Coming down out of the freezing sky with its depths of light, like an angel, or a Buddha with wings, it was beautiful, and accurate, striking the snow and whatever was there with a force that left the imprint of the tips of its wings — five feet apart — and the grabbing thrust of its feet, and the indentation of what had been running through the white valleys of the snow — and then it rose, gracefully, and flew back to the frozen marshes to lurk there, like a little lighthouse, in the blue shadows — so I thought: maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us — as soft as feathers — that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes, not without amazement, and let ourselves be carried, as through the translucence of mica, to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow, that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light — in which we are washed and washed out of our bones. Author

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. I was lucky that I was working on Tess..The Jiggery Makery Witch..and as you know by now..Fridays are now Jiggery Makery days I thought that I would colour her in a traditional way and give her the stripey tights, alongside the black dress and hat. I just had to give her blue hair because after all she is a sassy witch. Tess is available to buy as a digi, along with many others...why not pop over to Jiggery Makery and have a look. To make this wall hanging , I painted a small canvas with orange paint and then wrote on the poem and added some small cats. I coloured Tess with my copics and attached her to the canvas. I thought it was a nice thing to makebecause it's not a scary thing but instead wishes everyone good luck.

When Henry was growing up, we always made a big thing of Halloween and had parties and lots of laughs. When the kids were all little we created a horror for them. All the adults were in on it and we created the bowls of doom. I think the adults had the most fun coming up with the ideas. The rules were that before the children could attack the food and all the goodies..they had to put their hands into the bowls of doom. Each bowl was covered, so that they couldn't see what was inside and they were told what it was. Now they were told various titles...witches eyeballs, zombies fingers, brain sludge. What the bowls actually contained was very harmless, pickled onions,twiglets and vegetable their faces were fantastic. They would talk about it for days after trying to work out what they'd been made The best one we ever did was about my friends dog. All the children in the village loved this dog called Alfie..he was a Dogue de Bordeaux (I've probably spelt that He was the biggest dog that I think they had ever seen and they all loved him. He was the same type of dog as seen in the film Turner and Hooch and as the same as Hooch, drooled alot. Well we came up with a bowl which we said was Alfies wasn't of course but still to this today we haven't told them what it is. They're mostly all in their 20s now and still laugh about it..and still ask and I still don't let on. Some think they do know but no-one has really got it right. And I can't even share it with you as some of them read this blog. So that's what Halloween will always mean to me..laughter and friends. Long may it continue.

Well the coffee is calling and I have a custard doughnut with  my name on it. I hope that you all have a great day whether you celebrate Halloween or not. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Folky Snowman

Todays card is from a cd from the wonderful team at Creative Crafting World. The snowman is decoupaged and I love the fact that he is really rotund. On his candy cane is a cardinal, which seems to be the american version of our robin. I don't know a lot about the cardinal apart from the fact that it appears in most american christmas images. I have recently made a decoration using one, which I will be sharing with you at the weekend.

There are alot of funny coloured cats walking around my house I did some more painting in the house yesterday and of course they all had to help. My friend has been calling Raven, Pepi Le Pue because she now looks like a skunk, with a white stripe up her tail and along her back. I've been keeping my fingers crossed that none of them decide to walk on the bathroom windowsill. It was a beast to paint along with the window frame and the last thing I need is a little set of pawprints to decorate All the cats think that I have only put the paint cloths down for them to lie on. Every time I go past..I find a cuddle of cats going on, on the landing. As I write this Raven is lay on my's rather nice..almost like having a living hot water bottle. As long as I sit here with my legs up..she won't move. It's definitely better than having her sit on my arm as I try to type. She really is my little home body, not wanting to go out...and she even sleeps with me at night, curled up in my arm. Reg doesn't like any thing to change and gets a bit uppity when you try to do anything. Every time you turn round, he is there watching your every move. As my friend found out yesterday as he tried to come down the ladder..Reg was there at the bottom.

Excitement is getting me a little giddy. I may actually have a kitchen at the weekend. Hopefully my builder is coming and is going to put up my cupboards and worktop.And then the most exciting thing..I'm having a tiled splashback behind my cooker and worktop. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever have the kitchen I'm ending up with. Don't get me wrong..I have seen hundreds of kitchens that have cost thousands of pounds, and that has never been an option here. My kitchen will be a testament of what can be done with very little money. I will have to post pictures when it's done. The landing is nearly finished..thank goodness...I seem to spend my days walking around touching things up..covering white with red and straightening up paint lines. Hopefully tomorrow all my ornaments and books can go back onto the shelves. And of course pictures on the walls.

Well the coffee is calling and so is a paintbrush. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Traditional Christmas

Todays card is to me a very traditional one. I just love this image of the christmas food and the best china. The image comes from the Joanna Sheen cdrom Hollypond Hill Christmas. As most of you know..I love this cd because of all the rabbit images but it also has a number of very traditional christmas images which are a joy to use. I have mounted the image onto some burgundy card, alongside the backing paper. I have embellished the card with a diecut bauble, a poinsettia and some leaves. I have to admit that the bauble was not designed as a bauble but as a chinese lantern. I looked at the die and decided that it would make a beautiful bauble. So that is what it became. I cut off the tassle that was on the original die cut and then glued some glitter card behind the die cut. That's the reason when I buy new dies, I think of the different ways that I could possibly use them...not necessarily in the way that they were designed.

It's a bright day here in the mountains, but there is a definite nip in the air. I just love these type of days. I had a bad night last night..I just couldn't I ended up singing along to my cds at 5 oclock this morning. I have recently bought myself a cd which features number ones of the 1970s. So there I was singing along to 'Tie a yellow ribbon' and 'Seasons in the sun' and it brought back a lot of happy memories. It must have been just what I needed..I was back asleep before the end of the Sometimes I must need something to break my train of thought. I'm finding things a little hard because christmas is coming and normally at this time of year I'm planning what I'm going to surprise Henry with...and it feels so strange not to be doing just that. We always made a big thing of christmas, planning meals, presents and decorating the whole house. It will be so hard this year. I will just have to count my blessings and remember all the good times we were lucky enough to share. So much in my life has changed and I keep going , day after day..just trying to find a point to it all. I have to believe that there is a bigger plan that we know nothing of and hopefully I will find a purpose. Crafting has helped..I make myself continue and am lucky enough to still find joy in the creation of a nice card. So I need to keep busy and find a bit of extra mojo.

Well the coffee is calling and my friend has brought me some jaffa cakes as a treat. I shall have my hit of caffeine and a jaffa and then back to work. Lots to do and only one pair of So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Santa Mystery

Todays card has a funny story attached to it. I know that this image comes from a wonderful cdrom by Creative Crafting World..and that's all I know at the I started this card..well printing out the pages..last year. And I lost it in a few dozen piles of printed out, ready to do sheets. Well as I was sorting out space to put cards away yesterday..I found it and decided to make it straight away before I lost it The only trouble that remains is that I'm yet to find the The santa is decoupaged and I feel that it has a lovely folky feel to it. I will have to hunt out the cd and then I'll let you know what it's name is. My trouble is that I have hundreds of cds and I recently 'sorted' them out...consequently I don't know where anything is. I have some new cds which have arrived ready for spring time crafting so I've had to put them away for a couple of months but at least I'm ready for the new year.

