Coming down out of the freezing sky with its depths of light, like an angel, or a Buddha with wings, it was beautiful, and accurate, striking the snow and whatever was there with a force that left the imprint of the tips of its wings — five feet apart — and the grabbing thrust of its feet, and the indentation of what had been running through the white valleys of the snow — and then it rose, gracefully, and flew back to the frozen marshes to lurk there, like a little lighthouse, in the blue shadows — so I thought: maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us — as soft as feathers — that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes, not without amazement, and let ourselves be carried, as through the translucence of mica, to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow, that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light — in which we are washed and washed out of our bones. Author

Thursday, 31 July 2014


Todays card features the great game of cricket. I have attended many cricket matches over the years..usually supplying cake I have to add. To me there is something so British about the whole thing. The sound of the ball hitting the bat, the whites that the team wear and memories of slow summer days.To me it is something so timeless about it may change so quickly but many a summer afternoon remains the same.

The decoupage is from the Anitas range brought to us crafters by Docrafts. I have mounted the image onto a strip of card which I had coloured using the greens from my Cosmic shimmer mists. This I mounted onto some dark green card. I then added two of the three borders that are also on the decoupage sheet.Finally I edged the whole thing with peeloffs.

It is trying again to rain today but so far it is not managing. When I took Reg out I thought that we would end up getting soaked but we were lucky..just a few drops. We had 3 cats today..Pinky, Rave and Jeff. We managed to entertain 3 workmen that were sitting in the cab of their lorry. Goodness only knows what they thought of a wheelchair, a woman with pink hair, a dog and 3 black Yes my hair at the moment is pink with purple and orange bits. I have to admit it does actually look better than it sounds. I always promised Henry that I would grow old disgracefully and this is my contribution to the cause. I am going to dye it purple any day now. I always laugh that drivers on the road will never miss me..I don't need any warning lights with my head this It never shocks my friends any more...I started dying my hair when I was a punk back in the day and I still love the reaction that I have off some people. But I always think that if they're talking about me then they're leaving someone else alone.

Well the coffee is calling..thanks to everyone that messages me..I love sharing my craft ideas and I love seeing all your creations. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Rugby and Football

Todays cards are aimed at the men in your life that have a passion for football or rugby. I don't normally make this type of card but thought that it would be good to have a go. Most of the men in my life don't like sport in general...they will put up with my love for athletics but their interests are generally more off the wall. But in my cardmaking I do try to cover whatever people like. The two cards feature decoupage from sheets for the Anitas range brought to crafters by Docrafts. They have the wonderful borders included on the decoupage sheets. I added some corner flag peeloffs on the football card and some peeloff rugby balls on the rugby card. I asked a football fan what sort of embellishment he would like to see on a card and he came up with the idea of the corner flags.

It is a lovely day here in the mountains. I took Reg for a wheel and today we had a grand walk accompanied by Rave,Jeff and Pinky. It was so good to have Pinky back with our group and in her own special way she complained the whole We always hold up the traffic and today we only stopped two cars. At the moment all the cats are lay on the studio roof...all sunning themselves. It is not as hot as it was...thank goodness..there is a lovely breeze. I really am a cold weather woman...give me wind, rain and snow and I'm at a perfect temperature.

My plan for the next couple of days include working with a cdrom by Polka Doodles as part of my design team work for JB-crafting supplies. Also I need to make my design team cards for over at the Gruffies and Guests challenge blog. I also have an order to do for the wonderful Jiggery Makery. So it looks as if I have a busy week ahead of me. I love it when I have lots to do. It is one of the things that keep me going..a head full of card design ideas will help keep me sane. Well as sane as I can

Well the coffee is calling..and thank goodness I have a good supply. So until tomorrow take care and happy crafting. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Boofle with blankie

Todays card is my final Boofle for a while. I have to stop myself sometimes..when I'm enjoying making cards with a certain type of image I can get carried I adore this image of Boofle with his blankie. What a great card to send to someone who is feeling unwell or having a bad time. It's like sending a hug.The only decoration that I've added is some flowers which have the feeling of hessian.

The weather today doesn't know what to do with itself...when I took Reg for a wheel it kept trying to rain but has now decided to stop. The sky is looking rather grey so I don't know what will happen. I watched on the news the flash flooding, hail and lightening that has affected the lower half of the country...we have been so lucky here for once. I've been looking at the rowan tree in my garden and it is laden down with all the berries. Does that mean that we are in for a bad winter? The ducks that live in the village will be in my garden as soon as the berries drop...they love them. I have a soft spot for the ducks as Henry often had dealings with them and I used to tell him when they went past the house..Duck boy go and deal..we laughed as he rounded them up and got them toreturn to their field. Small memories can sometimes bring the greatest joy. We laughed so many times at really stupid things and that is one of the things that I miss the most.I miss his laughter and his wit. He would have loved this card featuring Boofle...he would have laughed over the blankie...Henry had his own was a fleece with sheep on..he'd had it for years and even now it is in his corner of the couch..I haven't the heart to move it.

Well the coffee is calling...I can feel the need for an egg So until tomorrow take care and happy crafting

Monday, 28 July 2014

Boofle and Daisies

Todays card is another from the wonderful cdrom by DoCrafts Digital Designer.I used the large Boofle design as the main feature of the card and added a border of hessian and daisies. The hessian is proof that crafters never throw anything away that could come in handy on a card in the future..I've had that piece of hessian for at least 6 knew that I would need it some day. The backing paper is also from my stash and has probably sat in a box for a couple of years. I will now share the tale of the furry have a piece of furry paper in a leopard print design...I must have had this piece of paper for at least 12 years..every so often I get it out and stroke it..and then put it away again. I just love it so much I can't bear to cut it sad is that. But I know that one day it will be just what I need for a special card.

