Coming down out of the freezing sky with its depths of light, like an angel, or a Buddha with wings, it was beautiful, and accurate, striking the snow and whatever was there with a force that left the imprint of the tips of its wings — five feet apart — and the grabbing thrust of its feet, and the indentation of what had been running through the white valleys of the snow — and then it rose, gracefully, and flew back to the frozen marshes to lurk there, like a little lighthouse, in the blue shadows — so I thought: maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us — as soft as feathers — that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes, not without amazement, and let ourselves be carried, as through the translucence of mica, to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow, that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light — in which we are washed and washed out of our bones. Author

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

JB-Crafting Supplies....One flower Stamp

Todays cards are all design team makes for the wonderful JB-Crafting Supplies. All these three cards have been made with the same stamp..the only difference is the colouring medium that I have used. Cards 1 and 3 have both been watercoloured and card 2 was coloured with my promarkers. Just to show really the difference that your colouring medium can make. I used kraft card as the background, as it seems to be so popular. The only thing that I've got left to do is to finally make the decision between a red gingham or red dotty for cards 1 and 2 and from a selection of blues for card 3. Sometimes I just can't decide and have to look at them for a week or

All my cats have left home because the weather is dry. I tell them all the time to make the most of it because winter will be here before we know it and then you won't be able to see the couch for furry bodies. What makes me laugh is the way in which all the cats decide on their own place and goodness help anyone who sits in it..and that goes for humans as I have cat beds which they all turn their noses up at..yet get a cardboard box and there is chaos as everyone fights over it. They have lots of fleeces which they ignore until I use one to cover my legs and then they fight over sitting on it.

Well the coffee is calling and then it will be back to painting. I'm waiting for some deliveries but I think that they won't be here until Thursday. I've ordered a steam cleaner...yes I know that I may have lost my mind but I have an urge to steam clean everywhere. I'm hoping that once I've done it the urge will leave me for a See what happens when you begin to tidy get strange ideas. I really want to do all my kitchen cupboards and my bathroom. It's the paw prints that are driving me mad. How on earth I've managed to get paw prints in some of the places I have..well they're going to be steam blasted So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.
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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Left of Center...........New Challenge

Today's card is a design team make for the wonderful Left of Center Creative Challenges. A new challenge is just about to begin and will run for the next week. The theme for this weeks challenge is 'Altered Image'. As always you have the choice of going LOC. For all details of that, please check the rules on the LOC blog.
 For this weeks challenge we are so lucky to have been sponsored by the fabulous SLS Lines. As most of you know, I am also lucky enough to be on the SLS design I had an extra hard time deciding what image to use and what to do with it,

I finally decided to work with one of my all time favourite designs..the candy skull. Now my first problem was just how to alter it. Well as you know I've been playing with the concept of I decided to take my blade to the skull and decide what I could cut away. I had to be careful to leave a little white edge, so that the image would stay together. I then had a play with my H20s on a piece of watercolour card and created a dripping mica effect using purples and greens. I also coloured what remained of the skull with purple and green promarkers. Then I glued the skull to the backing paper and then trimmed round it and finally added it to a black backing card.

I hope that you will pop over to the LOC blog and take a look at all the fabulous creations made by the rest of the team.

Here I am and I can't believe that it's a bank holiday weekend. The weather here is lovely..dry, not too hot and I have been deserted by my cats. I had some visitors from Ireland last night and they couldn't believe that there wasn't a cat to be seen in the parlour. I was laughing that they only ran in to eat and then left. Usually when my friends arrive there is a cat every where they look..but not last night. I had prepared all my work to do over this holiday weekend and I have to say that I painted until my eyes hurt. And then I had to stop and give in and go to'm aiming to do some stamping later but just have 3 images to finish off.