What I came to realise yesterday is that my page views are just about to hit the 10,000.  can hardly believe seems so amazing. I can still remember when I began to blog and was stunned when I reached 100 views. It has been such a journey that you've followed. Learning all the new things that I've had to master, the up and downs of life and the tales of my cats which I've been lucky enough to share with you all. You all helped and supported me through losing Henry and I know that you have helped me carry on. I have received so many messages from you, sharing your own pain, your joys and your cards..everyone of you has helped me to see a light through the darkness. So thank you all. My blogging journey has been something that I've come to love...I'm still amazed at what I've had to learn to do on the computer..I really am useless with it but I have persevered and learnt what I need if I can do it..anyone can. There are still things that I want to take a better picture is on my list of things to do. I see so many cards that have been beautifully photographed and know that mine are not that good..but I will carry on trying to improve.

The weather here today seems to be waiting. At the moment it's not doing anything but I get the impression that we are in for a storm...just as I speak it's started to rain..I'm expecting an influx of wet cats any Some of my cats..Rave, Tankie and Milky have refused to go out and have made themselves comfortable in the kitchen. Twinkle and Icabod are curled up together fast asleep and even Reg seems to be quiet. But in this house you can never tell what's going to happen

Well the coffee is calling and so is the work. I hope that you have a wonderful day and thanks again for all your support and friendship. The journey carries on. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Christmas Cuddles

Todays card is a design team make for the wonderful team over at JB CraftingSupplies. It is made using a stamp from the Adorable range by Jayne Nestorenko. The set that I've used is called 'Loving'. I of course had to feature a stamp with a I have stamped and coloured the image with my copics. The greeting is from the stamp plate..there are 4 different greetings and 7 different stamps..I will try and do some more cards from it later in the week. No matter how old I get, I just adore colouring in...I loved it when I was little and still do. I always wanted lots of detail and I still do...even though I have to work with the picture virtually under my nose, as I can't see that's an age thing..I am due to the opticians some time soon..and I refuse to have bifocals..I don't want to look any more like my I already do. So I'm going to end up one of those women with glasses hanging on cords, changing them over at every opportunity.

It feels as if I'm living in Brigadoon today. The mountains have disappeared into the mist and the rain is sweeping across the valley. All my cats have decided not to venture out and I don't blame them. Reg is looking at me with disgust at the moment..I've had deliveries and there are boxes When I've finished writing today, my first job will be to put 500 cards and envelopes away..I have no idea where I have faith friend had sent me some cards and envelopes and I'd ordered some to cover the christmas cards to be made. The hardest thing in this house is to find somewhere to put stuff so that it's safe from the furry creatures. There seems to be nothing more exciting to a cat than a pile of clean card, a pile of clean washing or a box..and you know that if they can..they're going to be there. The other trouble I have is that I work in a a sort of recess and as I'm working , boxes of craft stuff will pile up round me and in front of me...and then I'll need to go to the loo or something..and I end up It's just when I'm on a roll I may use lots of different product and it ends up growing into a wall of plastic boxes. I have seen some fantastic craft rooms over the years..a place for everything and oh so tidy...but it never works for me. I can start with everything tidy and as I work the area just descends into madness. But I have to say that I'm a creative person and sometimes when everything is mojo flies out of the window. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to

Well the coffee and the cardstock is calling me. I have at least make Reg happy. So as you no doubt sit there in your amazingly tidy house..spare a thought for the cottage of chaos. I can see that caffeine is definitely going to be on drip feed this until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Christmas Stocking

Todays card is one from the Giordana Christmas cdrom by Joanna Sheen. The backing paper is also from the cd.I have added a small green border and added some white holly leaves from my stash. I also added some glittered peeloffs. This is a fabulous cd and there are lots of different themes on this cd..dogs and cats, wildlife, children, snowmen and teddies. In the mix you can just about find an image for anyone you know. It is a cd that I go back to time and time again. The thing that amazes me is that I can work with the same image year after year and yet every year it will be totally different. I think that this is the wonderful thing about crafting..what you create changes and new ways of creating are always out there. I enjoy so many different types of crafting..quilling, parchment, painting, embossing, mixed media..and there is always something that will inspire me. The colours of the sky, the colours of the leaves, a quote that brings an image to mind...there's always something.

Well it's certainly cold here in the mountains today. The wind has raged around the valley all night and stills continues to do so. It's raining as I speak and the cats are running in and out like a bunch of yoyos. They run in, shake the rain off themselves..usually over dry and then run out  again. I spent yesterday die cutting as planned and I have a feeling that I'm going to end up looking like My arms are really hurting today but at least I have about 200 snowflakes ready to go. I managed to die cut baubles and poinsettias as well.I have all the green stuff left to do..holly leaves, mistletoe and ivy..but that will have to wait until the arms have returned to normal. I aiming to do a lot of stamping today...ready for colouring during the next week. As you know t's back to painting the house tomorrow. Just little bits that are left. In fact I will be painting anything I can do from a My lags are still hurting must be the weather I think. SomedaysI just think how good it would be just to have one day without pain...but if that ever happened I would probably think that something was I have lived with constant pain for well over 30 years. I often say that I must have been a bad person in a previous I always say that I hope that I had a really good time. But I will continue to count my blessings..and get through it all.

The coffee is calling and boy do I need a caffeine hit today. Some cards have to be decoupaged and then it will be time to begin stamping. I hope that the weather is being kind to you whereveryou are and that you are having a great weekend. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Snowy Farmyard

Todays card is made with a Joanna Sheen cd. This is a favourite image of mine which so looks like most of the farm yards I spent my childhood in. To me there is something so nostalgic about the landrover sitting in the yard in the snow, the chickens under foot and the working dog with the sheep. I bet if you came to any of the farms around here in winter the scene wouldn't have changed very much. I mounted the image onto some silver mirri and embellished with some die cut snowflakes. I of course had to add a little

Today in the mountains it is pretty cold but at least the howling wind has calmed down. I wonder what type of winter we are going to have. If the berries are a sign of things to come, then we are in for a bad one. My Gran always used to say that if there was alot of berries on the trees then we were going to have a hard winter. I always asked her why and she used to say that Mother Nature knew how to look after her creatures and always made sure there would be lots for them to eat, so that they had an extra layer if the winter was going to be cold. I think Jeffrey is thinking that a bad winter is coming, because he's eating enough for two What bothers me is that he has nearly another year of growing to do and he's taller than Reg already. At the moment he is lay in the dog bed... again.

I've organised my whole day today..die cutting is due to begin. Dinner is already sorted and will just need to be heated's shepherds pie. Without a lot of shepherd. The vegetables out weigh the meat about 10 to 1.. I have a bit of a thing for seeing just how many vegetables I can put into it. I made this one yesterday and it has carrots, onions, mushrooms,swede, turnip,parsnip,peas and sweetcorn. I also added some cannelini beans. So now it's already sitting there just waiting for later. I'm itching to get my slow cooker on the go for the winter. But I have promised myself that I'm not going to use it until my kitchen is finished. I've got a new worktop being fitted and it's just to be for my machines. My Kenwood, Magimix, microwave and slow cooker are all going on this new worktop /and all my baking equipment is going to live in the new cupboards underneath.I can't wait. I'm just excited and now the kitchen has nearly been finished being painted..I can see what it will look like when it's done...and I so want to get to the point where I can do my arty ideas. 'm going to make my own splashback for behind the cooker. I having a piece of board cut and then I intend to cover it with pictures and quotes and then varnish it so I can just wipe it down. I have a large amount of inspirational and funny quotes, and always wondered what to do with them. I thought that this would be perfect and when I get fed up with them..I can just do it over.