I don't know what happened yesterday..I was so busy and had so many visitors that I totally forgot to blog. All morning I was dealing with problems in sick bay. Tank is quite poorly but I think that we may have turned the corner..keep your fingers crossed. Yesterday Milky was declared fit to leave the sick bay and is happily walking round surveying her domain.But the biggest surprise happened on Saturday night. Pinky had been missing for about 6 weeks and I was so worried about her. I was beginning to think that something awful had happened. Well on Saturday night I was wheeling Reg on an evening stroll, when my friend that was with us said that there was a black cat across the field. Looking as hard as I could...I couldn't see anything. My friend said that it was running full pelt towards us. I didn't dare hope..but then with a huge mieow Pinky launched herself at me.She ran round the wheelchair making a fuss of Reg, Jeff and Rave and then landed on my knee. I have never been fussed quite so much..she was so talkative..obviously telling me her tale of woe. I think that either she had been shut in a holiday home or she had been taken by mistake out of the village. If she had been shut in a house..they must have just returned or if she had been taken from the village..she had just made it back. She has gone so thin that I have put her in a pen so she can be fed up and hopefully put some weight on. Saturday night though, she slept with me and had fuss most of the night. To tell the truth it nearly made me was obvious just how pleased she was to be home. I am so truly blessed with my animals. At the moment she has just finished her lunch and is now sleeping. Safe and sound and home..what more could I want.

This week from tomorrow I will be featuring cards for men..covering all the range including sports. I'm hoping that I will be able to come up with a number of different ideas. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Well the coffee is until tomorrow ( I care and happy crafting

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Boofle...and Reg

Todays card is featuring one of my favourite characters..Boofle. The image is from the Docrafts digital designer. The cd is so easy to use and there is just so much on it. There are papers, decoupage and templates...just so much to play with. I loved this image of him holding the roses. I layered the image onto the dotty paper, then onto pink card and finally onto one of my patchwork backgrounds. I know I said that I wasn't going to do any more patchwork for a while but I had already made this background and then I noticed that it had the same dotty paper included in the I just had to use I was so impressed with cd though..the images were so clear and really easy to size. Some cds just confuse me...when you see the sample cards they are beautiful but when you come to do it need to have knowledge of graphic programmes to get the best results and that's not me. I use cdroms most of the time and I love the crafting elements that I can bring to try and enhance the image. I don't want to spend all my crafting time on a computer. But as I said this cd is really easy and in fact it's a pleasure to use.

I took Reg for a wheel today and I think that he has just had enough of the heat. The last few days he hasn't known what to do with himself. He spends his day going round and round the house trying to find the coolest place. His best spot seems to be by the fridge..followed by the bathroom floor. The cats are all doing well and I hope to let Milky out tomorrow. Tank is going to take a little longer but I have to say that they have both perked up

I've been cardmaking since I got up and am loving every minute of it. I watched the team triathlon earlier and sat here making up some decoupage while it was on. I have to say it's drying really surprise there. I'm sat in front of the fan again and the breeze is wonderful. And I'm off to do some more cardmaking this afternoon. I'm feeling very virtuous today because last night I managed to do some for tonight a quiche is waiting to go with salad and I've managed to make some raspberry coconut slices for pudding. Scones have been made as well.

Well the coffee is I may be having a scone with it. I hope you are managing to keep cool and are having a great weekend.So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Friday, 25 July 2014

Pansies and Birdcage Flowers..second version

Todays cards are the second quest to myself. These cards use the second image that printed on the same sheet. On these I have used the greetings that also appeared on the sheet. On the pansies I added some more flowers that I had made and on the other card I left it very simple because it was a larger image and felt it didn't need anything more. I enjoyed doing this and may do it again soon. Both images are from Joanna Sheens One Summers Day.

Well it's another hot one. Taking Reg for a wheel was a challenge with the sun beating down...I'm sure that I'm now a lovely shade of Jeff and Rave came with us and spent the whole time throwing themselves in front of the chair. People must laugh....all they will see is a woman in a wheelchair moaning away to her they'll hear is me going For goodness sake Jeffrey..GET UP.and it continues all the way.

I've just had a phone call from the hospital cancelling my appointment for next Tuesday. I can't believe it..this is the fourth time so far. With the last appointment with a consultant...the date was changed 10 times. They told me on the phone was that the clinic was overbooked. How can they do that every time. But I suppose it's the way it is these days...when I helped at a place that worked on appointments you knew how many slots you had that were available and that was that. I suppose that it doesn't work that way these days. I know in the end it all comes down to money but how much money are they wasting with all the new paperwork that has to go out and all the phone calls they have to make. It drives me mad. Ok rant over..for the

I have been watching the commonwealth games and loving every minute of it. Today I watched some gymnastics...girls with a hoop. Good grief..they were amazing. I remember myself with a hula hoop and it was so funny...there was nothing elegant about it at all. I don't know how they manage it. I watched a girl from Wales and she made it look so easy and's another world. I think of all the training that they all must do..that's commitment for you. And the other thing that got me thinking today was the heat. Goodness only knows how any of the competitors have felt with the heat. I don't think any of them would have come to the games expecting it to be so hot. I have to say that I'm not a hot summer person....I'm more of a cool I've always joked that I have the seasonal disorder but the other way round. I feel myself perking up in autumn and am at my best in winter. Henry used to laugh that I should live in Alaska. He said that it would be somewhere cold and remote and I'd be happy.

Well the coffee is calling..I hope that you all have a great until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pansies..version 1

Todays card is another one in the quest that I've set use the same image but different type of card. This card features an image from Joanna Sheens 'One Summers Day'cdrom. The strip border is using a piece of the matching backing paper. The butterflies are from the All Occasion die range. The pansies I made using flower petal shapes which I coloured with my copics.

It is so hot here that none of the animals know what to do with themselves. In sick bay, everyone is asleep in the heat. Milky is doing really well and should be out of sick bay at the weekend. Tank may well be in for a while yet..bless her.My black and white cat Sprout I haven't seen for a couple of days but that is normal for him. He will come home at the first sign of I have spent the last 24 hours sat in front of the fan..with being a woman of a certain age I'm hot on the inside as well as the outside. I have to say it's not a good look for me. Neither is the fact that I have come out in a heat rash and I have a skin condition which has also flaired up. In fact what doesn't hurt..itches and what doesn't itch is bright red. Not a good

I have had a lovely time though watching the commonwealth games. I watched the womens triathlon this morning and am now watching the mens. I always think to myself just how hard the triathlon must be..swimming, cycling and running. I can feel tired just watching them. I think that it must be so hard if you came in fourth...all that effort and no medal. Well Alistair Brownlee won with his brother Jonathan coming in second. What a pair they are. I watched the opening ceremony last was so good to see the amount of para athletes that will be competing. When I'm watching the wheelchair races I always tell Reg that he should be grateful that I'm not that I do manage to give him a run but it's just too hot for even that at the moment.

