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Sunday, 24 November 2013

vixenvarg: Church Window

vixenvarg: Church Window: Todays card is made using a stamped image from Katy Sue Designs. I stamped the church window and cut out the window shape. I painted a sn...

Church Window

Todays card is made using a stamped image from Katy Sue Designs. I stamped the church window and cut out the window shape. I painted a snowy sky and added this behind the window frame. I stamped the candles and added them to the window sill. The foliage is made using the pinflair punch to make small leaves and added red jewels to look like berries. I then mounted the finished window onto an embossed background. All the painting was done using twinkling H2Os. I find something really peaceful about this card and it's useful to have such a card for friends who are more into the religious and traditional.
 I spent all of yesterday making inserts. Today will be spent decorating them and hopefully getting the cards bagged ready for posting. I managed to make over a 100 yesterday so only another 400 to go. But I've started, so now I'm feeling confident that with a little organisation I'll get there. It's very cold here in the mountains and the frosts have been quite hard. We are all on snow watch. There is nothing that I love more is being in the house warm and cosy when outside is freezing. All the cats have got themselves organised and by 7p.m. are all in and settling down. They all have their own favourite spaces and heavens help anyone who interferes with that.
Well the coffee is calling..I hope that you are keeping all warm and cosy. Time to get back to the inserts I until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Silver Wedding Card

Todays card is an order for a silver wedding anniversary card. I have used the bookatrix board from the glitter girls. Even though it looks as if I have used a rainbow card, it's actually a rainbow holographic and that is how the camera caught the effect. In one light it looks plain silver. I have decoupaged some pansies from Joanna Sheens Heart of the garden cdrom. I also used the lattice part of Joanna Sheens garden trellis planter from her Signature die range. The bookmark is from the other side of the bookatrix board..I embossed and cut it twice and then sandwiched the two together with a piece of acetate in between.
Well the day has arrived when I have no other choice but to start the inserts for all my christmas cards. I have been putting it off for about a month and now I can no longer do that. I will be fine once I get a little routine going...and then my parlour will look like a production How are your christmas cards going? I have a lot of messages from people that say that they make their own cards but feel as if the people that receive them don't appreciate them. I always say that even though I sell lots of cards, I still send my friends a handmade card. There will always be people who think that you are taking the cheap route by sending them a handmade card and all us crafters know that this isn't the case. I have friends who love my cards and know how much thought I have put into that card but these people equally would appreciate any thing I send them, handmade or not. I have come to the conclusion that it's just human nature and you really have to please yourself. I make cards because I enjoy it so much and I'm not changing the way that I am to please anyone. So if you suffer people that think badly of handmade cards..let them..send the card that you want to and maybe one day they will realise. Hold your head up high and be proud of what you do.
I'm heading for the coffee and then the insert saga will begin. I hope that you all have a great weekend..take care and happy crafting.

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Delicious Doodles - No design paper

Allsorts Challenge - Bring on the bling

Friday, 22 November 2013

Something Different

Todays card really is something different for me. It is a christmas card made up from overlapping cogs. The order was for something different for a cyclist. I made a basic christmas tree shape and covered the whole thing with overlapping cogs of various sizes. I had cut the cogs from holographic silver card and from plain silver mirror board. I have used the cog set from Robert Addams, All Occasion die range. To form the garlands across the tree I used the rope and chain dies from the same die range. One of the smaller cogs...I've used as a snowflake type decoration.
Today is very cold here in the mountains...we have had a lot of hail in the past few days but today at least the sky is a brilliant blue and it's least for a while. I remember watching the sky when I was little at the slightest mention of snow. I used to believe that Jack Frost visited every night to paint the windows. We didn't have central heating in the farmhouse ...nobody we knew did..and every night in the winter I was amazed that Jack Frost could visit us every night. The most fantastic patterns decorated the glass. Every bedroom had a fireplace but a fire was ever only lit if you were ill. I can remember lying in bed watching the flames dance and my grandmother sitting in a chair reading me a story. It was probably an Enid Blyton story..she was my favourite author and I collected her books. I could read myself, long before I went to school, so having a story read to me was a real treat. My other favourite books were the 'Anne of Green Gables' stories, the 'What Katy Did' stories and the 'Little House' books. As an adult I discovered a book called 'Clover', which continued the Katy stories with the story of her sister Clover. I never knew that this book existed and was so excited to read it. It took me back to my childhood and the joy in a new book. When I first started the book..just for an instant, I was back in bed as a little girl, snuggled under the eiderdown, hearing all the noises of the house coming from downstairs, feeling perfectly safe and happy. What a moment. I think as adults we can sometimes lose our joy in simple things, forget what it felt to feel secure and let the worries of everyday life can take over. We need to take a moment I think just to search for a moment of joy...whatever that may be.
I'm working on the silver wedding card which hopefully I can share with you tomorrow. So as usual the coffee until tomorrow take care and happy crafting

