Coming down out of the freezing sky with its depths of light, like an angel, or a Buddha with wings, it was beautiful, and accurate, striking the snow and whatever was there with a force that left the imprint of the tips of its wings — five feet apart — and the grabbing thrust of its feet, and the indentation of what had been running through the white valleys of the snow — and then it rose, gracefully, and flew back to the frozen marshes to lurk there, like a little lighthouse, in the blue shadows — so I thought: maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us — as soft as feathers — that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes, not without amazement, and let ourselves be carried, as through the translucence of mica, to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow, that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light — in which we are washed and washed out of our bones. Author

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bebunni Birthday Wishes

Todays card is from the featured cd of my design team over at JB Crafting -supplies. I have been lucky to be given this cd to work with and am loving every minute of it. The cd is a double disc..Bebunni Birthday Papercrafting. I just cannot believe just how much Crafters Companion have managed to cram into these 2 cds. This card is made using a tiny part of one of the mini kits...I think that I have made 8 cards using this mini kit. And on the cd there is a maxi kit so goodness only knows what you could make out of that. Perhaps I will have to see. The second disc in this set is dedicated to your party needs. Invitations, placemats, party bags and lots more.
The weather here in the mountains is still horrible..we have horrendous winds, rain and hail. But we are lucky here compared to the people on the coast. We are still all struck with the dreaded lergie but thankfully I feel as if I'm coming out of the other side of it. I went to bed last night at 7p.m...something I can never remember doing before. All my furbabies decided that I needed cuddles and all curled up with me. Everytime I opened my eyes there was another pair looking at me. Bless them. I have always said that my animals know exactly how I'm feeling and have always been there for me when the pain has seemed too much. As I'm writing this ..I have a little black cat called Raven on my legs..acting as a little hot water bottle.
Well the coffee is definately calling and the urge to craft is coming back...that's always a good sign. So wherever you are I hope that you have a good until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

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