Coming down out of the freezing sky with its depths of light, like an angel, or a Buddha with wings, it was beautiful, and accurate, striking the snow and whatever was there with a force that left the imprint of the tips of its wings — five feet apart — and the grabbing thrust of its feet, and the indentation of what had been running through the white valleys of the snow — and then it rose, gracefully, and flew back to the frozen marshes to lurk there, like a little lighthouse, in the blue shadows — so I thought: maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us — as soft as feathers — that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes, not without amazement, and let ourselves be carried, as through the translucence of mica, to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow, that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light — in which we are washed and washed out of our bones. Author

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Decoupage Delights...Vintage Lady

Todays card is a design team make for the wonderful company of Decoupage Delights. As most of you know, they are producing a wonderful new cdrom...Vintage Fashion. This card is made using one of the images that will appear on the new cd. This is one of the 8x8 cards..everything is included on the sheet that you print out. For this week, I have chosen to make the card exactly as it is printed. The decoupage is amazing and nice and easy to cut. Sometimes there is nothing nicer than to sit of an evening and to cut out some decoupage...I find it so relaxing and just lately that's something that I need.

What a night it was here in the mountains..the rain lashed and the wind was quite scary. At least I had the cats for comfort. At the moment Jeffrey is driving me to distraction ...he is trying to fight Hobo. through the window. There is a  double layer of glass between them..but they are taking no notice of it. They are both slapping the glass and yowling. What makes me smile is the fact that Hobo is determined to be one of my house cats. I wouldn't mind but I'm not feeding him. He is being fed by a lady at the bottom of the village. She feeds him twice a day but he won't let her touch him.Me, I'm not feeding him and he just wants to come through the window and sit on my When he is having trouble, he always comes to me. I clean his wounds and he makes a right fuss of me. There is nothing stranger than a determined cat.

Well the coffee is calling and then it will be down to doing some sorting.I'm still looking at the shelves and deciding how I will arrange them. Then it will be time to go down and cook the dinner. Tonight is an old fashioned dinner...liver and onions with mashed potatoes and green cabbage.It seems an age since I cooked this was one of Henrys favourites.and we used to have it every couple of weeks. It certainly is the right weather for it. You don't hear about it being cooked these days..I grew up with it as it was such a cheap meal...but I never thought of it as cheap...just really tasty.So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

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