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Church by the river

Todays card is from the Thomas Kinkade cdrom by Joanna Sheen. I have of course glittered the image and mounted it to some gold mirror boar. The backing paper is from my ever growing stash of christmas papers. The embellishments were made using the Sinature die range from Joanna Sheen and the Tattered Lace range. I have some customers who request church or religious images on their christmas cards and this is one that I chose for this year. There really is something magical and peaceful about this picture. I would be more than happy for this card to sit on my mantlepiece this christmas.
Christmas preparations are going on in this house..the postman arrived this morning with an armful of parcels and was laughing about the amount. It wouldn't have looked so bad if they had arrived in just one parcel..after all they were all from the same place...but no they all came in separate parcels. And we get nagged at by the local council about recycling..well now I have a huge amount of cardboard that will have to be all squashed to fit in the recycling bin. Why are companies not made to look at their packaging...surely it would be cheaper for them to use less. Sometimes the world makes no sense at all.
I really have to say just how much online shoppping has really changed my life. Since becoming housebound the internet has let me still have the fun of picking my presents without the stress of having to ask someone to do it for me or to try to go out and be in pain even before I start looking. It is the same with the grocery shopping..being able to do my shopping from my chair has really become a blessing. I have to admit that I do sometimes run out of something...usually potatoes. I think that the irish ancestors must be playing a part in this...we do seem to go through so many
 Well the coffee is calling..I hope that your own preparations are going well. I have a long list of work today, so until tomorrow take care and happy crafting.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Deer through the trees

Todays card is from the Squeezee Cards...Christmas Furry friends. I have used the single image, glittered it and added a backing paper from my stash. This is a great cd for people who love animals and wildlife..there is not a single image on this disc that I haven't used before and will no doubt be using again.
The weather today doesn't know what to do with's rained, snowed and hailed. The wind is roaring round the valley and leaves are flying past the window. The path is littered with leaves of gold, orange and every other colour of autumn. The cats are in and out of the biggest cat flap, determined to drive me insane whilst I try to write this. You can tell how cold it is getting here by the number of animals trying to sleep on my bed. I sometimes wake in the night thinking I must be ill only to discover that I have three cats lay on me. People say to me oh well they must really love you but I know better..yes they may love me but they are trying to find the warmest spot....and at night that's on me.
So are you ready for christmas? I'm not. I'm surrounded by lists of possible presents and lists of food that will be needed. I have friends coming all over the festive season and I do like to welcome them with a meal or at least something to nibble. As I've said before the mince pie tin needs to be bottomless and the sausage roll count can be enormous. I have to admit to loving preparation and cooking but have found it so hard not being able to stand for but a minute and motion being past me. So everything than be achieved has be done from a chair. My son bless him does all the lifting and we have worked out a good routine. I have always said that I could conquer the world if it was possible from a comfy
Well lots of work to do today and I'm looking forward to playing with some new ideas that have been floating round my head. Yes..I admit to being an odd crafter..I go to sleep at night thinking of new card ideas..but it makes me The coffee is the pint I until tomorrow ( and yes every time I write that word.I'm still spelling it wrong!)..take care and happy crafting.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cottage in the Snow

Todays card is from a Joanna Sheen cdrom. The image has been glittered and mounted onto some silver mirror board. I have just added a small embellishment of a poinsettia and some pine branches. This is one of the now famous cottage cards which have now left the premises. I am so glad that they are now in the hands of the customer..all safe and sound. And now I no longer have to guard them from the
Well this morning I woke to see a white wonderland. It had been and still was snowing quite heavily. As we speak the sky is blue and the snow has all but gone, But for a small space of time, the world was white and changed beyond imagining. It's very cold and bright at the goodness only knows what will happen later. Remembering back to my childhood the cold weather makes me think of duffel coats and mittens on a string. For some reason my mittens had to be either red or green. They were the colours that I loved. I can remember my duffel coat and all the fights that I had with it to button it up. Coats were always bought with room to grow and when I first got my coat it nearly came to my ankles. The thing I remember the most was the weight of the thing. It was just so heavy. And the buttons were huge toggles that I recall struggling with, with either cold stiff hands or  mittened fingers. And once you had fought the battle getting it on, you were so warm and the coat was so stiff..your movements were really restricted. It was only years later when you were just about to grow out of it that it became easy enough to become a joy to wear. I always felt as if it needed breaking a good strong pair of boots.
I have a great amount of excitement today as my parcel of goodies from jb-crafting supplies for whom I do work on the design team. I don't know what's in the parcel yet but I love surprises. I will share what I'll be doing for them with you tommorrow. I'm also working on a card for a silver wedding anniversary you'll see that soon too. Lots and lots of work to do this week..I love it.
Time to go and sort some cards out now but as always I'll need a coffee until tomorrow take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas garlands