Well the coffee is calling..and I do have some. One of my friends bought me some this morning...I don't think he can stand the whinging that I do when there is none in the house.I keep reminding myself to drink lots of water as well..all the animal bowls are checked every couple of hours..trying to help keep them all as cool as I can. Looking forward to watching more of the games this until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Birdcage Flowers

Todays card is from the cdrom One Summers Day by Joanna Sheen. I have been playing around and gave myself a challenge to take an image and make two different card designs. So this is the for the next coming later in the week. The main image and the two small detail pictures were on the sheet. The backing paper was also on the cd. The flowers and foliage were from my cutting die collection..which I coloured using my copic pens in toning colours. I just love these little leaf flourishes..they are made by Tattered Lace.

It is still so very hot here. I took Reg out for a wheel and we got really well baked. We sat in the shade and enjoyed the little breeze that drifted through the trees. I thought that I would let Tank try the walk..the first time since her injury but it was just too much. She was determined to try but hadn't got very far and had to lie down. So I picked her up and she continued the walk on my knee...bless her. She wasn't bothered at all by my wheeling and just sat there keeping her eye on everything. Jeff and Rave also came with us...Jeff was his usual meowing self..I'd love to know what he's saying as he complains his way down the road.

Well the coffee is calling but yet again we've run out. It just shows how stressed I was over the run out so So it's tea until Tuesday. That is one of the things with living in the middle of nowhere and not driving. But I'll know for the next shopping to buy twice as much. I'm still learning to shop for one. There are lots of things that I no longer need but was so used to buying them in for Henry. I still haven't got my appetite back properly...some things I just can't face. I have to admit that the one thing that has got me through is egg custard tarts. They must be my main comfort food. Without even looking at the packet I could tell you who made them. My two favourites are Tesco and the Co-op. I think once my system has calmed down these supermarkets will be wondering why sales of egg custards have dropped so Isn't it funny how we have a couple of things that we crave when having a bad time. At the moment I'm on a bit of a salad moment as well. I would never have got away with it if Henry was here..No more rabbit food mother! There is something comforting with all the peeling and chopping. A moment of calm. My life needs these matter what they are or how they come about. One joy that I did have today was the arrivel of the latest Lakeland catalogue. I have a passion for cooking utensils and strange I love the stuff from Lakeland. I have been buying from them for years..back to the days when all they sold were freezer bags and containers for use in home freezing. We're talking about the days when most people didn't have freezers...goodness how I'm ageing myself. But I shall be enjoying a cup of tea  whilst having a good flick through the catalogue. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Purple Handbag

Todays card is one that I have made for the design team over at jb-crafting supplies. It is a handbag shape..from a board in my stash. It is decorated using the fabulous anemone die from the team over at Tonic. The nice thing about this handbag shape is that the way that it is made allows you to actually put a small gift inside the handbag.

Please forgive me the fact that I wasn't able to blog over the weekend..but as I posted two of my cats had been badly injured and now we have a little sick bay set up in the parlour. Glad to say that they are making a great recovery...bless them..the only downside is that the whole room smells of disinfectant..tcp to be exact. I have set up the two pens and they each have a cuddly blanket, litter trays and a array of bowls filled with special little treats. At the moment everyone is asleep...mind you it is just so hot...I've had to put the fan on to keep it nice and cool for them.

As promised I have taken more pictures of the view that we have on our daily wheel. The two pictures below show the valley where we all live. I always feel totally blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

And of course there had to be a picture of one of the cat Below is a picture of Rave. She was the only one that came today. She seemed really happy today and purtled the whole way.

I have a lot of new cards to share with you this week and lots of orders to complete.And of course I'm looking forward to the Commonwealth games, which will starting soon. As far as I'm concerned it will be a perfect time..crafting in front of me and lots to watch. I just want to say a massive thankyou to everyone that messaged me over the past couple of has meant so much.

Well I'm glad to say the coffee is calling...I haven't run out yet but it may well happen. The more stress I have ..the more coffee I this weekend it has been on tap. But things are looking up. So until tomorrow..please take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Absent until Tuesday

Hello everyone
Just to let everyone know that I will begin blogging again on Tuesday. Thankyou to everyone who has messaged me...I'm ok..just worn out looking after my furbabies. A random dog in the village has bitten two of my cats and they have had to be penned to recover from their injuries. Other people in the village have also had their cats injured. It's a worrying time. So please forgive me and I'll be back on Tuesday. Until then take care and happy crafting

Friday, 18 July 2014

For a friend

Todays card is another from the fabulous Halcyon Days from Crafters Companion. This card is using one of the sentiments that appear on the cd. Just a pretty card to let a friend know how much you appreciate them. The bunting is also one of the embellishments on the cd.

Sometimes I think that we don't let our friends know just how much they mean to us. When Henry passed it really brought  home to me just how much they mean to me. Without their support and kindnesses I doubt very much that I could have got through it all. And even now they are my bricks..not minding when I can't help crying, nagging me to eat and helping me to find something good in every day.They really are one of the true blessings in my life.