Well the coffee is calling and then it's down to work. I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend...and thatthe weather is kind to you. Thankyou all so much for your messages..I love it when you share what you've all been doing. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Come fly with me

Todays creation is a design team make for the wonderful Jiggery Makery. Let me introduce you to Tess, the sassy witch. Tess is a digi design created by Adele at Jiggery Makery.I decided to make a hanging decoration for the parlour door for Halloween. I made this using a cardboard frame that I had in my stash. I painted the frame using my acrylics..painting the sky a mixture of blues and purples, then painted a tree shape and the mountains in black. I have also glittered a number of stars in the sky.I coloured the image of Tess using my H2Os and then glittered her skirt, hat and of course her shoes. I then cut her out and suspended her from the frame edgeusing a small piece of acetate. The really cool thing is that when the door is opened or closed, she swings and it gives the impression that she is flying. I have taken another picture below which shows the great shadows that she creates. Just right for Halloween.

The weather seems to have calmed down in the mountains today. Thank goodness. The damp weather has really affected poor Reg.It's made him stiff in his back legs..he is getting on for the next couple of days I'll be making sure that he's warm and comfy. At the moment he's being loved by Jeffrey..I really don't think that Reg has a choice in this matter..bless him. As most of you know Reg sleeps on my bed but can't jump on the bed any more...he has his own little baby chair which enables him to get up..I thought that perhaps he wouldn't be able to get up last night. Well I was wrong. He got on the chair and then onto my bedding box and then finally onto the bed. He is a very determined little

Well I've lots to do, my plan is to do my die cutting in readiness for the christmas crafting and I have lots of design team work to do.So I think that I'm going to head off for a coffee and a roll and then begin. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Autumn Owl

Todays card is from the Jane netley Mayhew digi collection brought to us by Joanna Sheen. Yes I know that I have a thing for owls..and cats and at least it keeps me quiet. The backing paper is from Joannas Hollypond Hill cdrom...there are some really fantastic papers on this cd. So many times when I'm looking for a backing paper, the Hollypond Hill cd is a great place to look. I've mounted the image onto some gold mirri. I also made a border from the same mirri and decorated it with some pieces that I cut from the printed sheet.

It's a miserable day today here in the mountains. I am slightly damp even though I haven't been out. That's because every one of my cats has been out in the rain, and every time they come back in the window, they shake themselves and I end up getting sprinkled with rain. The mist is rolling down the mountains and it looks as if we are living in Brigadoon At the moment all the cats are now in and I hope that it stays that way. I've still got to go out and try to get Pinkie back. The trouble is that she's become so scared,...I will just have to be patient..bless her.

I'm having one of those days as of those days when you don't know where to start. I've got orders, dt work and some home projects and I really don't know where to begin. I think that I'll finish all the dt work and then print some more images out. I have a couple of new cds and haven't even had time to look at them. How bad is that. At least it's something to look forward to. I'm aiming to do my diecutting this weekend and bring all my commenting up to date. That is really one of the lovely things about being on design teams for challenge get to see all the wonderful creations that people send into the challenge and get to comment on them. Some of these ladies are so organised..they may have entered the same card into about 20 challenges and the card will fit all the themes. I couldn't even begin to be that organised to begin with. There are some wonderfully talented cardmakers out there and I feel so lucky to be able to see these creations. I'm also so lucky with the numbers of you that email me with pictures of your own creations..thankyou so much..I just love seeing what you create.

Well the coffee is calling and I'm hoping to have a productive afternoon. I've already had three visitors before 11a.m. today. I'm all chatted out and so a caffeine hit is really needed. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Watching the deer

Todays card is from the Giordano Christmas cdrom brought to us crafters by Joanna Sheen. This has got to be one of my all time favourite christmas crafting cds. There are lots of different sections on this cd and the image that I've used is from the childrens section. I have mounted the image onto some green card and have of course had to glitter I created the foliage corner using my diecuts. If you ever want to know the maker of a particular die..just message me and I'll hunt it out. There are so many beautiful dies out really is a case of finding ones that you think will work with your stash.

Well I had quite a day yesterday. One of my cats Pinkie has been missing for about a week and as it was getting colder I was getting a little worried. When the cold comes to the valley, I do like all my furbabies home. Well my friend arrived and told me he had spotted a black cat at the old tip in the village. I couldn't get to there in my wheelchair so he offered to take me in his car. As I only would have to walk a few steps, I thought I would be ok...well I was proved wrong. When we got there, I called Pinkie and a little black head popped up from the undergrowth. She was really scared and was make worse by the car engine running. I think that she is still affected badly by what happened to her before she was brought to me. She was brought to me via the police..she had been rescued from being the aim of a 'game'. Some young people had been trying to run her over whilst she was trapped in a box. So she is very nervous of people and I'm the only one that she lets pick her up.Well last night I managed to convince her to come over to me and had just picked her up...and then I fell over. I felt such a But bless her she got scared and ran off. I can't blame her for being scared..I was too..I wasn't really sure that I could get up.Luckily I did finally manage, but by then she had headed off into the undergrowth again. I'm off to try again later..when my legs have had a good rest and hopefully the pain killers will have kicked in. I find myself getting really angry with myself when my legs won't do what I want them to. Head wise I'm always fine but my legs often have ideas all of their

All my other furbabies are in and stopping out of the wind. Today is a lot calmer than yesterday but there are still gusts every so often. At least it's not raining or As I write this, Raven is lay on my legs...a bit like a living hot water bottle. Come the time when the weather gets colder, my lap blanket will be coming out. I'm a great believer in lap blankets and cardigans..even long johns. These things have seen me through many a cold snap. There was a feature on the news about goverment advice to people worrying about their heating bills.It said that people should just concentrate on heating one room. It made me laugh and angry in one go. I just wonder how many mps have to heat just one room..I can just see David Cameron sat in a cottage with a lap blanket, wearing a cardigan, wondering if he could dare put a heater on for an hour. I think not. Now I'm not a political it could be any mp of your choice, but I doubt very much that they worry about their heating bills. I was brought up in the middle of nowhere on a farm and my Grandfather used to say that wood warmed you twice..once when you chopped it and then when you burned it. But these days so many houses don't have an open fire and are reliant on gas or electric to heat their homes and the prices just go up and up. They always have good reasons why they go up but when these circumstances change..they never bring the prices down. I just hope that wherever you are you are managing to stay warm.