I was so lucky last week..I couldn't believe the kindness of a lady that came. I was downstairs in the kitchen making dinner and she walked in the door , saying you do stamping don't you and of course I said yes. Well she disappeared and returned with a whole load of stamps and magazines. It was like Christmas. She wouldn't take anything for them..she said that she just wanted them to be used. I spent the next day sorting them all out and putting them away. And that was easy now I have sorted all my craft stuff..with the cupboard and the sideboard. It did take me all day though..once I started sorting I couldn't I even sorted all my embellishments..and I can tell you that took ages. There were jewels everywhere..but now they're all in one box. Gannie didn't like the fact that I had put some away on the shelf into what he thinks is his corner..he came in last night and proceeded to kick a load of stuff out of 'his 'corner. I couldn't believe it when a tray of my paints came hurtling out of the

Well the coffee is calling and then I'll be back down to some work. When I was sorting I managed to find some new scissors and I came to the conclusion that despite everything..I am a scissor hoarder. I was so glad to find the new ones though because I do have a tendency to bend my scissors and then wonder why I can't cut a straight So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Decoupage Delights.....It's all Cricket

Today's card is a design team make for the wonderful Decoupage Delights. This image and backing paper are from the just released cd 'Those were the Days'. I have had so much fun scrolling through the fantastic collection of images and backing papers. I don't think that there is one image that I couldn't find a recipient for. The images include tanks, music, books,rowing, cricket to name but a few. There are altogether 40 design sets which are all vintage and there are also 50 extra backing sheets. The grass backing paper which I have used on this card is one of the 50. I also loved the selection of wood and water backing papers...I can see them being used in so many cards. As you would expect, every image has it's decoupage..the number of layers that you do is entirely up to you. I hope that you will pop over to the Decoupage Delights facebook page and take a look at all the cds that are available....I just love them all.
The sun is shining here in the mountains today..hence I have no cats in the parlour. Gannie I'm sure, blames me for the As soon as it starts, he's in front of me yowling like a good don't mind the heat but I do wish that there was a little breeze. After all being a woman of a certain age I can get a little over heated all on my own.
I've had some deliveries of craft goodies in the last couple of it's been very exciting. I ordered some more of the Starlight Metallic paints, brought to us crafters by Imagination Crafts. I just love the shimmer that they have and the colours that are available. Pinks and purples arrived yesterday...I already have the gold and the orange. Slowly I'm trying to get the whole set..that may well take me into next year. I've also just bought another 300 card blanks and envelopes..hopefully they will last me until November. No matter how many I order..I always end up running out by Christmas. New Year usually finds me without any. I keep a notebook by my side and if I see anything I may like for crafting is jotted down..priced and logged.The one thing that I'm pondering on at the moment is a new die cutting machine. First I'm thinking I need an A4 one but then do I want a manual or electric. I do like the idea that one with a dial would mean that I could alter the pressure as and when I need it. Or do I rely on an electric one to do it for me. There are just so many on the market I'm stuck. As for me it would be a major investment..I'm taking my time. I did have a Grand Caliber and have to say that I had nothing but trouble with it and I felt that it was just a waste of my time and money. Yet I know of many people that have loved theirs and had no bother. What can you do.It probably won't be until the new year when I could afford one but it's something I'm going to take my time over. I do have my old work Cuttlebug, which has never let me down but with the problems with my hands, I'm finding it harder and harder to use. Every way that I look there are other considerations to take into account.
Well the coffee is calling and then I've got to sort out my load of work for the weekend. My printer will be working harder than does seem to protest most of the The cats have broken the catching tray from the the paper dos seem to shoot out into mid air..which if you're not paying attention you're in for a They have also broken the paper tray off at the back..that means I have to get Sparkle to load it with paper...I can never see the small lip that holds the paper..the chaos in this cottage Dinner is decided for later..we are having a roast chicken dinner with carrot and swede and then with the chicken that will be left, I'm planning a chicken and leek pie for tomorrow. It's not very often that I'm this  So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.
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Monday, 22 August 2016

JB-Crafting Supplies..The Loo Roll Book..number 2

Today's creation is a design team make for the wonderful JB-Crafting Supplies. I have never had as many messages about a creation before and have done a step by step guide on how to make your own book. It is on the JB-Crafting Supplies blog..I hope that you will pop over and take a look. I decided to make a quotes book this time because I'm forever collecting them and it will be nice to have a place to keep them. If you have any crafting needs or wants, then please pop over to the JB-Crafting facebook page and speak to Julie.

As I'm sat here, the mist has fallen down the mountains and I can't see a thing. It's time like these that I often say that we are back in The rain has finally stopped for the moment but no doubt there will more arriving shortly. I'm also sat here armed with my largest paint brush. Simon is on his way back with a present for me and I don't want it coming in the I keep my largest paintbrush right by me as a cat and present only trouble is that he is so proud of himself when he brings me a present and just can't understand why I'm not delighted.