As everyone knows my other true blessings are my animals. As I took Reg for his wheel today..they made me laugh at every step.Rave and Tank kept throwing themselves in front of the chair. When I got to a flat space I took Reg for a gallop. I can get the chair to go quite fast and Reg loves it. He gallops alongside me and looks as if he is laughing all the way. It is with great abandon that he and Jeffrey fling themselves onto the grass by turnaround tree. As Reg and I were speeding along..all we could hear was Jeffrey running complaining to keep up. He was really loud in his complaint. It always makes me laugh that when we get home both Reg and Jeff run immediately to the treat jar. If I happen to go to the loo before seeing to them..I am followed into the bathroom by two moaning Jeffrey is not happy unless a gravy bone is forthcoming. Last night as I was having a bath, I was visited by one animal after another. They all looked at me as if I was mad. Reg likes nothing better than a lick of the bubbles..I can't imagine that it tastes very nice but each to their

Well the coffee is calling and yes I'm still appreciating every mouthful. I've lots of cards to make this weekend and tonight I have the excitement of athletics to watch. Wherever you are I hope that the weather has been kind to you..I'm still sat in front of my fan so there will be no glittering until tomorrow take care and happy crafting.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Every sailor loves a pretty girl

Todays card is from an image by a very talented designer called Adele Bradwell, She creates the most amazing digi images that are becoming available from her company Jiggery Makery. All copyrights to this image and the backing paper remain her property. I have been lucky enough to get to work with some of her images and am loving every minute. I can now announce that I have accepted a position on her new design watch this space for more of Adeles fantastic art How excited am I. If you are interested in seeing more of her creations you can contact her through her facebook page Jiggery Makery. I will be putting links to her website and everything else within the next couple of weeks. I was so excited when I thought that I may get the chance to work with this very talented artist..and now I have permission to share my joy with you all.

It's very hot here today..all the cats are stretched out on the studio roof enjoying a little of a breeze from Henrys tree. I have to say that I'm going to have to get a tree surgeon out soon to sort this tree out. Henry planted two trees when he was little and one of them..I don't even know what type it is...has taken off at such a speed..I need to get something done. It is the cat tree because they all climb up it to get onto the studio roof and to the biggest cat flap in the world (the upstairs parlour window..which is by my chair). So I will let you know how all that turns out. The other tree that Henry planted was a rowan which is by the front gate. That has been very slow growing but it does seem to have had a spurt this year. It is covered with berries which is supposed to foretell a bad winter.We shall have to see and I can see the need to purchase some longjohns in Anyone that visits me and tells me that they are cold, I tell them to get some longjohns and a good vest. It does make it a bit difficult being that I am a lady of a certain age and  I have an inbuilt central heating system that seems to be set on very I do spent a lot of my time in front of a fan and have been known to have my window  open when it's -10 At least it's saving me money on heating.

What a day I've had today..I had a visit from social services. Ever since Henry passed I think that I'm danger from myself. That I may go and throw myself off a mountain. I just can't get it through to them that I have no intention of doing anything  and that if I the hell would I get up the mountain anyway. They told me today that I was a very funny woman..did they mean funny haha or funny peculiar? They suggested that I should do standup comedy but didn't get it when I said it would have to be sit down. But it's always worth bearing in mind..I'm never one to miss an opportunity. It seems that they will continue to visit forever...I'm sure that it's a nice trip out for them. I just wished they liked Reg a little more...he is used to people coming in and giving him a fuss and can't understand why they don't..but it's their loss. I think more of Reg than I do of them...he makes a lot more

Well the coffee is calling and thankfully I now have some. I thought that I wasn't going to get any yesterday..tesco phoned..the van had broken down and couldn't tell me when it was coming. It finally arrived after 5...I have to say that the caffeine hit was don't think I shut up until bedtime. So I'm off for another caffeine until tomorrow take care and happy crafting

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Thankyou Flowers

Todays card is another from the wonderful One Summers Day cdrom brought to us by Joanna Sheen. I have used this image lots of times, particularly for thankyou cards. The mirrored ivy flourishes are from Joanna Sheens Signature die range. This die range is one that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend as it does what it supposed to do...cut cleanly..with no bother. I have tried lots of different ranges and some are just a pain..they won't cut and when they just can't get the die cut out. The backing paper is from the cd and I have used a purple card to mount it on. Just a simple card but I think it's lovely.

It's raining heavens hard today. We went for a wheel and got soaked...but Reg really doesn't mind the wet. My old dog Hilly absolutely hated the rain..if you took her out ..she would just stand rooted to the spot and refuse to move. Not one step would she take. Many a time she had to be carried back when it started to rain whilst she was

Today has already had one shopping didn't arrive. The little tesco man telephoned to say the van had broken down...oh coffee. They have rang to say that it will be later..much please keep your fingers crossed that I will get a caffeine hit later in the day. And hopefully I will get lots of lovely salad for tea tonight. Just lately I have so been into salad...I've had to have it every night. Henry was a bit of a meat and potatoes man and would put up with salad once a week but no more...he used to say I'm not a rabbit Mother. It always made me laugh. Looking at my diet lately, I seem to be going into a fish and salad phase. I'm hoping for plaice tonight....we shall have to see.

So I'm off to have a nice cup of tea...I can't even have a biscuit thanks to So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Country Cottage

This lovely cottage image is from the Halcyon Days cdrom from Crafters Companion. I have been working my way through this cd finding lots of ideas and inspiration along the way. I love this image of a cottage ..what a great new home card it would make..but what about printing it onto printable cotton and putting it onto a cushion. I may be doing that myself once I have my house back to normal.

At the moment I'm having my kitchen ceiling, new walls, new floor,,new door and new stairs wall. Everything kitchen based is in crates because it's the easiest way to move things about. The poor builder has to put up with Jeffrey. He has already been brought a shrew to play with..when he was on the scaffold tower and today was gifted a mouse. What more appreciation could a man Jeffrey is just so nosy and spends his days watching what is going on in the kitchen. I'm sure he's just hoping that he will be given access to the fridge. And I'm so excited..I have new kitchen I know that you're probably thinking just how exciting could that be...come on..but I'm really chuffed with them. They are really old fashioned looking..with a cross turning mechanism on the top. The old taps had really given up and they just didn't want to turn on or off without trouble. They have driven me mad for months. But I think my new ones are terribly sexy in a old fashioned country kitchen sort of way. I think that they will really show the sink up project..maybe next year though.

I was lucky today..when I took Reg for a wheel..the weather was fabulous. We had 3 cats with us..Jeff, Rave and Tank. We were joined by the neighbours cat which I found out is called Bilbo. I had to laugh..they were all throwing themselves onto the road and rolling about wanting their bellies tickled. Such is the way of cats. There is another cat lurking on the edge of our group and he may join us soon too. We seem to attracting quite a crowd on our little I always count being able to take Reg out as one of my daily Billy Connelly says there is no bad weather..just the wrong Even when it's pouring down.. I'm still thankful for my wheels..a little adventure every day.