Todays card features the wonderful House Mouse designs from the triple cdrom by Joanna Sheen. This cd is one that I have found myself going back to time and time again. It has just so many images on it, I can always find one that is suitable for the occasion. The more I look through it, the more ideas that I get.
The main thing that I want to do today is to thank you all for the support and encouragement that you have all given me on this blogging journey of mine. Today we have passed the 2000 level. I really can't believe it. I looked back on the blog and on 18th October we hit 1000 and today 18th November we passed 2000. If ever I worried about doing this journey, I only have to think of sharing my cards with you and all the wonderful messages of support and it spurs me on. Yesterday when I was ready to launch the laptop through the window..this blog made me slow down and sort the problem out. I really think that my laptop knows when the lovely computer man is in the house and decides to behave well again. So today has been problems and the coffee keeps coming thanks to my lovely son. All's well with the
Well according to all the weather reports we are due some snow. At the moment it's doing it's usual thing and just raining. Here in the mountains we are used to it. I have some friends who come to visit every year and after 15 years of visits they have yet to see the mountains in anything but rain and mist. I always tell them that it wouldn't be so green if it wasn't for the I have to say though the thought of snow excites me. Ever since being a child, watching the landscape change and become blanketed in white fills me with a sense of magic. I love looking out of my window and seeing the sparkle. I think it comes down to the fact that the world looks as if it's been glittered. I will let you know if the magic arrives.
So lots of cards to finish this week, to get them packed and posted. I have a special post lady who takes all my parcels to the post office for me and I'm sure that at this time of year I must drive her to I will have to have a word with Santa to make sure that she gets something special. Mind you with the hours that she works as a pa for 2 different bosses and the miles that I'm sure she covers on foot (she wears me out just telling me what she does in a day), I'm sure that at this time of year she could do with extra hours to her day. I wonder if Santa could help with that. The coffee cup is on empty so until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 17 November 2013's christmas..well nearly

What  a day..visitors and a computer that doesn't want to play. Today has been the day of the frozen computer..let's switch it off and start Everyone knows that I'm not very good with the technical today has really tried every nerve that I have. It has taken half an hour to write this much..I know I can be rather slow but this..I think todays chat will be a short
The card is from Joanna Sheens Triple House Mouse cdrom. There are just so many images on the 3 are really spoilt for choice. And happily for those of us who love this artwork..the hoppers and gruffies are due to arrive on their own cd come the end of the week. I will be one happy bunny...any guesses for what animal I adore?
Well my lovely computer man has just arrived so I'm off to pick his brain. This is probably my shortest blog and has taken the longest time..lets hope things improve by tomorrow. So until then...take care and happy crafting.

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Sparkles Forum Challenge - Animals
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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Country Lane

Todays card is from a Joanna Sheen cdrom. I have an order for a group of cottage christmas cards and have been working on them for a while. These are the cards which the cats decided to play with and some had to be redone. Never in my life have I worked so hard with a relatively simple card. The image is the main feature and I have taken the time to detail glitter the whole thing. I have just added an embellishment at the bottom and added a greeting.
This weekend promises to be a long working one. Today I have a number of inserts to do and a few cards to finish ready to post on Monday. My head is buzzing with all the things that I have to do and I have a pile of cards half done by the side of me. I seem to be surrounded by work and am at a point where I don't know where to I can tell that the coffee is going to be needed today. The shopping arrived early this morning..with all the cats looking and milling around to seems to have been a very long day already.
I have been thinking alot lately about the cooking for over the festive period. There are certain things that I like to make and hopefully I can get them done early. I like to make the christmas cake, mince pies, sausage rolls and christmas loaves. Mince pies by the dozen seem to disappear in this house and I end up making them almost daily. I'm hoping to get ahead this year. At this time of year I go through my recipe books and make sure that I have all my baking goods usually involves me sitting with lists, trying to remember what I cooked last year. One of the things which has now become a family favourite is creamed american recipe..which we have with roast beef. Now please don't buy a tin of creamed corn. It bears no resemblance to the american recipe. The recipe that I use is a mixture of fresh corn, onions, butter and cream and goodness can cause quite a fight. I have a collection of american christmas cookbooks and love looking through them and trying new recipes. In fact I have to admit to a collection of cookbooks that cover the globe. I especially love older cookbooks...there are some great recipes using cheaper ingredients that are always worth a go. The one american thing that I do want to try to make is scrapple. I have a number of different recipes for this and am trying to combine the best bits, so I can give it a go. I have heard that it uses many cuts of pig using everything but the shall have to see. If you happen to have a good recipe please pass it on and then I can let you know the results.
Well the coffee is calling..I hope that you have a fantastic until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Butterflies and blooms