Well the coffee is calling and then it will be down to some more work. I managed to find my dressing table last night..I'm intending to polish it tonight..I can't believe that I'm quite looking forward to it. The dressing table has had to be cat resisted. They were constantly knocking everything off and I had come to the end of my now it's all been fixed. I've even decided what is for dinner tonight..we're having steak pie with roast potatoes and carrots. So every thing is organised..or very nearly which is amazing for me. My first job though after my caffeine hit is to ring BT and have a complain..I'm not expecting anything good to come of it but I live in hope. So until next time..take care and happy crafting
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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Left of Center......New Challenge

Todays canvas is a design team make for the wonderful team over at Left of Center Creative Challenges. A new challenge has just begun and will run for the coming week. The theme for this week is Friendship. As always though, you always have the option of going LOC. For all details about that,please check over on the LOC blog.

The sponsor for this weeks challenge is thefantastic team over at SheepSki Designs. This is a new design range for me and I feel so happy to be able to work with one of their images. I hope that you will pop over to their page and take a look at their wonderful designs.

For my canvas, I chose to work with this lovely image of the dragon asleep in the flower. The theme is friendship and when I saw this image it gave me a warm feeling...something which a good friendship brings. I painted all the canvas with my H2Os because I wanted to have that shimmer of a twilight evening. I love the way that the dragon seems to be so happy asleep. Of course in a mythical world who is to say that the flowers don't speak and the dragon and the flower may be best friends. That moment of thought took me to all the books that I read as a child. I was a bit of a Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton girl and often lost myself in animal and fairy worlds. I loved books that took me to places of magic and wonder.

As I'm writing this the cats are in and out. The wind and the rain have died down and the mountains are looking very green. I always say to people when they complain by the amount of rain that we have that if we didn't have alot how would there be so many shades of green. I love earlier in the year when the bluebells swath the mountain side with purple streaks. I honestly count my blessings for living in such a beautiful place. I've always been a country girl at heart. I can't believe that I actually live in a village..the places I lived as a child were remote..the nearest neighbours being a mile or so away. But the farm houses always seemed to be filled with people with friends and relations coming often and sometimes staying for weeks. And there were always animals..the house dogs and cats, as well as the working dogs and the barn cats. I'm finding it really strange without a dog..this is the first time in my life that I haven't had one. But I've made the decision that I'm going to get one eventually when I've finished the house. I've got lots to do this coming week..hopefully will get the bedroom finished..but goodness me it's been a job...I'm nearly there..on the home run I

Well the coffee is calling and then I've got a project to do for tomorrow. I'm also working on some ATCs ready for an American swop. Yesterday I was searching for a certain stamp set, which I knew I had seen lately. Well I looked in all my stamps and couldn't find it..I spent a good hour searching and then I remembered that I'd put it by my chair. I had to laugh. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

SLS LInes..............New Challenge

Here I am again with a design team make for the wonderful team over at SLS Lines. A new challenge has just begun and will run for the next month. The theme for this challenge is Men vs that gives you lots of scope.I just loved this image and thought that she looked as if she would be a strong woman. I hope that you will pop over to the blog and take a look at all the fabulous creations made by the other members of the team

I haven't been round much this week because I've been a little down and needed some space to try and find myself again. I think that we all have times when we need to get our big girl pants on and get a grip. I'm hoping that a weekend of crafting will help get me  back on track. I'm still trying to get used to my new bed. Isn't it strange how something as a new bed can throw your sleep pattern out. My old bed had sunk on one side, so I was sleeping on a kilter and now that I'm back sleeping on the straight it feels as if I'm lying on a slope.How strange is Even though the new bed is perfectly level I feel as if I'm sleeping on a slope and about to roll off. Gannie hasn't stopped complaining about the new seems as if we are a right pair. The couch has been over taken by furry bodies and it looks as if it has a really expensive fur throw on

Well the coffee is calling again and then it's crafting all the way. I'm hoping to lose myself in a surge of stamping..and I have to say that I'm really looking forward to it. I hope that you all have a great weekend and that wherever you are that the weather is being kind to you. I will hopefully be back later with another design team make..BT willing of course. So until then..take care and happy crafting.