Well the coffee is past's screaming..but there will be some a cup of tea is needed. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Monday, 14 July 2014

A Hedgehog Moment

Todays card is from the fabulous cdrom Halcyan Days from Crafters Companion. This is one of the design team cards that I have made for the wonderful jb-crafting supplies. I just loved this image of the hedgehog and I wanted to make a patchwork background for it. The embellishments of the butterfly and the little bee are also on the cd. I know that I have had a thing for the patchwork backgrounds but I love doing them. I think that it is because I get to use papers that would otherwise be thrown in the waste bin. I have a couple more cards to share this week that feature the patchwork and then I've made a deal with myself not to make any more for a'll see how long that lasts.I haven't put a greeting on this card because I thought it would be nice to use as a general notecard..just to say hello. I used a fine liner pen to do the faux stitching and was so pleased because I had these pens in my stash for an absolute age and had found nothing to use then on. Now I will just put them by for doing similar projects.

Well I took Reg for a wheel today and honestly don't think that wheeling came into it. It was raining hard and the wind was blowing heavens hard. We would go about 3 foot and then would have to brace ourselves against the almighty gusts. So what on a normal day takes us 20 minutes (without took us 45 minutes. Being of the larger frame..I never imagined that the wind would be able to push me back quite so far...but it did. It was a case of three steps forward..two steps back with every gust. So in the end we planted ourselves at every gust..brake under chair..waited for it to end and then a sprint forward. I can tell you..I was exhausted by the time I got home

I have been reading online about the summer crafting event at Doncaster. It looked so fabulous. My friend was going and I can't wait to hear all about it.I don't know who was the most excited..and I wasn't even She phoned me from the event and all I could gather was how busy it was. Back in the day I can remember going to a crafting event at Port Sunlight and that was so packed..I had to keep going out for some fresh air. But the joy of the crafter when buying new stash has to be seen to be believed. One day I may save up and go to another event..but not this year. It may be a plan for next year though...I find that I need a that may be my quest for next year.

Well the coffee is calling but there is none in the house. The shopping is due on Wednesday so until then I will be a tea They do say that a change is as good as a rest but it doesn't help when you're a caffeine addict. But I shall remain the moment...there's no saying what I'll be like by Wednesday.Either way..I hope you have a great until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Happy Bunny

Todays card is yet another from the Pollyanna Pickerings British Wildlife cdrom. As you all must know by now I do have a bit of a thing for rabbits. My first memory of rabbits is the one that George Best bought for me when I was little. He was friends with my Gran and Grandad and used to visit. To me he wasn't famous...just another friend of the family.It now feels strange to remember his visits. I remember his lovely was longer than most of the men that visited and I can hear my Gran telling him that he ought to get it On the card I have used a smaller image but I have mounted it to a toning card. The backing paper is one of many on the cd. I love this image because it is so fresh and would be perfect for any age or gender.

It has been a lovely day today. I had visitors and really enjoyed chatting and catching up. The cats were in a definite 'love me'mood. They were in and out of the biggest cat flap in the world and demanding yet more attention at every move. Reg and Jeffrey managed to get themselves in trouble by getting into the treat jar. Every single day Jeff opens the jar (it's a flip top container) and gets the treats out for him and Reg. It's a wonder that they are both not the size of horses...they pinch so many. I wouldn't mind but they are dog treats..yet Jeff loves them. After the jar had been removed out of their way..they took themselves to Regs basket and sulked. Eventually they both fell asleep...obviously sleeping off all the treats.

When all my visitors had left I decided to do some baking and make something for tea. I made a huge lasagne..which will hopefully do two days and then I made some currant scones. As soon as thwe scones were out of the oven, there was a deluge of cats seeing what they could beg off me. Jeff even followed the scones upstairs into the parlour and as we speak is guarding

Well the coffee is calling and the lasagne is shouting to be eaten. So until tomorrow take care and happy crafting.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Peeping Owl..second version

Todays card is another version of this fabulous image by Pollyanna Pickering. It is from her British Wildlife cdrom which is available from Creative Crafting World. On the sheet that you print out you get a number of different sized images and this was made with one of those. Even though it is a smaller still is of a suitable size to fit a larger card. In this case I've used a 7x7 card. The leaves were die cut and I coloured them using my copics. I just love the colours in the image and think this would make an ideal card for a man.

I was so lucky today when I wheeled Reg. We managed to go out and missed the rain. I was so annoyed with a car that had parked outside my house. I have enough trouble getting the chair over the camber on the road...but today with the way that this car was parked..I couldn't get in the chair until I was in the middle of the road. But I'm sure that these things are sent to try Reg was confused by the change in habit and got a little protective of me...he decided that he would be a husky today. He tried walking sideways in front of the chair..which then confused the cats who kept trying to get between Reg and me. If you had seen us you could have done nothing but must have looked as if we had never done it out

The athletics are on and I've got card ideas going through my head. I received some fantastic news last night but I can't tell you anything about it just yet....I know...but I promised. I should be able to share it with you in the next couple of weeks....until then you will just have to believe me when I say I have been happy dancing in my head ever since I got the news.My journey and adventure into the world of crafting just gets better and better.

Well the coffee is calling..I hope you have a fantastic until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Classic Cars

Todays card was an order for a car mad guy on his 50th. birthday. The image is from a Joanna Sheen cdrom which has now been retired. I use all my me all my cds form my image library and it is such a resource to have. From babies to lions and everything in between. I think that it's a sort of crafting comfort blanket..I know that within a few moments I will be able to find something suitable for anyone. I have to admit though that my cdroms probably count into the hundred or I can remember when I only had about five and it was a whole new world to me then. Another crafting journey that I've been along and loved every minute.

I took Reg for a wheel today and we were joined the whole time by Bailey..a neighbours dog. He wanted to play with the cats but they were having none of it. Bailey tried so hard to play with Jeffrey but he refused..he just lay there and looked on with disdain. On the way back I stopped to chat with Baileys Mum and blow me Jeff and Rave went for a look round her house. She was laughing that Jeff was only looking for treats. I warned her not to let him see any gravy bones...he just loves them. He has a tub of treats at home and helps himself despite it having a lid...I have even tried sealing the lid with masking tape and he managed to undo that.