Todays card is from the Age of Elegance cdrom by Joanna Sheen. The backing paper is by William Morris and is from the section featuring his artwork. For that section alone I would buy this cd. I love William Morris design and have many in my home on cushions and curtains. The border is made using a range of dies. The butterflies I have coloured with alcohol ink pens.
Well I can't believe how quickly time is passing. One minute it was August and now christmas is descending upon us with the speed of a train. I still think that they start the selling of christmas far too early in the shops. I have enough trouble trying to organise my thoughts in I'm nearing the end of my christmas card orders now but always remember that as soon as I send them out, my customers will remember another few that they really need and I'll be back on it again. During this time I always work on my own cards as well...if my friends don't get a handmade card from me they think that they've done something to offend me.
Last night was a very loud night in the valley. We had the joy of  a rally visiting the area. As I was sat in my chair listening to the tv, I was serenaded in my right ear by the sound of roaring rally cars. You could hear the change of speed as they rounded a corner and you got to see the flares go up everytime there was a problem...and believe me there were alot of problems. The local authority allowed the local road to be closed and everyone that lives here got to manouver round the hundreds of rally mad spectators. And the best is that they don't give a fig for the locals. They parked wherever they could..after all they didn't want to pay to park. The forestry commission had organised car parks to ensure that they could collect as much money as they could for themselves but of course the spectators thought we can do better than that and discarded their cars wherever they could. Oh the peace and quiet living in the middle of
The coffee is until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cottage in the forest

Todays card features the amazing artwork of Thomas Kinkade. This particular image is from the Thomas Kinkade triple cdrom by Joanna Sheen. In this cdrom collection, one of the discs is purely christmas. In some ways this is a very simple card. I have mounted the image onto some gold mirri and have added some glitter to the snow. All I have added to the card is a white poinsettia and some gold swirls. I should add that this is a 8x8 card, so you can see what a good size the image is. When you print a sheet out from the cdrom there is usually 1 large image and 2 smaller ones. The smaller images are perfect for A6 or 5x7 size cards. There is also a project book available from Joanna Sheen which features other images from Thomas Kinkade. It wasn't until I started crafting with these images that I really came aware of just how much these pictures are loved by so many people. Every year I have many orders for collections of christmas cards that just use the Thomas Kinkade cottages and churches. I find that the pictures call for a lot of detailed glittering. I use a fine glue pen and an ultra fine glitter and highlight different areas especially the parts that feature light.
I'm so enjoying this blogging experience. As I've said before I have met some wonderful people and have been contacted by fellow bloggers from all over the world. I had to laugh yesterday..a lady picked up on the fact that I had made a spelling mistake. Yes I did. And if you read through yesterdays blog you will find it. I haven't edited it out because it made me laugh and I'll tell you why. Everyone I have spoken to has certain words which they have trouble with in adult life. It can take us back to our childhoods, to a time when we were first learning to spell. I can still remember the spelling list day...when we were sent home with the dreaded list and had a week to master them. And I can still remember the day that the word tomorrow turned up. For some reason no matter what I did to try and learn this would not go in. And still today as an adult if I have to write the word...if I'm not paying a great amount of attention..the wrong spelling just pops out. As a child, I can still remember the day of the test...I got 19 out 20 and was gutted. I was a bit of a nerd and loved to get full marks..and the word tomorrow stopped that happening. So to the lady who contacted me..I'm sorry..but as you read my out for that word and spare a thought for the 7 year old little girl who didn't get her star that day..this adult has obviously never
Well the coffee calls..have a great day and until tomorrow (haha)..take care and happy crafting.

*challenges entered*

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Day to smell the Flowers

For a change todays card is not a christmas card. The image and backing paper are from The Age of Elegance cdrom by Joanna Sheen. This particular image is from a painting by Waterhouse. The backing paper is a William Morris design. To embellish the card I have used dies from the Brittania and Signature ranges. I thought I would share this today as it is for a friends birthday and will be soon going off in the post. It was a pleasure to make because I got to play with my dies and I have to say as much as I adore christmas, a break from all the robins and glitter was a lovely thing. After all, I have been making christmas cards since son has said recently that I shoul really think about starting earlier..but as much as it would make it easier time wise..I really think that August is early enough for me.
Today I'm having to blog in the middle of a roundabout of moving cats yet again. Due to the bad weather today, they are all in....and complaining. They do have a choice and today they have chose not to venture out. And I can't say that I blame them. The wind is roaring and there is a cold snap that has made me put my blanket over my feet.
Wherever you are, I hope that you are keeping warm and that the weather is being kinder to you. Well the coffee is calling and then it will be time to get back to the glitter. So until tommorrow...take care and happy crafting

