Coming down out of the freezing sky with its depths of light, like an angel, or a Buddha with wings, it was beautiful, and accurate, striking the snow and whatever was there with a force that left the imprint of the tips of its wings — five feet apart — and the grabbing thrust of its feet, and the indentation of what had been running through the white valleys of the snow — and then it rose, gracefully, and flew back to the frozen marshes to lurk there, like a little lighthouse, in the blue shadows — so I thought: maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us — as soft as feathers — that we are instantly weary of looking, and looking, and shut our eyes, not without amazement, and let ourselves be carried, as through the translucence of mica, to the river that is without the least dapple or shadow, that is nothing but light — scalding, aortal light — in which we are washed and washed out of our bones. Author

Friday, 15 August 2014

Hippy Chic

As promised here is the other half of the face that I did yesterday. As you can see, it is the same but different..if you know what I I decided to go a little hippy with this lady. I have given her curly hair, put flowers in her hair and painted her face. I made the flower border using another flower design from Adele at Jiggery Makery, just colouring them to match. For all my colouring I have used my copic markers, simply because they were to the same thought it could have been my promarkers or even my watercolour pencils.

I'm very excited today as the new Joanna Sheen cdrom has just landed through my letterbox. It is called Janet Kruskamp-The Collection. I can't tell you anything about it yet..I have been so busy today, I just haven't had time to go through it. I envisage a afternoon with a coffee in my hand, looking through it. I shall try and get some cards on here using some of the images after the weekend.

Today when I took Reg for a wheel, I came back like an itching fool. We had managed to make it out between showers and the midges were everywhere. They don't bother with Reg or the cats but go straight to my legs and as I'm sitting here I'm trying very hard not to scratch. I hate them..I know that hate is a strong word but having lived with the little blighters for over 20 years, I have had enough. They are so bad in this area, I know someone in the next village that actually moved house because their lives were made unbearable by the little terrors. Nothing works, I've tried lotions and potions of all sorts and still no relief from the itching. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I'm so happy after the first midges.

Well the coffee and the new cd are until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting

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  1. Great cards this week, especially the tangled flower.
    Avon Skin so Soft dry oil is famed for its anti-midge property, might be worth trying.