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SLS Lines.....Skulls for Summer

Today's makes are design team makes for the wonderful SLS Lines. These skulls are my inspiration post, which is over on the SLS Lines post. The top skull has been coloured with my promarkers and now forms part of my new cottage sign. The skull below has been papercut and then placed onto a coloured background. I can admit to have a bit of a thing for the whole collection of candy skulls that are available from SLS.

The weather is quite wild here in the mountains today. And you know what that means...I have a parlour full of cats complaining on the The wind is raging and the rain is on and off. It's not raining at the moment and as I glance out of the window, I can see just how green the mountains are.

It's just a short post today because I will be back later with another post for SLS. A new challenge has just begun so I want to share my design team make for that. So I'm off for a coffee and then I'll be back with some more makes. So until then..take care and happy crafting.
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Monday, 15 August 2016

JB-Crafting Supplies....The Loo Roll Book

Today's creation is a design team make for the wonderful JB-Crafting Supplies. I have had so many messages about this little book that next week I shall be doing a step by step blog on the JB-Crafting Supplies blog page. This little tag book is made using empty loo roll cardboards as the tag holders. I saw it made on the tv and thought to myself what a brilliant idea. I liked the fact that it was a small book that you could decorate to save anything special. I have made this one to hold pictures of the kittens first year..I just have to add the photos. But you could make a little book to save some special memories..a birthday, a trip out some where..or even pictures of your garden through the year. So if you are one of the ladies that messaged me about this little book..please start collecting your empty cardboard rolls and I will do a step by step make next week. If you need any papers or embellishments, please pop over to Julie at JB-Crafting Supplies and she is bound to find what you either need or want.

The sun is shining here in the mountains and all the cats have deserted me for the Last night was my first night in my new bed, but I'm afraid that I have managed to upset the cats again. I made up my new bed with new bedding and I went to bed. Well Gannie arrived and goodness me did he have a complain. The new bed was in a different position and Gannie kept telling me about it and kept running to the original position as much to say should be here. He kept on for about half an hour and then finally gave up and came and lay by me. It's a wonder that he had any voice left after yesterday..what with voicing about the builder and then about the bed..he said an awful lot. I find it funny that a lot of my cats are really vocal..people seem to find it really funny because they really make you know that they're telling you something. Gannie I have to say is getting a bit cheeky as well. Today he walked into Sparkles house as if he had the's not enough that Jeffrey thinks that Sparkles garden is an extension of mine but Gannie walking in..the cheek of've just spotted Gannie..he is actually asleep in the shade on the studio roof.

I think today will just be a crafting day. After yesterday there isn't a spot that doesn't hurt. So legs are up and I've had to take some extra pills. When things hurt this much, I find myself splints will be on very soon. I've got a lovely afternoon planned..Olympics on the tv and some hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to start on the kitchen..lots of moving round to do in readiness for the carpet and the other piece of lino to go down. Hopefully by September all will be done.

Well the coffee is calling and then it will be time to get the paints out. My favourite dinner tonight..yet,new potatoes and salad. I hope that the weather is being kind to you wherever you are. So until next time..take care and happy crafting.
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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Left of Center....New Challenge

Today's canvas is a design team make for the wonderful team over at Left of Center Creative Challenges. A new challenge has just begun and will run for the next week. The theme for this challenge is bubbles and I had lots of fun creating this canvas. As always you have to choice of going LOC..just please check the rules out on the LOC blog.
We are so lucky this week to have been sponsored by the fabulous team over at Ching Chou Kuik. I just adore her work and the range of images that are available are just luscious. I found it so hard to choose which one to work with. I chose this images as the theme was bubbles, I thought that an under the sea image would be perfect.
For the canvas, I began by painting the background. I painted the canvas with my H2Os and then stencilled on the bubbles using white acrylic. I coloured the image with my promarkers, cut it out and added it to the canvas. I finally added some jewels. I hope that you will pop over and take a look at all the wonderful images that are available over at Ching Chou Kuik Digital Stamps.
What a day new bed with an orthopaedic mattress is now in place. But what an ordeal it was. Fair dos to the builder..he had to saw it in half to get the base through the winding corridors of the cottage. The ceiling is so low at the bedroom end of the cottage the base just wouldn't get through. And of course he has to deal with cat opinions ...Gannie had an awful lot to say...coming into the parlour telling me that somebody was fiddling on the stairs.He has also sat on the studio roof watching every move the builder made. They all seem to hate change of any kind and I have to put up with a group of sulking cats every time I do I have the feeling I shall be in the dog house this I'm aiming now to sort the bedroom out and then get the kitchen ready for the new carpet going down. A couple of weeks and I won't know At the moment all the cats are lay stretched out on the studio roof. I think that they are just making the most of the fact that it isn't raining.