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ready for Christmas

Todays card is from The Giordano Christmas cdrom by Joanna Sheen. This cd features the fabulous artwork from the Giordano brothers. This cd has lots of sections of artwork including santa, wildlife and children which give you an amazing amount of images to use on your cards and christmas projects. The backing paper is from the cdrom and there are many beautiful papers on the cd that you could use for projects other than christmas. I have mounted the image onto some green card and added a glittered peeloff. The border was made using some of the same green card, to which I added some embellishments from my stash. I hope you like it.
I can't believe the weather here today. Even though there is a cold edge, the sky is blue and I have a clear view of the mountains. Yesterday, the mists had come down and it was if we lived in Brigadoon..invisible to the modern world. And my theory about the sheep knowing more than we do holds up today. The sky is blue and there is not a sheep in view on the mountain...but when we have the heavy rain they all gather at the top of the mountain. Why is this? If you know please let me know and I will share it on here.
Todays card image of the christmas stocking brings many happy memories of hanging my own stocking at christmas. From when I can first remember, one of the highlights of christmas eve was making sure that my stocking was put in exactly the right place. This was so important because if it was not in a prominant place then perhaps Santa might miss it. My stocking was always hung on the mantelpiece at the side. It always had to be in a safe place out of the way of the fire..after all santa would be coming down the chimney. Oh the anticipation of those nights. As I hung my stocking I dreamt of the delights that might be there in the morning. In the morning nothing can describe properly the joy of that bulging stocking. And it was filled with such simple things compared to the excesses of today. I can remember nuts and tangerines. And there was always a small toy and some chocolate. Nothing ever compared to the sweetness of that chocolate, eaten by the side of the twinkling christmas tree. One of the small things in my stocking one year was a tiny china mouse which I still have today. Every time I happen notice this mouse it takes me back to being 6 years old..a time when all my dreams, hopes and wishes were new and the world was a magical place.
Well now the coffee calls and I now have a list of orders to complete. I hope you have a really good until tommorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Afternoon tea

Todays card is a cardswop card which I will be sending off in the next couple of days. It features artwork from The Heart of the Garden by Joanna Sheen. The card also features a diecut mat made with a tonic die The theme for the swop was Hearth and Home. I thought long and hard about what to do and I decided to feature a china cup and saucer. I collect vintage china (among many other things) and for many years I held a ladies afternoon tea using my pretty china. There is always a special feeling having a ladies takes me back to my childhood when I can remember my Grandmother holding many similar teas for her friends. I can always remember those afternoons...the air filled with delicate perfumes and I can also recall the swishing of their silk dresses. Their chatter and laughter rang round the room. I also remember that alot of the excitement was in the preparation...besides the planning and baking..the sorting of the china to use and the choice of the cloth. The cloth was always an embroidered one..I still have the cloths. There are lilacs around the edge of one and another is covered in wildflowers. They are real works of art. Embroidery was something that I can remember all the ladies doing...they swopped patterns and seemed to sew on everything. I am lucky enough to have tablecloths, pillowcases, cushion covers and tablemats that many of these ladies made. For many years work like this was not appreciated and it's only now with the love of vintage items that they seem to be coming back into vogue. I'm afraid that I'm one of these people that doesn't follow fashion in as such as I like what I like and if other people don't like it..well so be it. I'm proud to say I love old cups and saucers, pretty china, silver and crystal. A minimalist I will never
Just to let you know, I have finished the cottage cards. After blogging yesterday my first task was to estimate the cat damage. Well it ended in 3 cards being binned and 6 having to be redone. Not as bad as I had at first thought. They are all now finished thankgoodness and are now in the done box. I will photograph some of them to share with you later in the week.
It has come to that time where the coffee is until tommorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Christmas Pudding

Todays card is for a challenge over at the Joanna Sheen Challenge Blog. The image is from the Hollypond Hill Christmas cdrom by Joanna Sheen. Everyone I talk to mentions the fabulous rabbit images on this cd yet there are many fabulous images on this cd with no rabbit in sight. And this is one of those. The challenge is 'Food for thought' and I wanted to join in the challenge but wanted to be able to add it to the ever growing christmas card list.
I had such plans for yesterday and thanks to my cat family it turned into a bit of a disaster. As I said I had every intention of finishing the christmas cottage cards and I nearly did. But the cats had other ideas..they managed to knock them own and walk all over them. My mood has been such that I haven't started to look to see which can be seems as if these cottage cards are going to be around even longer. Some days are like this. The cats are in no doubt what they have done and have in fact remained outside for the last hour. People speak of dumb animals...well they certainly got that wrong. All mine have something to say about everything, are nosy about everything that goes on and I'm sure sometimes they gang up on me. I really couldn't be without them...during some really hard times in my life my animals have helped save my sanity. They have made me laugh on days that I thought I may never laugh again. They have brought so much joy and continue to do so every day. The exception being todays
Well the coffee is calling and no doubt the time will come to look through the cottages to see which will have to be binned and which can rescued. No doubt when they're done all the cats will be home. I'm sure that they're all in the field having a good laugh at my expense. Only people with animals will understand where I'm coming from. I hope that you're having a good until tommorrow..take care and happy crafting.