An exciting evening tonight with athletics from Glasgow. So the cardmaking will be done alongside all the excitement.And the same tomorrow..I've my afternoon planned..nothing better I think. Well the coffee is calling so..I hope you have a wonderful take care and happy crafting

Thursday, 10 July 2014

vixenvarg: All Together Now

vixenvarg: All Together Now: Todays card is another from the wonderful Pollyanna Pickerings British Wildlife cdrombrought to us by the team at Creative Crafting World...

All Together Now

Todays card is another from the wonderful Pollyanna Pickerings British Wildlife cdrombrought to us by the team at Creative Crafting World. The detail in the image is truly amazing. So many of my customers love cards with wildlife on and the good thing is that men seem to likethe natural world too. I get so sick of the lack of imagination on mens cards...if they're not into football, beer or boats then there is not a lot of choice. I may have to have a moment and make a selection of mens cards with a difference. Perhaps a project for next week.

The weather here was lovely today when Reg and me went for a wheel. We had two cats today..Jeff and Tank. But now the sky is looking very grey. It was so hot when I went out hit me like a slap in the face.On the walk we were met by our friend Bailey..a neighbours dog...instead of going into his house like he was supposed to..he ran down the road to join our group...Reg was so excited he managed to get himself wrapped around the wheelchair so badly that we had to unclip That's friends for you.

And speaking of friends...I have had some really lovely messages in the last couple of days with people checking that I'm means so much. Somedays I think that I just keep going automatically..get done what's as if I almost blank out my feelings..I have to or I just end up getting overwhelmed by the pain. No-one expects to lose their child and sometimes the pain is so bad I just feel like screaming. But thats when my animals and my good friends form a pathway for me to follow. Somedays it helps to talk about Henry and somedays I cannot even bear to look at a photo of him. I'm still on the journey of my grief and I decided to let it come however it wants to. Crafting has given me a distraction that I need...I concentrate one card at a time and get through the day. The kindness of strangers has been amazing. People that I didn't know very well at all have been bricks. I've had messages from all over the world from people that Henry knew through his art and that has helped. One day at a time is the only way I can take things at the moment ..but I'll get there.

Well today I spoke to the doctor and it seems that I'm also lacking in Folic acid as well as my I get to take even more least I don't have to have any more B12 injections for a couple of months. I'm still waiting to feel like a new's what all the nurses said would happen but I've only felt worse. At the moment every joint where I was always slow..I'm even But onwards and upwards.I'm still counting my blessings and will continue to do so.

The coffee is calling and there are cards to be until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Owl and the Butterfly

Todays card is from Pollyanna Pickerings British Wildlife cdrom...available from the wonderful team over at Creative Crafting World. I am just so envious of the talent of Pollyanna. I have loved her art since the 80s, when I found a picture that she had done of some hounds. And the image was just a pencil drawing and the detail just took my breath away. I love this image of the owl gazing at the cabbage white. This card happened thanks to an accident. I was making a small card and then thanks to a wet cat..the card got ruined..the back of it. So I decided rather than throw the front away..I would mount that onto a matching paper and then onto a larger card. It worked well so it was a disaster that turned out ok.

It is beautiful weather here again today and it was a joy to take Reg out. We all (Reg, the cats and me) sat in the sunny spot by the turnaround tree and watched the wildlife. It really amazes me just how much noise one sheep can make when it's We were joined today by a neighbours cat. He has been on the edge of the group for a while but today he finally decided to join us on the grass. The only trouble is that he is another 'let me roll on the road right in front of your wheels' cat. I really do need a scoop attachment for the chair.

Well the coffee is calling...I hope you have a great until tomorrow ..take care and happy crafting

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

vixenvarg: The Garden Lady

vixenvarg: The Garden Lady: Todays card was an order for a very special lady who loves to garden .I came up with the idea to do a gatefold card and to put two hangin...

The Garden Lady

Todays card was an order for a very special lady who loves to garden .I came up with the idea to do a gatefold card and to put two hanging baskets on the front. The hanging basket dies are from the Signature die range from Joanna Sheen. The leaves are from the Tattered Lace die range and I made the tiny flowers using a pinflair punch. I really enjoyed making this card because you all know how much I just love fiddley jobs. I coloured the leaves using my copic markers.

I did a close up of one of the hanging basket so that you could see the detail of the hanging basket itself. There is nothing better than a good die that cuts cleanly every time and this was amazing..the detail on the chain just has to be seen to be believed.

On the inside of the card I have used an image from Joanna Sheens 'One Summers Day'. I also added some more flowers. I do hope that she likes it.

Well when I took Reg for a wheel, we had 4 of the cats with us...Jeff,Rave, Tank and Milky. It was really hot and they kept throwing themselves into the shade. But by the look of the sky, I don't think that the good weather is going to last long.The clouds are I'm expecting a lot of cats to arrive in a

I was thinking today about when I started this seemed a strange road to takebut I so wanted to share my cards. I have found some really good friends through the blog and have got to know some amazingly talented people. Living where I really need a hobby..and I had the added complication of being disabled and housebound for a lot of the time. Crafting really saved my sanity and brought a great deal of joy to my life. Henry, bless him, was always proud of what I did..even though he hated the I remember once he was taking the mickey out of me for using glitter and I ended up throwing a pot at him. Glitter was everywhere..the dogs, the cats and Henry were covered in purple glitter. We laughed and laughed. I am truly blessed with all my wonderful memories. I remember an old saying that my Gran used to say..God gave us a memory so that we could have roses in December..I really didn't know what she meant then but I do now. Even on our darker days we only have to remember happy times. I will continue to count my matter how small.

Well as I said there is now an influx of wet cats. So as the coffee is calling I'd better give my caffeine level a boost. So until tomorrow..take careand happy crafting.

Monday, 7 July 2014

vixenvarg: The Happiness Birds

vixenvarg: The Happiness Birds: Todays card is one I made for the design team over at jb-crafting supplies.It is another from the wonderful Halcyan Days cdrom by the team...