Well the coffee is calling and I've got some work to finish. I've managed to make the toilet roll book and I'll be sharing it tomorrow.It was great fun and you may well find me making a group of So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.
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Friday, 12 August 2016

Jiggery Makery.....Some Favorites

Today's cards are all design team makes for the wonderful Jiggery Makery. I was looking through a file of older design team makes and came across these cards which I had made a while ago. I loved them and thought that I would share them with you. Sometimes you make cards and then forget about them. Looking through them I can remember what I was thinking at the time. I may try and make these cards again, using the same thought process and see what I can come up with. Now I have a plan for next I do hope that you will pop over to the Jiggery Makery page and take a look at all the wonderful ladies. There is always one that will enable you to make the card that you want.
I've been offline for a few days..all thanks to BT. They cut me off on Tuesday.saying that I hadn't paid my bill...which I had..but they had changed the website and consequently hadn't updated the payment. And then they told me that they couldn't do  anything about would have to wait on the I was off for nearly 24 hours. And then to make matters even worse..when I did get back online..the internet supply was horrible..taking hours to upload anything. Even today it's taken me since 9a.m. to get the photos uploaded onto the blog. And people wonder why I dislike
But enough of me moaning and now back to the Jiggery Makery ladies. I can remember creating the card above. It still makes me smile with it's coffee, tea or me sentiment. In the 70s there was a collection of books called coffee tea or me and it was tales from a group of air stewardesses. They were considered to be quite risky at the time but more than anything I found them to be really funny.

The weather here in the mountains today doesn't really know what to do with itself. It is really windy and it does look like it's raining..a bit of a drizzly cloud really. The cats are in and out but don't seem to be that bothered by the drizzle. I suppose that it's living here that makes them quite hardy..they don't count it as rain unless it's bucketing

Well the coffee is calling and then it will be a matter of organising my work for the weekend. I seem to have a head filled with some very strange ideas. I saw a book made with toilet roll card boards last night and so want to have a go at it. I am going to try and make a step by step project for a design team make next week. It's so funny that sometimes you see matter how strange,,but you just have to have a So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.
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Monday, 8 August 2016

JB-Crafting Supplies.....Thinking Christmas

Today's card is a design team make for the wonderful JB-Crafting Supplies. For this card and more, I have used this fantastic stamp set called the Nature Trail from Hobby Art, If you get the chance, please pop over to the JB-Crafting Supplies blog..I have created 3 more different cards, using the same stamp set and some more using other stamp sets from Hobby Art. I know it can seem strange to be thinking about Christmas cards now but I need to work out which ones I'm going to make and that can take me a I just love the fact that this set has a rabbit and an owl included in it and actually this is a stamp set that you can use all year round..I can imagine doing rolling green hills and flower lovely for a summer card. Now I've had that thought I'm just going to have to make a summer card using this have a notebook which holds my thoughts relating to cards that I want to make...I have to write the ideas down or else I forget. It must be an age I can even head to the fridge and forget what I've gone for.

All the cats have deserted me today in disgust. They're sulking because there are only biscuits left and they will have to wait until my friends arrive with the cat food. The fact that they all had a huge breakfast and have biscuits to keep them going is immaterial to  It looks like they are in for a treat friend has just arrived and they have Kitekat for supper..their favourite..featuring Trout.So if nothing else I will have happy Since they have watched the cat food arrive they have been in and out like yo-yos. It even makes the delivery men laugh when they deliver my shopping..all the cats line up and watch it arriving..he says it's as if they count it all come in. I wouldn't mind if they were starving but you should see all the round and plump tummies. And we won't even mention Jeffrey..I don't think he eats..just

Well the coffee is calling and then I'm off to finish a couple of projects. I do hope that if you have time that you will pop over to the JB-Crafting Supplies blog and take a look at all the other cards. And of course if you need any crafting goodies..just ask Julie. I will be back tomorrow with some more design team until then..take care and happy crafting.