*challenges entered*
Joanna Sheen - Food for thought

Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Cool Yule

Todays card is something a bit different for me. I was having a play and came up with this card. I have embossed the background paper with a snowflake design. The border strip across the middle is made using acetate and alcohol ink pens. The tree is a diecut from my stash which I painted with acetate and of course glittered. Finally I added a peeloff which I coloured green with an alcohol. I have made another one using a blue acetate border and layered snowflake

I hope that you like them. I am hoping to have a play again later today. I have an order for 25 christmas cottages which I'm hoping to get finished first. The other night was spent up to my ears in glitter. All 25 cottages needed to glitter..well by the time I'd finished I was covered, the cats and dogs were twinkling and the parlour floor looked as if a fairy party had taken place. Even now I'm twinkling in strange Everyone that visits knows that there is always the chance of leaving with a bit of twinkle. The vegetable delivery man had a lot of explaining to do one day..I laughed with his wife because he hadn't noticed the twinkle and had done all his round with the added sparkle. I do wonder what all the other customers
Today in Snowdonia it's been really quite cold and watching the hail bounce has kept the cats entertained. It comes in showers and then it's gone. We even had a rainbow in the middle of it all...stretched all over the valley. Well the coffee is calling and the cottages need to be finished. I hope that you are having a good weekend..keep warm and cosy..until tommorrow take care and happy crafting.
*challenges entered*
Delicious Doodles -CAS

Friday, 8 November 2013

Just for Archie

Todays card is for a cat friend of mine called Archie. He is a vicars cat and sometimes gets called Lucifer due to his behaviour. The vicar is one of my closest friends and even though we don't get to see each other very often we manage to stay in touch with the phone or the internet. I think back to the days before the internet and mobile phones...I can remember standing in a phone box with my 2ps in my hand..putting them in before the pips went. When I was young the thought of having a mobile phone wasn't even a dream..goodness knows I can remember when calculators first came out and I couldn't even imagine being able to afford Now thank goodness for the means that I can stay in touch with my friends. And it's unbelievable just how busy vicars are..I'm glad that I'm not in charge of his diary!
The image is from Ivory cats by Joanna Sheen which features the fantastic artwork of Leslie Ann Ivory. The embellishments are from a mixture of Brittania,Tattered Lace and Signature die ranges.
Well today my cats are at last's not raining so they're all out. It very cold much in fact that I have a blanket over my legs. It's funny but last night I was thinking about the things we did when I was young to keep warm and cosy. It was the days before duvets and we had sheets, blankets and a candlewick bedspread. You could tell that winter was coming when the flannelette sheets arrived on the bed. Oh and we had eiderdowns on the bed as well. I remember having to make my bed every day..or at least trying. I usually ended up making a right disaster. In our bedrooms there was no central heating. There was a fireplace where you had a fire if you were ill or it was particually cold. But you got used to going to bed in a cold room and I think I still am. Or it could be that I'm a woman of a certain age and everywhere is too
Well back to normal now and the coffee is calling. I hope that you are warm and cosy wherever you until tommorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Rabbits in the snow

Todays card is from Squeezee Cards cdrom...Christmas Furry friends. I love this image and this cd contains some wonderful wildlife images. I of course had to add some glitter...I do so love a twinkle. The backing paper is from my stash.
Well today is definately a good day. The coffee arrived first thing and a mug sits by my side as I speak. And I can tell's needed. The weather here has turned really cold. So cold in fact that I may have to close the biggest cat flap in the world. As my chair sits by the window (cat flap), I get the full benefit of the cold snap. I wonder what the council knows that we don't because early this morning they were round topping up the grit bins. But I also don't know how much sense they have as there are holes in the lid of the bin and the rain gets when we have a bad freeze and need the is frozen solid!! Only in Snowdonia!
The cats are in and out today. They of course arrived back at the house the minute that the shopping arrived. They obviously needed to check that the cat food had arrived. As you know most of my cats are rescued and have many problems associated with this...all except Jeff. He was a normal tiny kitten brought to me on my birthday. He just needed a good home. It has been so strange watching him develop just because he had no problems. I think he is determined to be a He is only 6 months old and is now as large as my grown cats. He is already going through a whole tin of cat food per day plus biscuits and treats. He does have a funny way though..he thinks that he is superman...he can only jump with his front legs straight out front and his mouth wide open. It is so funny..I will have to take a photo and post it on here. As I'm trying to write this one of my black cats is determined to sit on the computer..they always want the attention.
So what for today..first finish some challenge cards and then more christmas cards. I like to get all my orders out by the middle of November. Usually because as soon as my customers receive them, they always remember another couple they The thought of christmas is making me a bit nervous at the moment. All the prices are up and my money will only stretch so I'll have to make a list and make a plan and see where we get. I hope that you are having a good until tommorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Christmas Lambs