The Happiness Birds

Todays card is one I made for the design team over at jb-crafting supplies.It is another from the wonderful Halcyan Days cdrom by the team over at Crafters Companion.This was a really simple card to make..I only mounted the image onto a toning card. It was an 8x8 size card. I just love the image of the two makes me smile. What a great card to send to someone who just needed a lift. I have taken a second photo of the image so you can see just how much detail there is.

It is the work of Abigail Mill...a lady who creates these wonderful nostalgic images with material and machine embroidery..I'm so envious of her talent. I'm very tempted to have a go myself and I know that Julie at jb-crafting supplies has some really wonderful material stock in her shop. All this inspiration from one cd.

Today the weather here is fantastic and I really enjoyed taking Reg for a wheel. We managed to have a run today...the cats couldn't keep up. It put a smile on my face because when Reg was running he looked as if he was laughing the whole time. When we got to turnaround tree we were joined by 3 very disgruntled Obviously they didn't appreciate the unexpected speed of my cats has begun to throw herself down in front of the looks so funny..she does it every few steps..I've come to the conclusion I need a snow plough attachment for the chair which will scoop her up before there's an Because the weather has been so nice..somedays it feels as if I have no cats..they have all been outside enjoying the weather..but at the first sign of rain..they all come streaming back.

Well the coffee I hope that you are having a good day.I have lots of plans for this I'll be sharing as I go along. I've also blogged today on the jb-crafting supplies blog..if you get the chance why not pop over and have a look. Also if you have a moment pop over to the jb-crafting facebook page and see all the fantastic goodies that are available. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Recline and Relax

Todays card is another that I have made for the fantastic challenge over at the Gruffies and Guests Challenge blog. This card is my second for the design team for this months challenge which has the theme of Summer. As most of you know I just love the Hoppers and so this card features a hopper relaxing in the heat.I mounted the image and the backing paper onto some holographic card. I created the border using holographic, to which I added some backing paper and some fish and duck which I cut from the backing paper. I then added some glitter glue to the border and a little on the water.I just love the way that the hoppers tummy is acting as a table for his cool drink.

I was lucky enough today to take Reg out in the sunshine. It was raining heavens hard when I woke up this morning and I thought that I would be getting rather damp. After all if I didn't take Reg out in the wet..he would never get out living here in the But by the time I'd fed the cats, it was all clear outside. So instead of a wheel in the rain, we had a lovely wheel in the sun with a bit of a breeze. I have to admit to panic stations in the house this morning...Jeffrey was missing. I rang round everyone to ask if they'd seen everyone checked their sheds and gardens..and he must have been somewhere he shouldn't be as he arrived home in a right temper..really put out...with only himself to blame. Since then he has remained in the dog

Well the coffee is calling..I hope you are having a great weekendand that the weather is being kind to you. So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Giving thanks for summer

Todays card is one that I've made for the design team over at the Gruffies and Guests Challenge blog. The challenge starts today and the theme is Summer. There is a fantastic prize...a £15 voucher for use at the fabulous Scribble and Scrap shop. How exciting is that?! I do hope you will pop over for a look and why not have a go. As most of you know I just adore the Gruffies, Hoppers and House mouse images....for this challenge I have made 2 cards. This is the first..featuring the adorable house mice cooling down on some ice cubes. Tomorrows card will be featuring a hopper. The image comes from the fantastic House Mouse triple cd from Joanna Sheen.

For this card I mounted the image and the backing paper onto some wonderful holographic pink card.I made a border of the same card and then decoupaged some flowers cut from the backing paper onto it.I also mounted the greeting on the holographic and then added another of the decoupaged flowers. I just love the image of the mice trying to cool down on the ice many times have I wished (being a lady of a certain age) that I could do the I have spent many a hot day with an electric fan pointed straight at me. And I can say that trying to craft with a force 10 gale blowing is a little hard work

I'm happy to say that the weather here today has been was a joy to take Reg wheeling today. The only problem I had was that my gloves were still wet. They are leather and make such a difference when pushing myself but they take an absolute age to dry out. But all in all it was a lovely wheel today. We all had a spell at the turnaround tree...with Jeff stretched out as normal on the grass. The only thing that marred the trip was the amount of dog poo which needed to be picked up. I know I don't have to do it..after all you are only responsible for your own dog but there was so much..something had to be done. I know who is responsible...they are here on holiday and have a total disregard for everyone else. They let their dogs roam unattended It's just not fair on everyone else. No doubt I shall be having words sometime soon..But back to happy thoughts now..the sun is shining and an afternoon of crafting lies ahead.

Well the coffee is calling...I'm sure that I'm fuelled by I hope you have a wonderful until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Friday, 4 July 2014

A Wolf for Henry

Todays card features this fabulous wolf and is from Pollyanna Pickerings World Wildlife cdrom brought to us by the great team over at Creative Crafting World. I just had to make this card...Henry would have adored it. He always has an absolute passion for wolves. One of his favourite books when he was little was Little wolfs diary of daring deeds. His favourite game was to pretend to be a wolf. He had a waistcoat which was grey and slightly furry when he was about 5 and he said that he felt more like a wolf when he put it on.He was so upset when he grew out of it...I found it the other day and I intend to put it into a frame. Such good memories. As it turned out we discovered that our family crest features a collared Henry was really made up with that.

The card was simple to make. Just mounting the image and the backing paper onto a toning  card.The cd features lots of different backing be honest..I just can't believe just how much is on this cd. Even the ribbon border was one of a selection on one sheet.I am finding it so hard to write this blog today..thanks to Rave..who wants to sit on the computer.She wanted to sit in front of the easel as I took pictures as well. I think I need one of those papoose things..she would be so happy to be strapped to me all day. She really is a little homebody and demands to be right by me at all time. Bless her furry black feet...but typing around a little cat bottom is quite

No cats came with Reg and me today...and to be honest I don't blame them. It was hammering down and the wind was so strong..we kept getting blown And as I'm a very large lady...believe me it was a strong wind. When I got back..Jeff was demanding treats..I told him he wasn't even damp so he would have to wait.

Well the coffee is calling and I intend to spend a couple of hours sorting out my next bunch of crafting ideas and planning for next week. So take care and happy crafting

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cat in the patch

Todays card is from Halcyan Days by Crafters Companion. Of course I had to make this had a cat on This is one of the quick and easy cards that are featured on the's just a matter of cutting out and layering...but it makes a really pretty card. If you didn't have any notelets and just wanted to drop a friend a line...this would be perfect.