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Left of Center...........New Challenge

Todays canvas is a design team make for the wonderful Left of Center. A new challenge has just begun and will run for the next week. The theme for this challenge is 'Hip to be Square'..hence I used a square canvas.
We have been so lucky for this week to have been sponsored by the fabulous team over at Aurora Wings. I just love the images that are available here and always have such a hard time deciding which one to choose. I decided to work with amazing image of the lady and the owl for obvious reasons. Since I lost Henry, owls seem to play an important place in my heart. 

For my canvas, I began by painting the canvas with my H20s to create a night sky. The image itself I coloured using a mixture of my promarkers and my H20s. I finally embellished her mask with lots of pearls and jewels. The canvas is now living with the bathroom art wall.

The sun is shining here in the mountains today. It is quite windy though and Raven is having a right gallop around the studio roof. She absolutely adores the feel of the wind in her fur and runs round and round looking really happy. All the other cats are asleep or at least trying to, on the studio roof. I think that they are getting a bit fed up with being galloped

I had a message last night from one of Henrys was so nice to hear from him. I have been so lucky that a lot of his friends keep in touch with me..I love hearing their news. Hopefully he will be coming to stop for a few days..he knows most of the cats but will have to meet the young boys..goodness help Twinkle, the wild one, has a bit of a thing for him and it's so funny to see. Whereas she will bite anyone else near her..she always made a fuss of him. The last time he came, Jeffrey was still a young he will also be in a shock when he sees him.

Well the coffee is calling and I've got a few projects on the go. I hope that you will pop over to the LOC blog and see all the other wonderful work created by other members of the team. Also, pop over to the Aurora Wings shop and take a look at all the fantastic art work. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.
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Friday, 5 August 2016

Jiggery Makery....For Sunshine

Today's picture is a design team make for the wonderful Jiggery Makery. The whole idea for the use of this image came from my friend Sunshine. She said that she always thought that this image from Jiggery Makery should be stood in front of a window. So I have created one. I drew and painted the window with my Lyra watercolours. The scene through the window was created with some of my Hobby Art scene it stamps. I coloured the Jiggery Makery lady with my promarkers, and then cut her out and placed her in front of the window.

The sun is shining here in the mountains and all the cats are outside. Sparkle has just put up the new cottage sign..candy skull and orange flowers. I had to laugh..the cats are all asleep on the studio roof and they didn't even bat an eyelid while it was all going on..even though Sparkle attached the sign to the studio. I decided to honour Henry's memory with the candy skull and orange flowers..they are both things that he loved.

Sparkle has also put up two small shelves which I was given. One has a cherub holding up the shelf and the other has angel..they are both gold and so I have had one by Henry's has some of his favourite things on it and the other at the side of the window. I have put a crystal vase on one and an orange vase is going on the other. It will be nice to have some where to put some flowers and a place hopefully that the cats won't bother them. They are little terrors for carrying off my Raven is the worst, straws and pencils are the love of her life and loves nothing better than carrying them around and playing with them. She is a terror for taking my tools out of the draw by the side of me and heading off with them.Two pokey tools and 2 pairs of small scissors are still missing..goodness only knows what she has done with them.

Well the coffee is calling and then I'll be papercutting for a new design. Tonight's dinner is already planned..chicken and mushroom pie with jacket potatoes. An easy dinner..I'll just put it in the oven and there we go. I'm getting excited with the thought of the Olympics which are due to I'm aiming to get lots of work ready to begin ready for the weekend. It's the only time that I'm So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.
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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Decoupage Delights....Days 3 and 4

Today's cards are both design team makes for the wonderful Decoupage Delights. I would have done one of these yesterday but BT wouldn't let I tried all day to get a signal and it just wasn't having it. So I finally gave p and decided to do two today. Both these images are on the very imminent hopefully will be available in the next week or so. I'm so excited. It will be called 'Those were the days' and will feature mainly images for men..but on a personal many of these images would be suitable and something really different for some of my female friends. The image above shows a female rider on a vintage motorbike..something unusual but brilliant. I have friends that rode motorbikes during the war and in the 50s and would just love to receive this card. Even memories of their Mothers riding motorbikes..either way a great card.