Todays card is from Giordano Christmas by Joanna Sheen. I just love the images on this cd. For me they are the right side of cute. I have embellished this card using my new poinsettia die from the Brittania die range.I hope you like it.
I'm working on some challenge cards at the moment. As I've said before I'm really starting to enjoy entering them. The challenge I'm working on is for the Joanna Sheen Challenge page. The theme for this time is 'food for thought'. What I'm trying to do is make some more christmas cards and make one that is suitable for the challenge. It's been such fun looking through my library of cdroms and finding images that would be suitable. By doing this it has been so surprising just how many images you look at in a different way. I've found so many images that I had forgotton but now will be using. Another card related thing that I'm involved in is a card swop on the Joanna Sheen forum. We exchange a card made to a certain theme every month and it's been so interesting to see the cards that other crafters make. It's a wonderful source of inspiration and you get the chance to talk to other crafters. Also I am involved in an atc swop. So it's worth having a look around and seeing what you can get involved with. You will be surprised what is out there. I know that I was.
There will be a crisis today...I can feel it in the water...I've run out of As many of you know, I do my shopping online. Well the order is due tommorrow. So today I'm off to have a cup of tea. I don't know how my system will take it. But we shall see! So if you have a chance..have a coffee..take care and happy crafting.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Robin and the mince pie

Todays card is from Magical Christmas Moments by Creative Crafting World. The backing paper is from my stash. The embellishment is made using a wonderful poinsettia die from the Brittania die range. In the set there are 3 sizes of die allowing you to make 3 different sizes of poinsettia but would also allow you to make ifferent types of layered flowers in the rest of the year. I can imagine layering up different pastel colours and creating many types of flowers.
I certainly hope that the weather is being kinder to you than it is here in the mountains. The winds are blowing hard round the valley and the rain is horizontal. It really is one of the few areas in the country that umbrellas are a waste of time. The rain never seems to come down but hits you sideways. From my chair by the window I have noticed something really strange. The heavier that it rains...the higher up the mountain the sheep go. Perhaps they know something that we mere humans don't.
My blogging journey continues..I've now entered my third challenge...and I can tell you that it does get easier. It is a case of when you've overcome the fear and done it once..the second time is still nerve wracking but trust me the thirds a dream. I also have a page on facebook...Vixenvarg Cards and Creations...if you get the chance please pop along and like the page...I post different cards on there as well. My christmas card pile is week I will have to go through them all and sort them into the different orders. And then I get to do my favourite thind of all all the inserts. Yes I know I should make them as I go along...nice idea..but it never works like that. I end up spending 2 days making inserts and moaning all the way. To me the inside of a card than really make a big difference. I try to make them as special as I can.
Well I really need a coffee the kettle calls. I hope you have a good (and not too wet) day...until tommorrow take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Hearth Cats

Todays card is from Ivory Cats by Joanna Sheen featuring the amazing artwork of Leslie Anne Ivory. As a cat lover, she is one of my all time favourite painters of cats. There is something about the way that she paints them, that manages to catch the small details, the poses and the moments that every cat owner recognises. I love this image of the cats in front of the makes me laugh because in this house, if the fire was lit you would be lucky to even get a glimpse of it! You can't even see the hearth rug for furry little bodies stretched out in the warmth.
The embellishments I have used on this card are a mixture of the Tattered Lace and Signature die ranges. When buying new dies I try to look at them and think about how much I would be able to use them. And how they will work with the ones that I already have. I have to do this because even though the cost of dies has come down so much over the past few years, they are still a purchase I have to think about. I have a limited amount to spend on my crafting and want to be sure that what I buy will work for me for a long time. It is the same with the ranges that I buy..if I have a problem with a certain die from a certain range, then it puts me off spending any more money with that company. So when I recommend a range here in my blog it will be because it cuts well, releases easily from the die and has great detail.
I hope that you have had a good weekend. The house has been very busy here in the mountains and I have to say that I'm enjoying a little peace. It's just as well it's quiet here, I have to sort all my craft stuff out..I have paper off-cuts, dies and embellishments everywhere. When I'm working it all gathers around me and I get to the stage where I can't move...well we are at this So coffee as always comes first and then to work. Until tommorrow...take care and happy crafting

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Black cats

Why do you ask are you sharing a halloween card now when it's over. Well it's for a challenge and I really wanted to make a halloween card. Usually at this time of year I'm knee deep in christmas cards so to make this card was a real bit of fun for me.
The image and backing paper come from a retired Joanna Sheen cdrom called The Cardmakers Year. If there is a Joanna Sheen cd that you would like but find it has been retired you can usually find one on ebay..if you're patient. I wanted one of Joannas first cds and I waited for a year to find now I have the entire collection. So it was worth the wait! With this card I mounted the backing paper and the image onto some matt black card. I then created the border and added some diecut black cats. The cats are from the All Occaision Die range by Robert Addams. This range of dies is one of my favourites as they cut really well and they seem to do a really useful range, making dies that you can use all year round in lots of different ways.
Well I'm off for a coffee..the house has felt like it should have a revolving door and I just don't know where the time has gone. I'd better get some work Wherever you are I hope that you've had a good take care and happy crafting