Well the coffee is calling and then it's back to work for me. That's really the reason I started save my sanity when the legs were playing up. Well they're still playing up and I'm still I just keep counting my blessings. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Robin in the berries

Todays card is my final Margaret Tarrant for a couple of weeks. This pad from Joanna Sheen is wonderful, full of evocative and magical images which I love.I mounted the image onto a shaped card from my stash which I had covered with some christmas green paper. The poinsettia and holly leaves are from my stash of die cuts.

I'm really mad with myself today as I spent yesterday finishing 30 cards for posting and I forgot to take any photographs to share with you. It's just one of those things...sometimes I'm so engrossed in getting them finished and bagged that all other sense leaves the room. Don't worry though I will be finishing some more today that I will remember to take a photo

The weather here is totally crazy. High winds and a huge amount of hail. It hailed that hard and heavy that all the cats ran home at the speed of light. Jeffrey is now draped over Reg..for the afternoon I think. I had my Tesco delivery this morning and they did my head in...looking at and getting in the way as I was trying to put the shopping away. Jeffrey thought that I must have bought the meat for him and spent 5 minutes crying at the freezer door. I wouldn't mind but he'd only just been But even funnier than that was watching him watch the tv earlier this morning. He sat in front of the screen..totally absorbed in an advert that involved dancing pieces of satsuma. He was sat there with his head bobbing up and down and side to side. It was so funny it made my day.

I managed to sort alot of my craft stuff out yesterday...I was playing hunt the I'm intending to spend the weekend die cutting ready for all the christmas cards. It makes it so much easier to have a lot cut out and ready to use. I worked out that last year I cut out nearly a 1000 So I'm hoping this year to get organised..I've sorted all my cards and coloured card out, sorted all my dies and now have sorted the it's a case of getting my head down and doing some serious work.

Well the coffee is calling...I intend to have a brew and then work out an order to my huge list of jobs. I'm hoping that my new worktop in the kitchen will be here this week. I'm so looking forward to getting my kitchen straight and all the crates of kitchen equipment unpacked. There are a couple of areas still to be painted but stuff needs to be moved first. Also I want to make a splash back for the cooker. I'm thinking of using quotes to cover a piece of board and then varnish it. I have these bright ideas...I justhope they work So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Pixies in the Pine Cones

Todays card is a design team make for the great team over at JB-Crafting Supplies. The card is made using the paper pad from Joanna Sheen featuring the art work of Margaret Tarrant. There really is no image on this pad that I don't love and wouldn't use on a card. This card is a 5x7 card , a size that is coming to be more and more popular due to the ridiculous prices of stamps. I have a lot of customers who always send a lot of christmas cards and due to the price of a stamp just going up and up...they really have to give thought to just how much it's going to be to post them all. Now they seem to want a 5x7 for posting and an 8x8 for cards that they can hand deliver. Whatever my customers want, I will try to deliver.

The weather here at the moment is calm..but goodness me it wasn't like that earlier. There was a wild wind...with hard showers every so often. Luckily at the moment all seems calm but I don't know what's coming. The forecast for tomorrow is really bad..but I'll just have to wait and see. If I don't manage to blog you will know that the power is off again. We've had 2 power cuts in the past couple of I'm wondering if it a sign of what's to come this I can remember Henrys first christmas...we had a power cut and he opened his presents by candlelight. Though I love my cottage..the only thing is that it is so dark withour power. I often wonder how they went on in the days before electric...there was a family of 15 living maybe I have an Seriously though there was no electric in the valley until the 70' it hasn't been here that long in the scheme of things.

I've been busy over the weekend crafting. I had a count up and I've managed to make 21 cards..just a little more fiddling and they will be finished. Lots to share with you then this week. I have also managed to get the full base coat on the fairy door. I am just waiting for some more paint to arrive and then I should be able to finish it. I will photograph it when it's completed. My list for this week is still growing , so I'll have to get my head down and get some serious work done.

Well the coffee is calling and Jeffrey is I have dared to put the empty cat tins in a bag, ready to take down and he is determined to check that there is not a scrap of jelly remaining. He will not be it looks as if I'll have to get up to move him. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Gentle Vintage

Todays card is one I made a while ago but it's just one that I love. I think it's just the real vintage type of card that I love to play around with. The pictures are from the Aspire range. The backing paper is from Joanna Sheens Age of Elegance cdrom which features some stunning William Morris designs. How I wish I could afford some William Morris designed wallpaper or fabric. Maybe that's something I could save for...maybe for the bedroom...maybe for the parlour..but not until next year. I'm still recovering from the week of legs don't want to move and my back is hurting alot. In fact I'm such a moaning minny today, I think that even the cats have had Really though I feel as if I will have to have a couple of days off moving and then I'll be able to do something else. My friend the electrician is coming on Monday to sort out the finishing of my new electrics in the kitchen. On the chimney breast wall I'm going to hang Henrys guitar and I'm having a spotlight put over it. And just as exciting is the fact that I am having a bank of electrical sockets, so that all my kitchen machines will finally have plugs of their more extension leads for me..yipee. I will be having new cupboards and another side of worktop as well..I really won't know I can't believe that it's took me 20 years to get to this point. Life just got in the way and Henry was always more important than a new kitchen. I have some wonderful memories of the old kitchen...even with all the chaos...happy christmas dinners, friends round and mad cats landing on the dinner table but I suppose things change..and they have really done that this year. At least the cottage will always be filled with happy memories of Hen and the joy that he brought to my life. From now on my intentions are to always honour his memory by doing the best I can do and remembering to count my blessings.

Here in the mountains today, the wind is blowing round and  round the valley. We have had many a green bin taking itself down the The poor tree in the front is taking a battering and most of the cats are not venturing out.As I'm writing this I'm listening to the sounds of the eighties..gosh it takes me back. First it was Through the Barricades by Spandau Ballet and now it's When Doves Cry by Prince...I loved them both. I'm showing my age Isn't it strange how music takes you back to a time and a place. Sometimes you get a remembrance of the person you were then and how your life has changed...and how much you have changed as a person. If someone had told me back then that I would be where I am now, doing a job I love so much, living in a place that I love as much..I would not have believed I often say that I feel the same as back then..but I'm just a little bit wiser in the ways of the world. I certainly don't feel like a middle aged

Well the coffee is calling my name and seeing as the legs are not in the mood for's the perfect day to craft. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Feeling Tired

I was looking through the cards that I had made over the past few months and came across this one. As most of you know the current challenge over at the Gruffies and Guests Challenge Blog is Halloween or Halloween colours, featuring either a Gruffie or House Mouse. Well  I'd used this card for a previous challenge but as I skipped through my cards and saw this one I thought to myself that the colours were quite autumn/halloween. You never realise what you've made that might fit into a totally different challenge. Well now is the time to have a go. Why don't you pop over to the Gruffies and Guests and enterthe challenge. There has just been a half way reminder with some fabulous inspiration from the very talented design team B. I always find the other design team makes amazing..and quite often something a little bit different.

This card is the perfect one for me today. I have been up since early and quite like a cuddle with a blankie but there is just too much to One of my friends, the PA, is forever on the go. I'm sure that she must have more hours in her day than the rest of the world..or perhaps she has just given up Sometimes when she tells me what she has achieved in a makes me feel exhausted just Well the majority of the painting is finished but what is left, I can see that it will take me all next week to do it, around all the cardmaking. It may be a case of make a card, paint a doorframe, make a card. Hopefully my new kitchen worktop will go up next week..oh the excitement of unpacking my kitchen machines. I can't wait to get to the point when I can get down to the arty bits. I may be glittering the stairs wall today..if my legs will let I will have to see how they go the moment the pain is too much and I've had to put them up. At least if I can't do anything else, I can at least make some list keeps growing.