The card below even though it features car of my friends was involved in motor racing during the 50s and 60s and was quite famous..and I know that she would love this card. On both cards, I have not used the backing papers from the cd but have used papers from my stash..just to show you that even though they are vintage images, you can mix and match with what backing papers you use. The cd has some fantastic backing papers on it and I know that I will be using them in all my crafting.

As I'm sat here typing, the sun is shining and all the cats are outside. As I couldn't get BT to play fair yesterday, I decided to move things round in the parlour. The new armchair and the sideboard are now in place and it will be about another day until it's finished. The sideboard held a lot of my stamp collection..I do admit to having over 1000..and it grows every year. When I say 1000..that's counting a set as you can see it's all quite mad. But in my defence, I have been collecting for over 20 years and have stamps from all over the world. My friend Sunshine bought me a set back from India and I do have a collection of old printing blocks which are fabulous. And I always look on them as an investment as I've used them over and over again.

Well the coffee is calling and then I don't know what I'm going to do. I do have some paper cutting to do..I may do all depends how I feel after a coffee I've decided what to make for dinner..which is always a good's going to be plaice with new potatoes and vegetables. As always it's a favourite. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.
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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Decoupage Delights....Day 2

Here I am again..though actually I'm amazed that I have managed it. BT have been up to their games again and my connection has been flashing on and off like a disco light. Every time that I've tried to upload it's gone off and it's a wonder that I haven't thrown the computer through the window in But enough of I am with a design team make for the fabulous Decoupage Delights. This is another card make from the upcoming new cd. For todays card, I have used some backing paper from my stash..but I thought that it went well with the image. On the cd there are two different backing really you could make three cards totally differently depending on your choice of backing paper. I loved the image..for some reason it reminds me of Cornwall..I don't know why..but I thought it would be a great card for anyone who had been on holiday or was just interested in fishing. I just loved the colour ways in the image and the way in which the different layers add up. It was so easy to cut but I loved the finished decoupage. Tomorrow, I will be back with another card and it will not be featuring any thing to do with

The weather hasn't changed but the mists do seem to be coming down the mountains...we may end up in Brigadoon again. The cats have all settled. I have just had an iced lolly..strange I know but I had a hot flush and thought it would help..which it did. But as I was enjoying it, Jeffrey arrived on my lap. He suddenly decided that it looked good and blow me he had a lick. I have never ever had a cat interested in an ice Milky and Tankie do have a thing for ice cream and if I ever have any..they sit right by me in the hope that I will leave them I had some friends visit yesterday and they were amazed that Gannie loves sultanas. I had put the remains of a cake on a cat dish and he was having a wonderful time picking the sultanas out. Each to their own I say.

Well the coffee is calling again and then it will be time to start moving the parlour round I think. I will have to remember to go down earlier tonight as I have decided to make fish pie for dinner last night. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

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The Crafting Musketeers.....New Challenge

 Today's creations are all design team makes for the fabulous team over at The Crafting Musketeers. A new challenge has just begun and will run for the next month. The theme for this challenge is 'Anything but a Card'. For all my makes I have created wall hangings. Our sponsor for this challenge is the wonderful team over at Sunsational Stamps. They provided the design team a set of images to work with and we all had great fun. I loved the bears and the variety of positions that they come in.

 I painted all the bears with my Lyra watercolours and the girl below, I coloured with my promarkers.

 I hope that you will pop over to the Crafting Musketeers blog and take a look at the fabulous creations made by the rest of the team. They never fail to inspire me.

Here in the mountains today, all you can say about the weather is that it's drizzling. Not really hard rain but enough to send the cats in and out.Sprout was determined to go to sleep on the studio roof and was not going to be bothered by the drizzle. He was covered in a fine coating of rain and even though I keep calling him..he would just move an ear but otherwise ignored All the other cats are inside and trying to claim their favourite spots. Nicademus wasn't impressed when Sparkle arrived and wanted to sit on his chair. He has now taken himself onto the carpet..which no one will still not walk on..and has curled up. It seems that the carpet is ok to lie on..but not to walk Raven is sulking because I'm on the computer and won't let her sit on my

Well the coffee is calling and I need a caffeine hit. I shall be back in a bit with another design team make. So until then...take care and happy crafting.
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