A really quiet today..I've had my next injection and touching wood  ...I have no headache so far. I have my evening planned..sausage and chips for's what I really fancy..and there will have to be salad because I love it. Fresh fruit for pudding, watching the athletics as planned. A little card making and it will be a perfect evening. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that it goes as planned.

Well the weather has really taken a change for the worst. When I came home from wheeling was a very wet little group that walked into the kitchen. It was pouring when we first went out and even worse when we came back. Now Reg was the only one that doesn't mind the rain...he happily skips alongside the chair whatever the weather...where as me and the cats are a little miserable. I had my waterproof hips up I was lovely and dry...hips down it was if I'd been dropped in the the way back we had torrential rain and wind...the wind kept pushing me backwards..I'm sure that Reg ended up walking twice as far as had to soon as we walked through the door..everyone decided to shake themselves..all over any bits that had managed to remain dry up to that point were suddenly wet. My first port of call was my bedroom to get a dry skirt and I have to say it feels a lot better..

Well the coffee is calling..I'm looking forward to Saturday..a new challenge begins over on the Gruffies and guests challenge blog. Even more exciting times ahead. I will have to start entering challenges again..I really enjoyed entering them last year but haven't felt up to it this I think I may start again next week.So until tomorrow..take care and happy crafting

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Roses for you

Todays card is one I have made for the design team over at the fabulous Just for Fun Challenge blog.Why don't you pop over for a look? This card features a decoupaged little girl from the lovely Moreheads cdrom brought to us by Crafters Companion. It was one of my cds that I really hadn't used for a I decided to have a play. The doily effect is made using a die from the Tonic range. The corners are from the Signature die range. I layered the doily onto some gold mirror card to add a little shine. I then die cut some rose leaves and coloured them with my alcohol pens and then added some paper roses. I really enjoyed making this card...I got to play with lots of different things and took my time. Sometimes with life as it is, we need to make a card in a hurry but sometimes I think we need to remember why we craft...because we love it and I have to say that spending an hour playing with my crafting bits can't be beaten. Some people love the football, some the tennis but give me card making every time. Well give me athletics and crafting...and I'm in heaven. I'm looking forward to watching the Diamond League athletics it should be a good night.

When I took Reg for a wheel today it was like a village meeting. We were joined by 2 friends, had 5 cars stop for a chat, a little boy came over to see his friend Reg and another dog and his owner joined us for a while. A car also stopped and I was shocked to see it was a friend who had left the village around 8 years ago.He lives down south now but was in the area and heard about Henry...and wanted to come and see me. I was so touched that he had taken time out of his day to check I was ok and to say how he felt over losing Henry. This was someone who encouraged Henry to take his first steps. It was so kind of him to call and helped me to remember just how kind people can be. Sometimes since losing Henry, I have felt so alone, missing him all the time and it really does help to talk about him to people that really cared. What a blessing it was for today. I think Reg was exhausted when he came back...he probably was saying to himself..goodness doesn't my mum ever stop chatting. He knows now how many people stop us and just sits down on the grass...with a look that says..when you're ready mum!

Well the coffee is calling...along with a small bit of my new secret passion....Lotus caramelised biscuit spread...I love it but have to seriously ration It just sounds so wrong but really tastes good..I think a little bit on a slice of bread will make a lovely treat. So until tomorrow take care and happy crafting

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Just for Fun Challenge Blog

Well today is an exciting day for me. My first card made for the Just for Fun Challenge Blog. I'm lucky enough to have just joined the wonderful design team over there. Why not pop over and have a look? Why not join in the fun. There are some really amazing talented crafters on the design team and I'm so lucky to be working with them. They have been very patient with me and many dumb moments. I readily admit to not being the best with a computer and still being in need of advice on many occasions..and the team have always been there for me. One of the cards that I decided to make was this one featuring this cute puppy from the Moorheads cdrom from Crafters Companion. The oval doily is from the Tonic die range. It is a very simple design for me but I really wanted to use a little black for a change. When I saw this little dalmation, I thought he would be perfect. I will be sharing my other design team card with you tomorrow..I hope you will pop along and have a look..take care and happy crafting.

Ice Cream Dreams

Todays card is yet another from the fabulous Halcyan days cd by Crafters Companion. This is a card I made for the design team over at jb-crafting supplies.It is a very simple card..I just mounted the image onto a piece of blue card and added some peeloffs. But what an image. It really does make you think of warm summer days. What was your favourite ice-cream? Mine was a 99 with extra sauce or anything strawberry. We used to go strawberry picking when I was little and we used to pick Gran used to make lots of strawberry jam to last over the winter months. Nowadays most of us go to the supermarket for our jam..but no matter how expensive it doesn't taste the same.Perhaps it's just a childhood memory thing..everything was sweeter, sunnier and more of an adventure. When I think back to childhood never rained..I can remember sitting in the field with my friend..we'd go to the river and dangle our feet in the the clouds go floating past in a bright blue sky. I think it's funny that our memories take away the rainy miserable days and let only the good days in.

AsI'm sitting here writing this..I can only see blue there is a blessing for today. I took Reg for a wheel and the sun was hot. The cats kept throwing themselves on the grass every time we hit a shady bit. As we sat under the shade of the turnaround tree, I thought how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. I must remember to take the camera with me soon so I can share some of the views with you. We saw our magpie today..he cackles away about the cats. When we don't go out because of bad weather he comes and sits in the tree in the front garden. Even though he is so close...the cats never bother him...Rave one of my cats sits on the studio almost barking at's a very strange noise she makes. How I wish I knew what they were saying. Jeffrey however makes it's plain what he wants or needs. At night he comes on the bed and the first thing he does is give me a kiss and then he'll sit by me and stroke my face for about 5 minutes. A little cat love makes the world an ok place to be. Mind you, you should see him when he wanted a treat..he sits there tapping the top of the treat jar until you give animals are the true blessing of my life. During the really dark days earlier this year, they gave me a reason to get up every day. And I'm forever thankful for that.

Well the coffee calls...I hope that you have a lovely until tomorrow take care and happy crafting.