Well the coffee is definitely caffeine levels are low. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Friday, 17 October 2014

Sailor Beware

I just love this sassy sailor girl from Jiggery Makery.She is available to buy as a digi from Jiggery Makery and you can have lots of fun deciding what she will say and what colours she is going to wear. The exciting news is that there is now a full design team over at Jiggery Makery and I'm so pleased that 2 very talented ladies have joined. I would say that we all have very different styles and that in itself can only be a good thing. New ideas and creations that we will be able to share. We will be each blogging once a week for the design team and my day is now you will know if it's Friday then it's Jiggery Makery. I'm so looking forward to this. It means that at least once a week I get to play with something new.

As I'm sitting here in the parlour I can see a black cat with a blue tail and bottom and a dog with a raspberry Yes the decorating is in full swing...the bathroom is nearly finished..well it's now blue. I've still got to add the silver leaf but I have to wait for the order to arrive. And of course Raven had to help..hence the blue The stairs and landing are now raspberry..I intend to glitter them tomorrow. The kitchen is just magnolia..but I see it as a blank background for all the art work that I've collected. My front door is now black..just waiting for a bit of decoration I feel.So it's nearly getting to the fun part..putting the artwork up and some quirky little additions to each space. In my parlour I have witches on broomsticks flying around my centre intend to have fish flying round the bathroom ceiling. And I have to begin the fairy door for the landing..I will share it with you once it's finished. I'm still working on a plan for the bedroom. I had to laugh today at my painter..he said why on earth are you bothering to have this skirting board painted..all the cats want to help. He has spent the morning removing cat hair from the paint. I told him that they were only trying to help. I can't share what he

Today I'm going to make a decision on the colour for my floor..I am still leaning towards red and glittery but I'm off to look at my options. The one thing that I can tell you is that it won't be pastel Well the coffee is calling..that's the first on the list and then it's off to look at floor colours. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Tangled flower

Todays card is one that I'm sharing again because so many people have sent me emails about it...and any way I love it. When you are feeling stressed and I have had a lot of that get out my pen and tangle something. This flower from Jiggery Makery is a great way to start. The flower digi is available to buy and you can then increase it to whatever size that you fancy tangling. This card is a 7x7, so you can roughly judge the size I've increased it to. What is really nice about this design is that you can separate it into small sections to work on. If you need some inspiration..just search for zentangle on the internet and there will be thousands of pages of inspiration. A lot of people also do coloured tangling but sometimes nothing looks better than just plain black and white. When I had finished tangling, I just cut out the flower and mounted it onto some black glitter card and then onto some black gloss card.

Well I feel as if I'm living in a paint store today. The smell of gloss paint fills the air..doors and windows are open but still the smell lingers. The front door has been given a coat of shiny black. My door has been green for 24 years but I decided that I wanted a change. I wanted it black gloss so that I can decorate it later on. I've decided on a new house name which I will share later when I've finished the sign. It might be a good thing to do for Halloween..that's the only clue I'm giving at the It was something that Henry and I had already decided to I'm just carrying on with the idea. I'm also in the process of creating a fairy door..which I will share with you when it's finished. Over the past few months I've had the social workers on my back about how they think my house should be because I'm disabled..a white box comes to mind..but it's took me to now to finally get my head together. I may be disabled but this is still my house and I want it to be somewhere that I can live and be happy. As most of you will know by now..I'm not a white box sort of just took me a while to remember that. So the bedroom is going to be decoupaged with angels, the bathroom is going to have hanging fish of one sort or another and I'm even thinking of having a glittered floor in the Why not I say. I am a creative woman and I want my house to display that fact..and if social services don't like it , then I'm afraid that they'll have to lump

I've been really lucky that there has yet to be a pawprint in any paint. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. There's still plenty of time. So by the weekend the kitchen should have been finished and then there's the bathroom, landing and stairs to do. I have plans for the stairs wall...after all who wants that much space just left bare when you could get creative with I'm quite happy with the landing as it holds my dvd collection..there's that is just like an art piece on it's own. The bathroom is going to be blue..I'm thinking of adding silver lines so you could get that underwater feeling..but I need to play with that idea for a while.

Well the coffee is calling and there's some wallpaper with my name on it. Three little pieces in the bathroom and 1 piece on the stairs and then it will painting time. After all this large painting, I can see I will be longing to do little But the creative urge is definitely in the Goodness knows where it will end. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Keeping warm with friends

Todays cardis the final one for this week from the Joanna Sheen paper pad. I love the images that much that it has got to the point where I have to say myself..step away There really is not one image on it that I don't love or wouldn't use. The response that I've had from you all has been amazing. So many of you have emailed me with your childhood memories brought on by these wonderful images. I think that the images are reminding us of our books from when we were little. I shall have to do a bit of research and find out where they were used.For this card I have found a snowflake paper from my stash. The greeting is from the pad and the image itself is decoupagedwith one layer, which just helps give the little robin some definition. To embellish the card I have just added some die cut snowflakes, putting a small jewel in the centres. The card size that I've used is a 5x7 but you could easily use the image as the focal point on a larger card.

It's a bit chilly in the mountains today. Raven is sat on my legs as I'm typing this...rather like a moving hot water bottle. She is the biggest homebody of all the cats..she will come for a walk with me and Reg..trotting alongside my my own little She is also top catin the house. If any of the others have a disagreement she will run over and sort them out. And believe me in this house...she's kept had to laugh last night..I was watching a film and noticed how the animals were lay down. Reg and most of the cats were in the cat bed and Jeffrey was lay in the huge dogbed all on his own.He was stretched right out and managed to touch both ends of this huge dogbed. The catbed that all the others were lay in is about half of it's size and there was one dog and 5 cats in there. They are so very funny.

As I'm sat here typing the exciting sound of painting in progress can be heard. I've waited a long time to get this point and I don't think that I can quite believe it. When it's all done I will post some pictures for you to see. I'm just hoping that Jeffrey doesn't want to help. And the other thing with Jeffrey at the moment is that if he decides that he likes whoever is working here..he brings them a mouse. But a live one for them to play with. Sometimes it's more than a body can He seems to think that they would like to play with it and looks so upset when they let it go.

Well the wind has started to I think that a coffee would be just about perfect. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Toadstool Pixie

Todays card is another made with my favourite product of the moment..The Joanna Sheen Paper Pad, featuring the magical artwork of Margaret Tarrant. This card is a 5x7 card and I mounted the backing paper and the image onto some gold mirri.The tartan backing paper is from my wide collection of christmas stash. The greeting is also from the paper pad. The only embellishment that I've added is a hollyleaf diecut and some holly berries.