*challenges entered*
Rubys Rainbow - Halloween

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Christmas Bear

Another card for today. I have made this card to enter into a challenge. It will be only the second time that I've done this. It is all part of my blogging journey. I'm still quite nervous about doing's just that I'm not very good with will have to forgive me but I come from a time when we never even had When my son had his first computer he had absolutely no fear. Whereas I am scared of breaking something...yes I know that's just plain stupid but I can't help it. I will master my fear of this but it will take me a while. My friends laugh at me because when I'm doing anything new on the computer, they say that I get a look of abject fear on my face. I tell them it's just my concentration
The card that I've made is from the Giordano Christmas cdrom by Joanna Sheen. I have mounted both the image and the backing paper onto red mirror board and then glittered the image. The diecuts on the side border were made using Brittania dies and dies from the Signature die range from Joanna Sheen. I love all the artwork on this cd..the animal images are beautiful and I always seem to use this quite a bit at Christmas. I hope you like it.

*challenges entered*
Sparkles Christmas Challenge - Have a beary christmas

vixenvarg: Christmas Roses

vixenvarg: Christmas Roses: Todays card is from Victorian Christmas Cards by Joanna Sheen. The backing paper is from Joanna Sheens Hollypond Hill Christmas cdrom. T...

Christmas Roses

Todays card is from Victorian Christmas Cards by Joanna Sheen. The backing paper is from Joanna Sheens Hollypond Hill Christmas cdrom. The embellishment is a mixture of diecuts from my stash.I have glittered just the centres of the flowers.
Today in Snowdonia the wind is roaring around the mountains. I can count my blessings today that I'm safe inside and my day is filled with plans for crafting. I'm continuing this blog journey and still enjoying every moment. I'm hoping to enter some challenges this weekend and have to admit that I still find it all a bit unnerving. I'm still not very confident doing certain things on the computer but I do find that the more you do the easier it becomes. I am still encouraging you to have a go. I've been contacted by a couple of people who have just started their own journey and I will try to support them as much as I can. They will probably end up teaching me. That's one of the things that I love about the crafters that I have met...they are so friendly and so willing to share their knowledge. If you decide to start your own blog, please let me know and I will follow you. If you get the chance please follow me. All you have to do is sign in on the right hand side of this blog. It's so nice to know who is reading. When I began, I thought it would be so hard but it has become an absolute joy..sharing my love of cardmaking and my life with you all. I never thought that I would have such nice feedback. Thankyou so much.
At the moment I'm working on some cards for some different challenges. I shall be having a play with my new dies later. I have to admit to thinking about crafting most of the friend laughed because I told him that I just had to make a certain card that I had dreamed of making...which I did and I am so pleased with the result. I'll share it with you in the next couple of days.
Well the coffee is calling, the cats are running in and out and crafting awaits. I hope that you have a lovely weekend...take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 1 November 2013

vixenvarg: Christmas Robins

vixenvarg: Christmas Robins: Todays card is from the Joanna Sheens Vintage Christmas Cards cdrom. It is a fantastic cd with all types of christmas images. This image ...

Christmas Robins

Todays card is from the Joanna Sheens Vintage Christmas Cards cdrom. It is a fantastic cd with all types of christmas images. This image is from the birds section. I have glittered the image (of course!) and mounted it onto blue card. The backing paper is from another Joanna Sheen cd..the Thomas Kinkade project book. The embellishment was made using a collection of my diecuts. The poinsettia was made using the Brittania die. All the dies used in this arrangement are available from the Joanna Sheen online shop. There is a link on the side of this blog.
I hope that you all had a good night last night. I had some close friends round for the evening and had a lovely time. No wild partying just a brew and some bits to eat, but it was really nice to catch up. The animals thought of course that the food was only put there for them! Talking of food we are to have a real treat over the next few friend has recently travelled to Scotland and returned with a whole host of wonderful Scottish treats. We have two breakfast packs which include the famous square sausage,black pudding and my favourite the fruit pudding. She also bought me some haggis, scottish snowballs, empire biscuits and some scottish plain bread. I love it all. The bread was a real revelation. It reminds me of the bread that I grew up with..bread with substance. Bread that you know you've eaten. Today most of the bread is fiddled with so much it has no substance and is just a doughy slice. This scottish bread actually has a crust and it is heavier that the bread we can get here. Admittedly you can buy better bread these days but you really have to pay a ridiculous price for it. Obviously in Scotland someone decided that they were not willing to have rubbish bread and somebody listened. It just shows that everything changes but not always for the best and we get very little say in it. I've noticed the food prices rising so much lately..the companies blame the weather. the crops and the cost of transport. But I notice that the prices never go down when these things have improve.
We have friends coming over the weekend and I have lots of crafting to do. I have to say that most of my friends know that I craft along as we're talking. So I'd better have my coffee and get on. Wherever you are I hope you have a great day...take care and happy crafting