Well what a day today has been. I have a friend staying at the cottage who has come to help me with painting the house. The kitchen, stairs and landing and the bathroom all due for a colour change. The stairs, landing and kitchen chimney breast are going to become a raspberry colour. The rest of the kitchen is going to be a cream colour. The bathroom is going to become a sea blue. The ceilings everywhere are going to have a coat of white. I won't know myself when it's all done. Then my new worktop area will be's going to be just for my kitchen kenwood, slow cooker, magimix and my microwave. That will free the other worktop for whatever I need. I have a new table which I can sit at in my wheelchair and chop away to my hearts content. I do find chopping vegetables very relaxing. Strange I I always have been. So this week looks as if it's going to be busy. I do have a little wallpapering to do. It was always the ladies in my family that have done the decorating...and my Gran taught me how to do it from an early age. I can remember pasting the wallpaper ready for her to hang when I was about 5. Always being reminded to make sure to paste the edges. But I have to admit that knowing how to do it, has saved me a fortune. These days it does take me a long time and I have to do it sitting down for most of it..but I get there in the end.

Well the coffee is calling. I shall keep you updated on how the decorating doubt Jeffrey will be helping. Goodness help me if a paw ends up in the So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Girl and the Bunny

Todays card is a design team make for the wonderful JB-Crafting Supplies. This card is make using a paper pad from Joanna Sheen, featuring the amazing art work of Margaret Tarrant.I don't know what I like the best...the fact that this card has a bunny in the picture or the fact that it's pink.I'm normally a very traditional christmas card maker...I love greens and reds and gold..but I have to say I'm really loving the pink today. It's got me to thinking about some designs that I have in my library of pink and blue bells..I may have to find them out soon.

Well this morning here in the mountains was eventful to say the least. Here I was trying to be all efficient, getting the housework out of the way before I started crafting...a novelty in the electric went off. At first I thought that it was something that I'd done..but then I realised that the whole village was off. So much for me becoming a domestic All I had managed to do was empty the house bins, feed the cats, clean the cat pens, hoover half the floor and suddenly there was only darkness.I couldn't even do my blogs or even worse..I couldn't have a coffee. So now instead of crafting later it looks as if I will be finishing the hoovering. Reg hates it when I hoover..he spends the whole time tryingto avoid me which usually means that he gets wrapped up in the The cats just look at me as if I have lost my mind...but that's nothing

So just a short one for me today. I will have to spend the rest of the day playing catch up. This week I'm hoping to share some wonderful artwork with you. I have become the proud owner of 3 pieces of original artwork by the very talented Marily of Marilys Art Nest..if you get a chance please check her face book page out. She recently joined in a 30 day challenge...she painted a picture every day for 30 days. I am lucky to now own the fox,the wolf and the owl. My hardest decision is where to put them. I have quite a collection of original art work that needs to find it's right place on my walls. I especially love the fox and the wolf from Marily as that represents what Vixenvarg means. It was the vixen for  me and varg is another name for a wolf which was to represent Henry. Also a collared wolf is part of our family crest. The owl has now become Henrys symbol...after a drawing he did of an owl which is now featured on T shirts. The great thing is that people are now taking pictures of themselves wearing the t shirt and posting them onto a face book page. I have a map of the world and a large map of the british isles and when my wall has been painted I'm going to mark everywhere that Henrys owl travels to. To me it is an ongoing memorial to him and means a lot to me.

Well the coffee can finally was shouting before but to no I hope the weather is being kind to you wherever you are. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bunny Flowers

Todays card is another from the Jane Netley Mayhew cd rom brought to us by Joanna Sheen. As you know I adore rabbits..happy bunnies is what I So of course I couldn't resist this image. I also love this backing paper which is on the cd..covered with so many flowers. I mounted both the image and the backing paper onto some lilac card. The image itself is decoupaged with just 1 extra layer but I've shaped it so itgives the bunny some definition. On the sheet that had the main image on also had another design on it..smaller though..but I used that one to make a 5x7 card. There were also some extra flowers which I cut out and placed by the greeting.

The good news for today is that Jeffrey has returned...thank goodness. He came in last night and had an awful lot to say. I don't think that he has stopped eating since he arrived He came on my lap for lots of cuddles and came to bed with me. Once on the bed he was determined to lie on top of Reg and spent a good ten minutes rubbing his head on Regs. He really does love that dog..bless him.

The weather here in the mountains is beautiful today. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. There is still a nip in the air though..perhaps the cold spell is here to stay. There seems to be alot of cars about's generally about this time of year that alot of holiday home owners come to shut their houses up for winter. I have to say that over the years I've come to realise that there are two sides to the village..the summer when there's a lot of people visiting and the winter..when it's only the locals that remain. This village is in a sort of time's how it used to be all over the country, that everyone knows everything about their neighbours and is always there to help. I have friends that live in different areas of the country and don't even know their neighbours. I couldn't imagine what that's like. Things change and sometimes we're not even aware of it. All I can say is that I'm so grateful that I live here. Perhaps I'm really a country girl at heart and always will be.

Well the coffee is calling and I've got to get my head down and make some until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Owl through the Leaves

Todays card is from the Joanna Sheen cd rom Jane Netley Mayhew..Digital designs. I have always admired this artists work and as most of you know I have a bit of a thing for owls...along with foxes and For this card I mounted the image (which is decoupaged) onto some gold mirri, alongside the backing paper. Then I stamped some leaves and coloured them with my copics, so that they had autumn colours. I was inspired to colour the leaves this way by a collection of leaves I had picked up out on my wheel with Reg. I added a bow in an autumn brown and then added a peeloff greeting. I think that this card would work well for either a male or female.

Here in the mountains, the weather has definitely changed...the cold is creeping in and I feel that it won't be long until the first frosts arrive. I always find the frosts magical..I have done since I was a little girl. I remember I had a book that had a picture of Jack Frost and showed him flying round touching things to bring the frost. I really thought it was magical..I loved the way that it shimmered and glistened. I suppose that's why I love glittering I am a autumn and winter person..probably because with some of my conditions I become ill going out in the sun. I love the winter, cuddled under a blanket with a hot drink, looking out on a winter landscape. It will be strange this year not to be sharing it with Henry. He loved halloween, bonfire night and especially christmas. I can't work out how I feel about it all..but I know I will miss him...and miss all the things we use to plan and all the things we used to do. I can remember making decorations for halloween...giant spiders and skulls..this year they are all packed away and will not be coming out. I just can't face it

I'm a little worried today..Jeffrey didn't come home yesterday and wasn't here the night before that. I wondered if he got scared by the thunder while he was out and has just found somewhere to hide. I know that I'll feel unsettled until he's home. Pinkie has also gone missing..but she is well known for taking herself off. When it's cold and wet outside, I like all my babies home.

Well the coffee is calling. I'll be watching the gymnastics this afternoon while I'm crafting. I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and that wherever you are that the weather is kind to you. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Reg and The Rave

Today I thought I would share a picture of faithful hound and of Rave..the computer sitter. I have a great pile of cards to photograph but the weather and light are just so bad that I've decided to leave it until tomorrow. The weather here is being very changeable here at the moment Last night I was woken by the thundering rain on the roof. It was so loud, all the animals ran to me and they all sat on the bed looking at the ceiling.I wouldn't be surprised if it hadn't flooded the roads in someplaces. There are areas around here that seem to flood at the drop of a hat..certain areas of the lanes seem to fill very quickly. Many times when flooding has been reported here, I have had phonecalls to find out that I'm ok and I always say I'm fine as it's all down hill from One of my friends used to live in a cottage in the lower part of the village and everytime it rained heavily the cottage would flood. Thinking about didn't actually flood as such...the water wanted to come in the back door and wanted to go it's own way to the front door, turning a corner on it's The answer seemed to be to open both doors and just let it do it's own thing. It must have been flowing that way for many years.

And here is little homebody. She is the one out of the whole family who really prefers to be at home, sitting by my side..well actually on me...or the computer depending on what I'm doing. She is a very determined young lady and has been since she was born,She is very special to me as I delivered her and the rest of her litter. Her Mother was called Batty and had arrived here as a rescue who was expecting. She was a beautiful black girl and I still miss her. She sadly died about a year after she'd had the kittens. Raven is the only of my cats that makes a barking noise at the birds. We realised just last week that the noise that she makes is very similar to the call of the raven. It seems as if she lives up to her

Well the coffee is calling and I've lots of work to do.I hope that the weather is being kind to you. Wherever you are I hope you keep dry and warm. Until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bunny cuddles

Todays card is yet another using this fabulous paperpad from Joanna Sheen. Featuring the art woek of Margaret Tarrant is one of my all time favourite things from Joanna. Magical and cute ...cute without being sickly..what more could a woman want. As I'm sure you know by now I seem to have developed a love for The backing paper that I've used is from the Docrafts Christmas Past triple cdrom. I think that this may become a favourite as well. I love the muted colours that seem to go so well with vintage images. I have mounted the image and the backing paper onto some old gold card. I have embellished with gold mirri swirls,holly leaves and mistletoe die cuts. If you ever want to know the maker of a particular die..just get in touch and I'll be more than happy to tell you. I can remember when I bought my first ever die..and now I have quite a collection. There are so many different ones out there..sometimes I have to take a step back and think how many times I would actually use it. I now know what would fit in with the sort of cards I make. My biggest problem is always I want to ensure that every craft item I buy will actually work hard for me. I know that I don't do really modern cards so I don't go down that route. But really there are so many different types of die out there..just follow your heart.

Last night was just unbelievable. We had just had dinner..thank goodness..and all the power went off. And I can tell you that here in the mountains when there is no electric it is black. We sat for a while hoping that it would come back but to no avail. We lit a candle lantern. In this house it's always better to have the candle behind glass so there are no singed My cats really can't resist smelling lit candles and when they do there's always a smell of burning fur. The candle that we lit was nothing in comparison with the flashes of lightening that kept coming. They lit the whole sky, one after another. And the thunder seemed to roll round the valley walls. I'm lucky that none of it bothers my animals..probably because nothing is as loud as So I ended up being in bed by 9.30. But I am lucky that I have a battery I was able to read my book. And of course I had lots of company as the cats just followed the light. So we were all very cosy listening to the rain hammering and the thunder and lightening going on for hours. Thankfully this morning..the electric supply had been restored.

Well the coffee is calling and I've got to catch up on all the work I couldn't do in the I've a lot of colouring to do. I hope the weather has been kind to you all.So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.`

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Mouse and the mistletoe

Todays card is another made with the wonderful paper pad from Joanna Sheen featuring the fantastic paintings of Margaret Tarrant. On this card I mounted the image and the backing paper onto some gold mirri. The backing paper is again from Docrafts Christmas past cdrom.The greeting is from the paper pad. To embellish the card, I made 2 mistletoe borders..I diecut white mistletoe pieces and then coloured with my copics. I added pearls to represent the mistletoe berries.Finally I added 2 tarten bows.

Well the weather has definitely changed here in the mountains. It is hammering it down..I have just been landed on by 3 cats who look as if they've been dumped in the So as you can imagine..I'm now wet as well. They all came in and landed on my chair and then all had to give themselves a good shake. And I have to give credit where it's due..the moat is working well. Such a little thing has made such a's just a shame that it took 15 years for them to sort it would have saved me a lot of wet

I'm watching the gymnastics on the tv today. I watch in aweas they fling themselves across the mat on the floor routines. How they manage to get themselves so far in the beyond me. I watched the mens team events yesterday and I have to say that it's the rings that get me in the mens. There they are dangling in mid air by 2 small rings and they manage to pull themselves up and down and roundabout. I hurt just As I'm typing I'm watching the ladies floor...I don't know about the term lady...they all seem to look about 10 years old. I know that they're older but I hope that they don't hurt themselves. It goes through me every time I see one of them fling themselves in the air. I was pleased with myself when I could do a forward was the height of my gymnastic achievement.

My friend has just arrived so I'm off to convince him that I need a coffee..he makes a lovely brew I'm now watching the takes my breath away..I can't stay upright on the So until tomorrow take care and happy crafting.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bunny kisses

Todays card is a design team make for the wonderful team over at JB-Crafting Supplies. It features the new paper pad from Joanna Sheen. It uses the wonderful artwork of Margaret Tarrant. There is something really evocative and magical about these images. I have loved them for as long as I can remember.The backing paper is from the Docrafts Christmas Past cdrom. Equally you could use any christmas paper that you like...I have all Joanna Sheens cds and there are some fabulous christmas papers on them. I have mounted the image and the backing paper onto some dark green card. I used my dies to create the hanging mistletoe and the bunny border at the bottom. On the border I have added some tiny red jewels. I have used pearls to make the mistletoe berries and have added red jewels on the image corners, as well as a red bow. The image itself is decoupaged.

I'm sorry that I didn't blog yesterday but things just overwhelmed me and I needed to get my head together. Last night I crafted until late and that helped alot. There is something so relaxing about can lose yourself in the product and just concentrate on that. Since Henrys death I have good days and bad days...even though it has been months, I still feel sometimes that it's all a bad dream and that I'll wake up..and other times it hits me hard and I still can't believe it. I think it must be the same for everyone who has suffered a loss. But as always I will have to count my blessings and be grateful for all that I have.

The weather here is on and rain..rain and wind..sunshine. It's not the day to put your washing'd be running in and out all the time. As it is, it's the cats that are in and out like yoyos. Raven is still determined to become a handbag and is glued to my side. I can't even go to the loo without her coming

Well the coffee is calling and I really need one at the moment. I have decided to give up sugar in my brews and I can say that it's hard going. I have cut it down to 1 spoonful and I'm trying to get used to it..and then I'll give up altogether. I do like a challenge and this about as much of a challenge that I can handle at the So until tomorrow, take care and happy crafting

Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Mountain Home

For a change today, I thought I would share some pictures of where I live. I often witter on about it being quite remote where I live and how I can count my blessings for the I thought it was only right that I share. I was truly blessed when I found this village 24 years ago. All my friends were horrified that I was coming to live here. I don't know what they thought was going to Over the years I've come to the conclusion that this village is a bit like either really love it or hate it..there is no middle ground.What really amazes me is people that move here and expect to be living a rural idyll, without any work. For most of my life, I've lived in rural areas and there has always been a certain amount of work attached.Even if it's only chopping logs for the fire.The old men used to say that wood warms you twice..once when you chop it and secondly when you burn it. How's that for value for money.

I have lots of work to do today so I'd better get on with it. Christmas crafting has finally arrived in this house..I spent most of yesterday re-arranging my craft stuff...every year I pack away all my christmas stuff and then I have to spend a day sorting myself out when I have to begin again. I'm finding it really hard this year but it's just a case of needing to put my big girl pants on. I've ordered my card blanks so there will be no excuse not to

The weather is being very kind today..all the animals are in and out..apart from Reg who has taken up residence by my feet. Jeff is late coming for his breakfast..he's probably playing in the field as normal. Very soon I'm expecting him to rush in complaining that he hasn't been fed..and it will be all my

Well the coffee is calling and the glitter is about to take flight on the breeze. Brace yourself, it's going to be a twinkling festive season. Until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Halloween is coming


Todays card isa design team make for the wonderful team over at the Gruffies and Guests Challenge Blog.It features this sweet image from The House Mouse Triple cdrom brought to us crafters by Joanna Sheen. The Challenge theme is Halloween or Halloween Colours and the wonderful sponser is Di's Digis and they given a $10 voucher as the prize. Why don't you pop over to the blog to take a look and enter the challenge.
The card is what the makers called a snowflake shape but as far as I'm concerned it's a funky shape and could be used at any time. I covered the card with the matching backing paper and then mounted both the image and the greeting onto some gold holographic. I then cut out some leaves from the backing paper and decoupaged them onto the card overlapping the image. I took a second picture so hopefully you can see the effect more clearly.

As I'm trying to type this Raven is sat on my chest, ticklin my nose with her tail. I'm having to type with one finger, she is so determined to be there. She is happily purring away as I'm getting a crick in my neck, trying to see over bet you're thinking why does this stupid woman just not move the cat. My answer to that is that as soon as I move her, she jumps back over the computer and it goes on and She has been like this all week. I think she just needs 2 D rings and a handle and everyone would be happy. Despite what the weather man's a lovely day here in the mountains. The rest of the cats are in and out of the window like yo-yos and even Reg is feeling perky.

Well the coffee calls..I know I'm a caffeine head but it my fuel of choice. I hope you have a great weekend. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Ivy Dreams

Todays cardis made using the One Summers Day cdrom brought to us by Joanna Sheen. There is something very peaceful about it and could be a card used for any occasion. I have mounted the image and the backingpaper onto some dark green card. I created a border using the same green card and a thin piece of thebacking paper. Onto that I added some die cut ivy leaves and some sequin flowers. The small oval at the bottom is also on the sheet that the image printed out on. I have to admit to having a bit of a thing for these small sequin flowers. I buy them from Mei Flowers. They are available in a large range of colours and are very little money. What I really like about them is the twinkle that they give to any project you use them on. Of course it could just be that I have a thing for little fiddly

Well the wind is following heavens hard here in the mountains. The cats are running around, enjoying the feeling of the wind through their fur. It's so funny to watch them skipping around, chasing the leaves. They seem to be so intent in their own joy that they don't notice the other cats and every so often run into each The weather news has said that it's going to get worse later it seems to be time to batten down the hatches..or in my case, I may have to close the biggest cat flap in the world (the parlour window) and I don't know how I would cope with It's because I'm a lady of a certain age and need a good draught to keep me I thought that I had finished with the hot flushes a couple of years ago, when I spent a whole year in front of a fan..but no..they have returned with a bang. At night the duvet must be and on and off again..all night. I can't have my feet covered else I think I'm going to melt. If any of you are suffering in the same have my sympathy. I know a few men who would deserve a year of it...then they may understand it and not treat it like a joke.

I've just had a cup of coffee put in front of me..the smell of it is it's back to work for me now. I hope that you have a good until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Autumn Fairy

Todays card is featuring a fabulous fairy from Linda Ravenscroft. This is a design team make for the fabulous team at The Crafting Musketeers Challenge Blog. The theme is Autumn Colours and the challenge has been sponsered by the wonderful team over at The Hobby House. There is a £10 voucher for the winner. I really enjoyed making this card.It has about 5 layers of decoupage, and I have glittered the leaves. I felt that the image was so strong it didn't need anything else. It would also look nice in a frame I think. Please pop over to the challenge blog and take a look.Why not enter a card. I have been lucky enough for many of you to share your card making creations with me and they have been wonderful....why not have a go. I can promise you that it easy. If I can do it..anyone at first it may seem a little daunting but you can do it. If you are having any problems..just get in touch and I will try my best.You are probably better than me on the computer There is a link on the side bar of my blog which will take you to the challenge.

Well the sun is shining today in the mountains. The air is full of the sound of birdsong..they obviously have a lot to say today. Raven, one of my cats doesn't catch birds but sits in the window  and makes a barking noise at them. One day last year I was woken by a weird peeping. As I came to I noticed that Raven was sat on the window sill by my bed and to my surprise sat by her side was a little bird. Every so often she would touch it on it's head and it would peep. She wouldn't let any of the other cats touch it and seemed to love it. Henry gathered it up and let it out of the window. It just flew off..non the worse for a morning visit.It taught me one thing think about keeping my window shut at night. I have to say that even though it's sunny today..there is a definite nip to the air. It will soon be time to get my blanket out for my legs. When it turns cold I always keep a warm blanket over my legs,because with the feeling in them being so bad, I can't always tell when they're getting too better safe than sorry I think.

The coffee is calling and I've still got a mountain of work to get through. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The bough

Todays card is made with a stamp from the Sheena Douglas 'A Little Bit Sketchy' range. I love this stamp and hve been working with it in lots of different ways. I'm currently working on turning it into a christmas card..which I will share with you at some time soon.On this card I have stamped using a memento ink pad andhave coloured using my copics. The sentiment is also on the stamp sheet. I should also tell you that yesterdays stamped image is also on the sheet. So it really is great value for moneyI stamped the image and the sentiment, then mounted them onto some burgundy card. Overall it is a very simple card but could be used in many ways and for many occasions

Well today here in the mountains it is raining on and off. And the big news is that after many years, the path is no longer flooding. Even though t took the council so long to fix the's now perfect. It seems as if the moat is It will be so nice to be able to get out without having to paddle. If only now they would get round to fixing the ladies street light and my dropped kerb...I may have nothing to moan at the council for. That in itself would be a novelty. But I'm sure with their tendency to ignore problems and make excuses over won't be long until I turn into a moaning minny...again.

Yesterday when I took Reg for a wheel we were joined by Rave, Tankie, Pink and Milky. We went up the lane to turnaround tree, and as we were sat there for a moment, I could hear the distant sound of a cat meowing. It was Jeff. He had been up to the quarry and must have heard us. I watched him make his way down, complaining all the way. When he got to quarry corner he ran onto the road and proceeded to run towards us, still When he finally made it to us, he ran immediately to Reg and loved him for a good 5 minutes. It was so sweet. At the moment they are both lay in the cats basket, curled up together.I have 3 cats sat on the windowsill waiting for the rain shower to stop.

Well the coffee is calling and I have a pile of work to do. Also I have alot to do sorting out my stuff for christmas crafting. Before too long I will be sitting in a swirl of glitter and everyone within a two mile radius will be So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.